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Imported Lathe Equipment
Imported Lathe Equipment
Our factory has purchased several imported lathe machines to ensure the accuracy and quality of our industrial seals to meet our customers’ requirements for high-quality seals.
Free Design of Custom O ring Seals
Free Design of Custom O ring Seals
As long as you tell us the working environment and groove size you need, we can help you design the right industrial seals for free according to your specific requirements.
After-Sales Service Available
After-Sales Service Available
We offer an integrated service from design to production, with a comprehensive after-sales service system, 24-hour response to inquiries and we will provide fast delivery.

Different Kind Industrial Seals to Solve Your Sealing Problem

Yoson Seals is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Seals in China.

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of industrial seals with different materials. Such as rubber O ring seals, plastic seals, wear ring, rod and tube, microdispensing valve spare parts accessories, and so on.

You can tell us what you need and our engineers will design the right seals for your application, to improve the performance of your equipment and save costs.


Why YOSON is a Trusted Industrial Seals Manufacturer

YOSON is an expert industrial seals manufacturer in China. Among our wide range of sealing offered are O-rings, gasket seals, and more. We offer fast proofing, customized colors and sizes, OEM services, and design drawing. Food-grade seals are also available for food and beverage industry applications.

Yoson Industrial Seals to Support Your Projects

Perfluoroelastomer FFKM Kalrez O ring
Perfluoroelastomer FFKM Kalrez O rings are manufactured with reliability and outstanding quality. These are widely used by different industries such as oil fields, food & beverage, and more.
Viton GF GFLT ETP, Aflas, HNBR and EPDM O ring Seals
Seals made from Viton GF / GFLT / ETP, Aflas, and HNBR have high chemical resistance and are widely used for applications that deal with steam, water, and concentrated aqueous inorganic acids.
FS SEAL & S Seal for oil and Gas industry
We manufacture FS SEAL & S Seal for Oil and Gas Industry. These are guaranteed to have long service life, easy to install, wide temperature range, and can improve equipment performance.
FEP Encapsulated Viton Silicone O-Ring
These are manufactured with uniform and seamless encapsulation. It also features extreme temperature resistance and superior chemical resistance to ensure high performance.
Spring energized seals
Spring Energized Seals / PTFE seals feature a pressure-actuated U-shaped jacket, excellent polymeric materials, and a metal spring loading device to assure reliability in any application.
PEEK Seal, UHMWPE, Rulon Seals
PEEK / UHMWPE seal and Rulon Seals are manufactured using organic thermoplastic polymer. These are manufactured with high-temperature resistance and chemical resistance.
Polyurethane PU Rod and C380 Wear Ring
Polyurethane PU Rod and C380 Wear Ring are manufactured to prevent contact metal to metal. It is designed to withstand embedded foreign particles, damping vibrations, and high side loads.
Preeflow eco-PEN450 Rotor and Stator
Preeflow eco-PEN450 Rotor and Stator can be used for different media such as oils, adhesives, fats, abrasive media, silicones, and more. It features high performance and excellent reliability.
Microdispensing Valve Spare Parts Accessories
We provide Microdispensing Valve Spare Parts Accessories such as tappets, seal kits, fluid body, nozzles, consumables, tools, nozzle heater, and more.

Industrial Seals Manufacturers in China

  • More than 10 years of Industrial Seals manufacturing experience
  • Free design and custom rubber sealing ring
  • Provide special rubber seals to meet the requirements of your harsh environment
  • Manufacture different sizes and materials of spring energized seals.
  • All seals meet the ISO Certification ISO 9001:2008
Industrial Seals Manufacturers in China
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    Why Choose Yoson Seals?

    YOSON is a professional sealing manufacturer for more than 10 years. We export a wide range of seals to over 120 countries around the world. Our company is also certified by the ISO quality management system to ensure the quality of all our products.

    Over Ten Years Seals Manufacturing Experience
    Over Ten Years Seals Manufacturing Experience
    Yoson has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing rubber seals and we can supply industrial seals in different materials to suit your project requirements.
    Raw Materials From International Brands
    Raw Materials From International Brands
    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O ring materials are imported from Europe. With our mature processing technology and advanced equipment, we can manufacture industrial seals of the same quality as those in Europe and America.
    Competitive Prices
    Competitive Prices
    Our team will work with you to find cost-effective materials to meet the requirements of your project, depending on your working conditions and budget.
    Aflas o ring
    High-Quality Materials for Seal Production

    We manufacture different types of industrial sealing using a wide range of materials depending on the environment application. YOSON used different materials including:

    • EPDM, Silicone, HNBR, Aflas
    • FKM, Viton GF, Viton GFLT, Viton GLT, FFKM
    • PTFE, PEEK, UHMW-PE, Rulon
    • Tungsten steel, stainless steel, aluminum

    Our engineers also have full capabilities in using custom and standard materials to meet your project needs.

    YOSON Sealing Production
    YOSON Sealing Production

    YOSON is a professional manufacturer that is fully equipped with automated production equipment and machines. We produce different rubber sealing through different processes such as:

    • Extrusion
    • Injection molding
    • Thermoforming process

    Through these processes, we can manufacture from simple to complex sealing. We also customize based on your size, shape, and color selection.

    Boom Your Business With Right Seals

    Whether your existing equipment needs to replace the rubber ring or you design a sealing ring for your new equipment, we have a professional technical team to help you solve the sealing solution.

    We manufacture industrial seals to meet your requirements, especially good at working in a very harsh environment, low temperature, high temperature, high pressure, various chemical media, FDA, Norsok M-710 RGD, and others.

    Besides, we can provide professional support, help you choose the right material, design the structure of your seal, analyze the causes of seal failure, identify the material, share technical information, exchange technology, and provide on-site support.

    Industrial Seals
    Flat Rubber Ring
    Rubber Ring
    Peek Seal
    Spring Seals
    Plunger Seals
    Quad Ring
    FKM O-Ring
    FS Seal
    AED Seals
    AFLAS O-Ring

    Yoson Seals Provide Profession Sealing Solution

    Yoson offers a wide range of industrial seals solution for the following industries.

    Chemical Handling and Processing
    Coating & Dispensing Equipment
    Liquid Chromatographs Equipment
    Food, Water, Life Sciences
    Hydropneumatic System Fluid
    Oil Transportation
    Chemical Pipelines
    Gas Exploration

    What Our Customers Say

    • Yoson is surely a trusted manufacturer of high-quality industrial seals. They offer a very extensive range of industry seals that are perfect for every business and project. I also admired their excellent services and technical support.
    • Yoson is a proven reliable industrial seal supplier from China. I purchased a bulk quantity of seals and O-rings from Yoson and the quality is very great. They also let me customize my orders. Plus, they arrived with my details exactly followed.
    • I really loved the services of Yoson and their team. They have a very good staff and expert technicians. They provide me with all the information that I need. The quality of the seals is also excellent. Thank you, YOSON!
    • I highly recommend YOSON as a supplier if you are looking for industrial seals. They always provide high-quality, durable, and long-lasting seals. I have been their customer for many years and they never failed to provide constant quality products and services.

    Customization of Your Own Seals

    Communication Design

    You can contact our sales department by email or WhatsApp, tell us what you need, and we will design the right seals according to your working conditions for free. If you have drawings or samples, you can let us know and we will provide you with suggestions and prices for your reference.

    Sample Confirmation

    Once we confirm the drawings of the industrial seals, we will arrange the production of the prototype department and send it to you for confirmation. The delivery time is usually 7-15 days. If it is a spring energized seal, we can arrange to finish it in 3-5 days at the earliest.

    Mass Production

    Once the sample passes your test, we can arrange mass production of your industrial seals order. The lead time depends on the quantity of your seal order, and we will usually complete it within 15-30 days. To get your seals as soon as possible, contact us now!

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