AFLAS O-Ring Manufacturer in China

AFLAS or known as TFE/P rubber is a propylene and tetrafluoroethylene copolymer with a fluorine content of approximately 54%. This kind of material can handle chemicals, steam, and high temperature. Due to its excellent H2S and steam resistance, it is usually used in the drilling and oil exploration industry worldwide. Yoson AFLAS O-ring, seals and gasket works perfectly together with:

  • Steam
  • Water
  • Caustic
  • Bases
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    Yoson AFLAS O-ring Manufacturer in China

    Yoson offers AFLAS O-ring that has excellent steam and caustic resistance up to 400 ° F and 204 ° C, high volume resistivity that is greater than 1016Ω cm, resistance to reactive organic and inorganic chemicals, bases, and acids.

    AFLAS O-ring of Yoson has also high resistance to H2S and amines, resistance to radiation up to 200 MRad of gamma-ray radiation, excellent Steam in Place (SIP) performance, Water for Injection (WFI) applications, and Clean in Place (CIP) performance.

    1. Special-shaped Customized AFLAS Rubber Seal

    AFLAS special-shaped customized has a rubber seal electrical insulation property that is usually used as engine seals. It has a hardness of Shore A70-90.

    Rubber AFLAS O-ring Tyre Silicone O Ring for Mechanical Seal

    Yoson is a well-known manufacturer of many O-rings, seals, and gaskets. We also offer this mechanical purpose AFLAS O-ring which can perform a corrosion temperature at high pressure of 180 – 220 ºC.

    AFLAS Seal O-ring

    AFLAS is a copolymer of propylene and tetrafluoroethylene, also known as TFE/P. AFLAS seal and O-rings are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, such as steam, base, and acids.

    AFLAS O-ring for Mechanical Seals

    O-rings in mechanical seals are required to withstand exposure to various chemicals. AFLAS has superior resistance to chemicals compared to FKM.

    AFLAS Oil Seals

    Oils and lubricants are used in the sector of automotive and contain some amine-based additives. Yoson Aflas gasket seals are a perfect application under the conditions of high temperatures as it has a high resistance.

    AFLAS O-rings for Downhole Applications

    Yoson AFLAS has excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance. We can provide you with these O-rings and gaskets for your sealing solution on your equipment in chemical plants.

    Why YOSON AFLAS O-ring


    Unlike fluorocarbon polymers that contain vinylidene fluoride, AFLAS is a copolymer of propylene and tetrafluoroethylene. This mixture makes AFLAS overcome outstanding base resistance.

    Excellent Performance
    Excellent Performance

    ¬AFLAS O-rings and gaskets have excellent heat resistance with 230°C non-stop service temp. capability. Strong acids and caustics are not a problem as AFLAS has a high chemical resistance.


    All Yoson’s O-rings and gaskets meet the ISO quality standard including ISO3601-3 Grade-S for critical and special service. The 7182 AFLAS series has 100% virgin AFLAS polymer formulations using state-of-the-art cure technology.

    Cost Advantage
    Cost Advantage

    Compare to FKM (Viton), AFLAS O-rings have much better base resistance and steam resistance than FKM. Compared to FFKM also, AFLAS O-ring has similar chemical resistance to FFKM and is a much more cost-effective material.

    AFLAS O-ring and Gaskets Applications

    AFLAS gaskets is a trade name of Asahi Glass. AFLAS is an extraordinary and unique material that is the combined results of fluoroelastomer which is made using an elastomer and TFE/P.

    Yoson can produce AFLAS gaskets and O-rings to solve some chemical applications, therefore it is very useful in the petroleum and chemical industries. It has high oil resistance, electrical resistivity, as well as chemical and heat resistance. AFLAS has a temperature range of -20°F to 400°F.

    AFLAS O-ring and Gaskets Applications
    AFLAS Gasket Materials

    AFLAS Gasket Materials

    Yoson AFLAS sheet gasket material is a based flouorubber that is elastomeric and a copolymer of propylene and tetrafluoroethylene. This kind of polymer offers an excellent resistance quality over chemicals. It has also serviceability over temperatures up to 550 °F but depending on the environment.

    AFLAS sheet might be applicable in some services like alkalis, inorganic acids, polar solvents, organic bases, high-temperature steam, amines, amine corrosion inhibitor systems, hydrogen sulfide-bearing fluids, and hydrocarbon oils.

    AFLAS Unique Properties

    AFLAS has a well-known tradename for a unique based of fluoroelastomer upon an alternating copolymer of propylene and tetrafluoroethylene. When properly formulated, AFLAS can be a great used to fabricate gaskets, O-rings, and seals possessing on following several unique properties:

    • Strong chemical resistance for caustic and acids
    • High electrical resistivity
    • Excellent oil resistance
    • Excellent heat resistance of 230°C (continuous service temperature capability)
    AFLAS Unique Properties

    Choose Yoson to Provide Your AFLAS O-ring and Gaskets Needs

    In terms of cutting gaskets, there are several ways enable to get the job well done. Yoson traditional clicker presses are excellent for a larger quantity of work jobs and reach the standard in the industry for many years.

    Yoson services are one of the largest independent manufacturer, distributor, and stockist of some fluid sealing products in China. We stock and supply a wide range of AFLAS seals that are perfect for many applications for industries such as chemical, offshore drilling, aerospace and defense, and general industrial environments.

    We can provide you with the most diverse material option and can supply you AFLAS seals in various sizes for your specialty performance. In addition to that, we have a team of experts that will ensure to offer you the right seal for any kind of application.

    Yoson AFLAS O-ring and Gaskets

    Aflas o ring

    AFLAS has a different grade series of seals depending on its particular uses. The following are some examples:

    • AFLAS 100 Series – this series has a molecular scale that gives high mechanical durability. This series is also adequate for compression moulding, extrusion, and transfer moulding.
    • AFLAS 150 Series – has exquisite electrical insulation features and great chemical resistance. This series is convenient for compression molding, transfer moulding, and extrusion.
    • AFLAS 300 Series – composed of translucent white base resin combining a unique termonomer. 300 series have superior durability and provide a sleek surface finish.
    • AFLAS 400E – a development grade with new rapid cure technology. Suitable for extrusion and can be pigmented.
    • AFLAS 600X – also a development grade that has a superior mould release, compression set, and eminent tear strength. Perfect for high-pressure and high-temperature applications especially in a rough environment where long service life is demanded.
    Aflas o ring

    AFLAS materials are used worldwide in all kinds of industrial applications. Here are some advanced properties that AFLAS offers:

    • Low Outgassing – ideal for making precision parts due to its extremely low outgassing level.
    • Gas Barrier Properties – compared with other synthetic rubbers, AFLAS has excellent gas barrier properties.
    • Steam Resistance – AFLAS is resistant to very hot water and steam at a high temperature.
    • Low-Temperature Properties – when low temperatures flexibility is lost but the physical properties are maintained.
    • Electrical Insulation Properties – AFLAS has excellent electrical insulation properties compared to those of silicone rubber and propylene-ethylene rubber. These electrical properties are much enhanced compared to other fluoroelastomers.
    • Chemical Resistance (non-polar solvents) – AFLAS undergoes a relatively large volume change in chlorine-based solvents, hydrocarbon-based, and gasoline.

    Custom AFLAS O-ring to Skyrocket Your Business

    AFLAS Transmission Seals for Automotive

    AFLAS has a high-chemical resistance against transmission oils, additives in engine oils, and heat-resistant greases. When you use FKM in this fluid, it will be hardened but when you use AFLAS, it can maintain its elasticity longer.

    AFLAS for Cable Application

    AFLAS polymers have excellent heat resistance and electrical properties. It is widely used for rubber cable in electric appliances, bullet trains, and automobiles.

    AFLAS Turbo Hose

    AFLAS can be excreted into hoses and provide great chemical resistance which is impossible with FKM. Aside from automotive applications, it can be also used in the chemical processing industry.

    AFLAS O-Ring Supplier
    YOSON – Leading AFLAS O-ring and Gasket Supplier in China

    Owned a Fully Automatic Production Equipment. Imported Big Brand Raw materials. Standard and High-Quality Products.

    • It’s always nice to have o rings on hand because you never know when you might need one, used them on a tractor hydraulic pump went on easy, and did what it was meant to do. YOSON’s AFLAS products have good quality and high-standard.

    • This is a very nice O-Ring from YOSON and works well. I’ve installed 4 of these on my different garden sprayers, which all used the same size O-Ring and they seal perfectly. Highly recommended.

    • AFLAS of Yoson is just as good as the Ford gaskets and quality built, my mechanic guy was pleased I chose these AFLAS rather than some of the crap ones that some people bring to his shop. My mechanic said next time he will try to make some orders from YOSON.

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