Custom EPR O-Ring Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a trusted manufacturer of EPR O-rings that features superior thermal and chemical resistance. These O-rings are widely used for applications such as water and irrigation usage.

  • Superior heat resistance
  • Excellent cold flexibility
  • ASTM Standard D-1418
  • Customizable according to your needs
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    YOSON EPR O-Ring

    YOSON is a supplier of EPR O-rings that are manufactured with thermal resistance and chemical resistance. We can customize a wide range of EPR O-rings to provide a specific solution to different applications. Our EPR O-rings are designed with excellent resiliency and superior abrasion resistance.

    Here in YOSON, we manufacture an extensive range of EPR O-rings for different industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and more. It has excellent tear resistance to ensure longevity and long-lasting use.

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    EPR Red Color Rubber O-Rings

    We manufacture EPR O-rings in red color that features good sealing, wear resistance, anti-aging, oil-resistant, and pressure resistant.

    EPR Toilet Flush Valve Seal O-ring

    YOSON can provide EPR O-rings that are widely used for toilet flush valve sealing applications. It can also be customized according to your needs.

    Custom EPR Silicone Rubber O-Rings

    Our custom EPR silicone rubber O-rings are manufactured for different industries such as automotive, construction, water treatment, etc.

    Heat-Resistant EPR O-Ring

    Our heat-resistant EPR O-rings are suitable for UV, brake fluids, ammonia, steam, and more. It has excellent weather resistance for all applications.

    EPR O-Ring Seal Box

    Our EPR O-ring seal boxes are commonly used for machines with reliable and simple mounting requirements. It comes with customized colors and thicknesses.

    EPR Rubber O-ring Seal for Fuel Injectors

    All our EPR rubber O-ring seals for fuel injectors have high-temperature resistance, high wear resistance, abrasion-resistant, and oil resistant.

    Why Choose YOSON EPR O-Ring

    Heat Resistance
    Heat Resistance

    Our EPR O-rings are manufactured with excellent heat resistance. It has a high heat resistance ranging from 150⁰C up to 204⁰C in water or steam applications.

    Cold Flexibility
    Cold Flexibility

    We manufacture EPR O-rings with superior cold flexibility. It can be used for different applications with the very low temperatures down to -57⁰C.

    Chemical Resistance
    Chemical Resistance

    YOSON offers EPR O-rings that are manufactured with high resistance to chemicals such as cleaning agents, inorganic acids, polar solvents, and more.


    Here in YOSON, we manufacture EPR O-rings that are customizable according to your specific needs such as colors, sizes, thickness, temperature range, etc.

    What is EPR O-Ring?

    EPR O-rings are Ethylene -Propylene-based elastomers from a family of synthetic rubber. These O-rings are characterized by excellent temperature and chemical resistance. O-rings that are made from EPR material can be compounded so they can be suitable for a wide range of critical applications.

    EPR O-rings are copolymers of propylene and ethylene. It is also called EPM and has almost the same quality as EPDM. If you are looking for a high-quality EPR O-ring, YOSON can provide your requirements. We have a variety of EPR O-rings for your different application needs.

    What is EPR O-Ring

    Suitable Media for YOSON EPR O-Ring

    YOSON EPR O-rings are highly recommended for the following media:

    • Automotive brake fluids
    • Water
    • Steam
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Dilute acids
    • Silicone oil and greases
    • Ketones
    • Alcohol, and more

    Why Choose YOSON EPR O-Rings

    YOSON is a professional manufacturer of EPR O-rings that have high resistance to weather, aging, sunlight, chemicals, high temperature, and more. All our EPR O-rings are also manufactured with good permeation resistance, moderate resiliency, excellent compression set resistance, and superior wear resistance.

    We manufacture EPR O-rings from our automated and advanced production lines. Our factory has an expert technical and design team to produce high-quality O-rings made from EPR materials. We can customize EPR O-rings for different industries that require high-quality sealing.

    YOSON – Your Premier EPR O-Ring Manufacturer

    At YOSON, you can find the broadest selection of high-quality EPR O-rings. Each EPR O-ring is manufactured with excellent thermal resistance. We have been manufacturing O-rings that are made from Ethylene and Propylene elastomers to ensure high quality. Rest assured that all our EPR O-rings are durable and can last long.

    Aside from that, we manufacture EPR O-rings with great flexibility. It is suitable for applications with very low temperatures. Here in YOSON, we manufacture EPR O-rings through compression, injection, or transfer molding. YOSON can customize each EPR O-ring to suit your specific application or business requirements.

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    YOSON EPR O-Ring

    EPR O RING (2)

    YOSON manufactures a wide range of EPR O-rings that can provide excellent sealing for different industries such as:

    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • Household appliances
    • Industrial
    • Electronics, and more
    o ring

    Our EPR O-rings are manufactured with a wide temperature range operation. It can operate at a temperature ranging from -50⁰F to 160⁰F. Rest assured that our EPR O-rings have:

    • Excellent tear resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Good resiliency

    Custom EPR O-Rings to Skyrocket Your Business

    EPR O-Ring with All Sizes

    All our EPR O-rings are manufactured in different custom sizes and colors such as green, brown, black, and more. These are designed for heat resistant, oil resistance, and chemical resistant.

    EPR Fuel Resistent Seals O-Ring

    Our EPR Fuel Resistant Seals O-Ring is suitable for different applications including engineering machinery, chemical machinery, mining, machine tools, construction, and other industries.

    EPR Seal Gasket O-Ring

    We manufacture EPR Seal Gasket O-Ring features anti-static, long service life, durability, wear resistance, heat resistant, UV resistant, oil resistant, excellent flexibility, and easy to install.

    Your Trusted EPR O-Ring Manufacturer in China
    Your Trusted EPR O-Ring Manufacturer in China

    YOSON is a professional EPR O-ring manufacturer that offers high-quality products at an affordable rate. We also offer fast delivery, low minimum order quantity, warranty, after-sales support, and customization to help your starting business.

    • “Thank you, YOSON, and your team for providing me high-quality, durable, and long-lasting EPR O-ring. These O-rings are the best-selling in my business.”

    • “YOSON is indeed a reliable EPR O-ring supplier. They always provide EPR O-rings that come with a wide range of options such as colors, sizes, and thickness.”

    • “I have been sourcing EPR O-rings from YOSON for many years now. They never failed to provide my business with high quality and durability. Their services are always excellent.”

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