FEPM O Ring Manufacturer in China

Yoson manufactures a complete line of FEPM O rings. These are made of rubber materials, and work well in sealing amines, acids, bases, steam, brake fluids, petroleum fluids, and more.

  • Combined with heat, electrical, and chemical resistance
  • Export to more than 120 countries
  • Custom-made in different sizes and textures
  • 7 – 10 Days delivery period

Yoson FEPM O Ring

Although they may appear to be simple, FEPM O Ring (fluorinated-rubber O Ring) plays a crucial part as a sealing method. This round, rubber ring is also known as TFE/P aids in the prevention of leakage and quality problems. They accomplish this by forming a seal in-between parts, which prevents air and liquid from moving around. These rings are typically placed directly and pressed within a groove. They also come in a multitude of materials, you can choose the right one for your sealing application.

Yoson is a leading manufacturer of effective sealing solutions, such as FEPM O Ring. It delivers great resistance to the extensive variety of high-pressure chemicals. They are the well-recommended sealing solutions for lubricants, oils, H2S, acids, bases, and so on.

If you need to place bulk orders for business or specific applications, choose Yoson to supply for you!


FEPM Silicone O Ring

Yoson offers customized FEPM silicon o rings at reasonable prices. These are available in custom colors, sizes, and shapes.  Ensure 100% High quality.

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) FDA o ring

Made from top-grade rubber materials, high-temperature resistant o-ring is your best choice in any sealing project. They also come with high durability structures.

O Ring Alkali Resistant FEPM

We provide high-quality, o ring alkali-resistant FEPM with durable and exceptional qualities. They supply an outstanding combo of electrical, heat, and chemic resistance.

Rubber FEPM O Ring

Rubber FEPM o-ring works excellently in sealing amines, acids & bases, steam, petroleum liquids, and brake fluids. It is a high-quality, reliable sealing method.

Stream Resistant O Ring

Stream resistant o-ring obstruct pathways to stop gas and liquid from escaping. It has numerous superb qualities, including UV radiation resistance, fatigue resistance, etc.

Aflas FEPM O Ring

Aflas O ring is ideal for steam, chemic, and temperature resistance. It is also known as TFE/P rubber, with 54% fluorine content. Used in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

FEPM O Ring Benefits

Light Weight
Light Weight

Every o-ring piece is lightweight, making the whole transporting process easier and faster. Each piece is made with excellent durability, stream resistance, etc.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Here in Yoson, we can supply custom-made FEPM O rings at the most reasonable rates. Their quality is not compromised at the same time.

Pressure Resistance
Pressure Resistance

All types of FEPM O-rings have pressure resistance design, extreme temperature resistance, and so on. They are widely used in plumbing fields.

Ease of Service
Ease of Service

These custom o-rings make the sealing performance better and overall simplify installation. They reduced labor service costs – no need for special tools.

FEPM O Ring Advantages

Yoson FEPM O ring seal across vast pressure, tolerance range, and heating rate.

  • No smearing or retightening is required.
  • No crucial torque when gripping, so extensive damage is nearly impossible.
  • These o-ring types take up less space and are extremely lightweight.
  • O-ring failure is usually slow and obvious.
  • Its average lifespan in the proper application matches up to the O-ring material’s age period.
  • Unlike non-elastic flat seals and crush-type tubing, these FEPM o-rings can often be reusable.
  • They are inexpensive.
FEPM O Ring Advantages
YOSON Sealing Production

YOSON Customization Services

Yoson team provides reasonable yet satisfying customization services. This is to exactly meet your certain requirements. The services we offer include:

  • Semiconducting process
  • No tool fees for almost any length
  • Hardness in any durometer or color
  • FDA, USP Class VI, 3A Drinking Water, Clinical Grade
  • High temperature and high pressure
  • Metal detectable, EMI insulating process
  • Resistance test to fine chemicals
  • External/internal friction
  • Surface coating and treatment options
  • Labeling, tagging, packing, and checking process

Stretchable Structure

Knowing how stretchable your FEPM O rings are important during installation. These O rings should at least stretch 50%. When stretching, instead of stretching on just one side, perform it evenly for better results. To have an efficient seal, they should be connected comfortably to the groove.  For most applications, stretch is between 1% – 5%. We do not recommend stretch higher than 5%.

Their stretchable design is important for assuring the smooth operation of several vehicles, appliances, machines, and other devices. While a correct installation produces a reliable seal, it enables them to efficiently perform without leaks.

Stretchable FEPM O Rings

Yoson – Leading FEPM O Ring Supplier in China

YOSON has the most comprehensive selection of quality FEPM O Ring. Each type is made from premium thermal resistance. To assure the quality, we have been manufacturing O-rings from Neoprene, PTFE, Nitrile, EPDM Rubber, and Fluorocarbon. You can be confident that all of our FEPM O Rings are long-lasting.

But apart from that, we produce FEPM o-rings with a high level of efficiency. It is appropriate for applications where very harsh chemicals require exceptional toughness. YOSON can tailor FEPM O Rings to your specific application or business needs.

Contact us for your questions right away!


Tips for Installation

Here are some effective tips to help assure successful FEPM O-ring installation:

  • First, make sure the threads are lubricated. Because the shaft is threaded, the rubber seal is prone to tearing during setup. Use sticky tape or lubricant to conceal the threads and prevent tearing.
  • Enclose sharp corners. Despair in the o-rings can be caused by sharp lines, and even a small tear can break the seal.
  • Ensure to stretch FEPM o-ring uniformly to generate more durable final seals.
Work with Certified Sealing Specialists

Even though FEPM O-rings are a simple tool, they play an important role in a wide range of sealing applications. Understanding the basics of how to correctly install them can help guarantee the project’s performance.

Since established a decade ago, YOSON has specialized in high-quality sealing equipment and solutions. Our expert team has extensive experience assisting clients in determining the best alternative for their specific requirements.

Contact us or request a quote today to learn further about our services. Choose us to be part of your project’s success!

Custom FEPM O Ring for Different Applications


FEPM O-rings are well applicable in trucking, automotive, and aerospace. They are excellent for several applications that need safety against severe conditions, extreme temperatures, chemical exposure, and vibrations. These o-rings are custom-made to fit your requirements.

The FEPM o-rings are made in sanitized environments to fit semiconductor processing and dust-prevention electronic projects. They are custom-made in different sizes, shapes, and structures.


We provide FDA-grade FEPM O rings in the medical industry – specifically for filtration, pump, connectors, and syringe products. All are tailor-made to fit your specific pharmaceutical or clinical sealing purposes.

For the food and beverage industry, Yoson supplies NSF-61, water service, and specialty 3A sanitary FEPM O-rings. It is perfect for beverage allocation, food production, and water ultra-filtration business applications.

Reliable FEPM O Ring Manufacturer in China
Reliable FEPM O Ring Manufacturer in China

Yoson is a reputable FEPM O Ring supplier that provides high-quality products at a reasonable price. To assist your new business, we provide fast delivery, a relatively low order quantity, money-back guarantee, after-sales assistance, and customizability.

  • “I’m grateful to YOSON and your team for presenting me with a top-grade, long-lasting FEPM O Ring.  These O-rings are the most popular in my shop.”

  • “I’m glad I never doubt Yoson’s capabilities in providing me specific FEPM o-ring orders.  These are the kind of o-rings I want – high-quality, stream resistant, and extreme temperature resistant.”

  • “I choose YOSON for my importing needs of FEPM O rings. They never disappoint me and always provide me with excellent quality and multi-purpose o-rings. Their services also always stay the same!”

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