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Yoson is a professional manufacturer of high temperature and chemical resistant FFKM O ring, with over 15 years of manufacturing experience, to meet your extreme working environment needs.

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    Yoson Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O ring Supplier

    Are you looking for a more economical option? Yoson Seal can help you.

    As one of China’s advanced FFKM O-Ring plants, we can assure you get the Kalrez alternative. We have more than 15 years of experience, to meet your demand and rapid delivery.

    Yoson supplies seals of the FFKM equivalents to DuPont Kalrez®, GreeneTweed Chemraz®, Parker Parofluor®, PPE Perlast®, Simrit Simriz®, Trelleborg Isolast®, 3M™ Dyneon™, and CHESTERTON ChemLast™.

    If you need an FFKM O ring for your machinery or project,  Yoson is the most suitable manufacturer for you.  Besides, we also can manufacture FFKM seals, FFKM gaskets, or other perfluoroelastomer customized seals.

    Besides, we can recommend the most suitable material for FFKM O-Ring according to your budget, saving you money and reducing the number of repairs.

    Our perfluoroelastomer o-rings pass through many quality control tests, including visual inspection, dimensional checks, and tensile testing before release.

    Contact us today and let us provide the best sealing solution to solve your problem.

    Yoson Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-Rings Code

    FFKM Kalrez 6375 O-Rings

    FFKM 6375 has a broad spectrum of chemical resistance and is suitable for use in environments where multiple chemical media coexist, with good resistance to water and steam.

    FFKM Kalrez 4079 O-Rings

    FFKM 4079 has excellent chemical resistance and excellent compression and deformation characteristics at high temperatures. The temperature should be below 280 °C with thermal cycling.

    FFKM 7075 O ring

    FFKM 7075 has a lower compression set compared to 4079 and has a better sealing ability and high-temperature resistance, and FFKM 7075 can work at 327 degrees Celsius.

    FFKM Kalrez 2085 O-Rings

    FFKM 2085 has excellent fast gas decompression performance. Its high stiffness and high modulus resist extrusion in high-pressure applications.

    FFKM Kalrez 3065 O-Rings

    FFKM 3065 It has good all-around chemical resistance and excellent resistance to acid oils and amines up to 288°C.

    FFKM 0090 o ring

    FFKM 0090 Used in the oil and gas industry, high hardness, excellent resistance to implosion, Norsok M-710 certified.

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-Rings Series (4)

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O Ring Advantages

    High Temperature Resistance

    Long-term working temperature -39 ~ 288 degrees Celsius, short-term up to 315 degrees Celsius, below the embrittlement temperature still has a certain plasticity, hard but not brittle, can be bent, Yoson O-ring can also maintain good elasticity.

    Chemical Resistance

    Resistant to inorganic and organic acids; copper, esters, ethers; furans, aldehydes; nitrogenous compounds; hydrocarbons; alcohols; oils, vapors, and more than 1600 other chemicals, FFKM shows its excellent stability and has excellent resistance to almost all chemicals.

    Long Service Life

    Yoson FFKM ORING is homogeneous and has no surface troubles such as permeation, cracking, and pinholes. These features can improve sealing performance, extend operating cycles and effectively reduce your maintenance costs.

    FDA Grade

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM o ring can exhibit low outgassing and solubility in vacuum sealing applications, and FDA compliant seals can also be used in food, beverage, or pharmaceutical production equipment according to your requirement.

    Yoson FFKM Structural Stability

    Perfluoroelastomer is composed of TFE (main chain), PMVE (branched chain), and bridging part, the ether bond of FFKM does not react with alkali, oxidizer, and reducing agent.

    In other materials containing C-H bonds, the C-H bonds are easily attacked, resulting in the destruction of the rubber structure and loss of function.

    FFKM Structural Stability

    FFKM equivalents to Kalrez®, Chemraz®, Parofluor®, Perlast®, Simriz®, Isolast®, Dyneon™, and ChemLast™.

    Yoson uses imported FFKM raw materials and utilizes our proven processing technology of more than 10 years to produce seals of the same quality as those in Europe and America. Our products are competitively priced, with fast delivery times and professional technical support.

    We have rich experience in corresponding to international perfluorinated ether brands, and our actual replacement experience includes Dupont Kalrez, Green Tweed Chemraz, Perlast PPE, Trelleborg Isolast, PERLAST, SIMRIZ, Parofluor

    Yoson FFKM O ring is used directly in the end customer’s equipment and has successfully replaced the original products of the big brand names, which has won the customer’s approval and significantly reduced your cost.

    Yoson FFKM O Ring Mold

    Making Mold for FFKM O ring
    Mold for FFKM O ring

    Yoson has a full range of AS- 568A standard molds for O rings, and you don’t worry about paying the mold costs for standard O rings.

    Besides, we welcome any special specific FFKM Seal, FFKM Gasket, and FFKM Ring you need.

    No matter what color, profile, hardness, or working environment, our technical team will design and manufacture it for your project.

    It takes 3-5 days for simple structures or 10-15 days for complex structures seals.

    Yoson FFKM O RING Chemical Application Case

    chemical process of oxidation

    In the oxidation process at a temperature of 220 degrees, the acetic acid medium was used before, but the fluoroelastomer decomposed and rotted quickly, resulting in hydrogen fluoride corrosion of the titanium shaft. After our suggestion, the FFKM O ring was used, which was not corroded and continued to seal well after one year of use.

    chemical process pump

    The chemical process pump is pumping ketones, methylene chloride, and methyl isocyanate in turn at 150 degrees. Previously, other polymer elastomeric seal materials were used, and the seal was replaced every time the solvent was changed, at a cost of $500 per replacement.  With our recommendation, using our FFKM O ring, we can maintain at least 8 months of life and save an estimated $14,000 per year.

    Oil and gas
    Fast Shipping & Technical Support

    Customized Service, Professional production for more than 10 years, After-sales Service, 24-hour Response

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM Datasheet


    Chemical Process Industry (CPI) Product
    physical properties 6375 4079 7075 2035 2037 1050LF 6190 6380 3018 7090 0040
    Hardness, Shore A 75 75 75 85 79 82 73 80 91 90 70
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 15.1 16.9 17.9 17.3 16.9 18.6 21.5 15.8 21.7 22.75 13.7
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 7.3 7.3 7.5 8.6 6.2 12.4 8.8 6.9 16.8 15.50 (50%) 6.6
    Elongation at Break, % 160 150 160 150 200 125 199 160 125 75 180
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 30 25 12 38 27 35 18 40 35 12 41
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 275 315 327 220 20 280 300 225 280 325 220
    Lowest Service Temperature, °C -20 -20 -20 -20 -20 -20 -20 -42


    Yoson Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-Rings

    With imported raw materials and mature processing experience, we believe we can provide you with the best FFKM O-Rings to solve your sealing leakage problems.

    Please tell me your detailed project, we will help you design and provide the best solution for free.

    FFKM O-Rings: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

    If you are looking for FFKM O-Rings for your project, or if you want to learn more about FFKM material, please follow me to read this FAQ Guide.

    This guide provides a comprehensive overview of all FFKM O-Ring materials, properties, temperatures, media, applications, design, installation, etc.

    It gives you all information, and you quickly select the right seal for your project.

    What does FFKM Mean?

    FFKM is Perfluoroelastomer (synthetic rubber), also called FFPM.

    FFKM has excellent resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion and can resist the corrosion of more than 1600 kinds of chemicals.

    And it also has the elasticity of rubber, and its compression deformation rate at 330℃ is only below 50%.

    Except for swelling in fluorinated solvents, it is stable to all chemicals.

    In addition to excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, FFKM O-Ring is homogeneous and has no surface troubles such as permeation, cracking, and pinholes.

    These features can improve FFKM O-Ring sealing performance, extend the operating cycle of machinery and effectively reduce your maintenance costs.

    What is FFKM Material Made of?

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM materials are terpolymers consisting of monomers.

    All hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine.

    Figure 1 FFKM Molecular structure

    The absence of hydrogen in the molecular chain significantly improves their chemical and thermal resistance.

    This allows FFKM O-Ring to provide excellent sealing performance

    What is the Difference between FFKM and FKM?

    FKM Temperature Range

    Static seal: -26℃~232℃, short time up to 275℃
    Dynamic seal: -15℃~200℃
    GLT type: -45℃~215℃

    FKM Characteristics:

    High-temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance is better than silicone rubber, excellent chemical resistance, resistance to most oils and solvents (except ketones, esters), weather resistance, and ozone resistance;

    The cold resistance is relatively poor. The general use temperature range is -20~250 ℃, and the special formula can withstand low temperatures to -40 ℃.

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM Temperature Range

    The general application temperature is sustainable for 260 ℃ to 290 ℃, and can be used intermittently for 316 ℃ high temperatures.

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-rings, mainly used in the semiconductor industry, have chemical resistance close to PTFE and are therefore resistant to basically all chemical liquids and gases, such as organic acids, inorganic acids, bases, ketones, esters, and alcohols.

    FFKM O-Rings have the excellent chemical resistance of Teflon but also have the elasticity of rubber, excellent heat resistance, and cleanliness. According to the temperature, long-term use can be divided into long-term 250 degrees, long-term 280 degrees, long-term 300 degrees, long-term 320 degrees

    Different Molecular Structures of FKM and FFKM

    From the molecular structure, unlike FKM, the carbon atoms of the main chain or side chain of perfluoroelastomer rubber FFKM are all bonded with fluorine atoms. Compared with FKM, it has higher fluoride content, and the general fluorine content of the finished product of perfluoroelastomer FFKM is between 74-76%. Because the fluorine content is higher than FKM, the perfluoroelastomer rubber has the best temperature and chemical resistance among all elastomers.

    FFKM O-Rings can also resist the corrosion of strong acids, strong alkalis, ethers, ketones, esters, nitrogenous compounds, hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, oils, vapors, amine compounds, and other chemical products.

    The main feature of FFKM perfluorinated ether O-ring is that it is unaffected by almost all fluids, including aliphatic, aromatic, ester, ether, ketone, oil, lubricant, and most acids. Some halides and strong oxidizing acids can cause material swelling effects.

    The general application temperature of FFKM O-Rings is sustainable for 260℃ to 290℃ and can be used intermittently at a high temperature of 316℃. Ozone and weather and flame resistance are excellent, radiation resistance is still possible, but also can be used for high vacuum materials.

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM is used in applications where fluoroelastomer cannot perform and where conditions are harsh. Make seals for various media, such as rocket fuel, umbilical, oxidizer, nitrous oxide, fuming nitric acid, etc., used in aerospace, aviation, chemical, petroleum, nuclear energy, and other industrial sectors.

    FFKM has More High-Temperature Resistance than FKM

    Figure 2 FFKM VS FKM

    Figure 3 FFKM VS FKM

    FKM and other rubber products at 240°C, the deformation rate rises sharply with time, while the compression deformation of full FFKM always stays below 50%.

    FFKM can maintain the elastic characteristics of rubber even at 300°C.

    FFKM has more excellent chemical properties than FKM In terms of chemical resistance, FKM cannot be used in ether, amine compounds, ketones, oxidizers, organic solvents, fuels, acids, bases, and other environments, but FFKM can all show its excellent stability and has excellent resistance to almost all chemicals.

    FFKM O-Rings can withstand up to 1600 chemicals.

    After 6 months of immersion in a mixture of toluene, acetone, and methylene chloride, FFKM O-Rings showed almost no volume change, while other rubbers were already severely deformed

    What’s the Difference between FFKM and PTFE?

    PTFE is made of tetrafluoroethylene and contains only carbon and fluorine. The material is very hard.

    Figure 4 PTFE Molecular

    FFKM is made from tetrafluoroethylene, vinylidene fluoride, and perfluoromethyl vinyl ether, so in addition to carbon and fluorine, it contains hydrogen and oxygen. These additional monomers make the polymer an elastomer. The material is soft.

    Figure 5 FFKM VS PTFE

    PTFE and FFKM are different polymers, FFKM is an elastomer and PTFE is a rigid plastic.

    However, FFKM has the elasticity and the thermal and chemical stability of PTFE.

    In addition, FFKM not only has excellent resistance to high temperature and chemical corrosion like PTFE (it can resist corrosion of more than 1600 kinds of chemicals), but also has the elasticity of rubber, and its compression deformation rate at 330℃ is only below 50%.

    If you are looking for a soft elastomer for your project, we recommend FFKM O-Ring.

    How do you Choose FFKM Grade?

    You can refer to the FFKM grades for different industries below.

    If your industry is not mentioned, you can contact us and we will customize the right FFKM grade O-Ring for you.

    Oil and gas industry products
    physical properties FFKM 2085 FFKM 3065 FFKM 0090
    Hardness, Shore A 92 90 95
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 17.2 24.1 19.49
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 15.2 40 (50%)
    Elongation at Break, % 115 30 80
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 35 40
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 210 288 250
    Lowest Service Temperature, °C 0
    Food and pharmaceutical industry products
    physical properties FFKM 6221 FFKM 6230/6230A
    Color White Black
    Hardness, Shore A 70 75
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 15.1 16.5
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 7.2 7
    Elongation at Break, % 150 170
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 31 30
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 260 260
    Spray Coatings industry products 
    physical properties FFKM 6880 FFKM 6885
    Color White Black
    Hardness, Shore A 70 75
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 11.7 17.9
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 2.4 6.8
    Elongation at Break, % 215 160
    Compression Set,  70 hours at 204 °C,  % 20 16
    Compression Set,  672 hours at 204 °C,  % 28 24
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 250 270
    Semiconductor industry products
    physical properties FFKM 8002 FFKM 8900 FFKM 9100 FFKM 8085 FFKM 8475 FFKM 8575
    Color Colorless and transparent black Translucent amber Beige white white
    Hardness, Shore A 69 73 68 80 60 62
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 15.95 16.2 11.8 16.3 11.35 12
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 2.88 11.7 4.2 7.5 2.2 2.4
    Elongation at Break, % 246 121 220 159 225 230
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 15 14 17 42 23 29
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 275 325 300 240 300 300
    Photovoltaic industry products
    physical properties PV8030 PV8050 PV8070 9100
    Color black white black black
    Hardness, Shore A 83 72 83 74
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 30 17 17 17
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 300 °C, % 32
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 275 300 325 300
    Aerospace market products
    physical properties 4079AMS 7777 7797 1045
    Color black black black white
    Hardness, Shore A 75 75 90 77
    Tensile Strength at Break, MPa (psi) 16.8 17.9 23.8 15.1
    100% Modulus MPa (psi) 7.2 7.5 15.90 (50%) 8.2
    Elongation at Break, % 150 160 77 150
    Compression Set, 70 hours at 204 °C, % 25 12 11 30
    Compression Set, 336 hours at 204 °C, % 38 16
    Compression Set, 336 hours at 300 °C, % 77 34
    Maximum Service Temperature, °C 315 325 325 260
    Tr10, °C -2 -4 -5

    What is FFKM O-Ring?

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM O-ring is the most expensive rubber elastomer seal available, with exceptional chemical resistance.

    FFKM O-rings have excellent elongation and sealing properties and are resistant to most chemicals, including organic acids, inorganic acids, alkalis, ketones, alcohols, aldehydes, and fuels.

    Therefore, FFKM o-rings can be used in most chemical and petrochemical processes for a long time.

    In other media where rubber can swell or fail, FFKM will not swell or become brittle but will retain its original quality.

    When you install an FFKM O-Ring, it is very easy to fit and more adaptable to incorrect installation than metal seals, without causing wear.

    What is FFKM O-Rings Temperature Range?

    Long-term working temperature -39~288 degrees Celsius, short-term up to 315 degrees Celsius.

    FFKM O-Ring still has certain plasticity below the embrittlement temperature, hard but not brittle, and can be bent.

    What is FFKM O Ring Chemical Resistance?

    Perfluoroelastomer FFKM is the best rubber material among all elastic sealing materials in terms of high-temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance, and high cleanliness characteristics.

    FFKM O-Ring is also resistant to chemicals and corrosive media (strong acids, strong bases, ethers, ketones, esters, nitrogenous compounds, hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes, oils, vapors, amine-based compounds, and more than 1600 chemical products), and can withstand temperatures up to 327°C.

    Different FFKM grade materials are suitable for various types of chemical solvents with different concentrations as follows.

    Acids, bases, amines, oxides, hot water and water vapor, and other solvents.

    How Long will FFKM O-Ring Last?

    Different FFKM grades have a different service life, now I will take the commonly used FFKM 6375 O-Ring as a case study, so you can understand it more clearly.

    FFKM 6375 O-Ring was used in a mechanical seal in a mixture of ammonia/tar and water at 35°C and successfully sealed for 10 months.

    Mechanical seals in a mixture of EO, PO, amine, and chloromethane at 232°C do not require the replacement of FFKM O-Ring until after 10 months.

    Kettle seals in amine and propylene oxide at 40-90°C are not replaced until 5 months after the kettle O-Ring.

    In the mechanical seal of the production line of harsh and highly corrosive epichlorohydrin, successfully used in various environments with temperatures -20~220℃, the average service life is 9 months, mostly when the equipment is replaced.

    What are the Advantages of FFKM O-Ring?

    It has excellent chemical resistance, and heat resistance, and the product is homogeneous with no surface troubles such as permeation, cracking, and pinholes.

    These features improve sealing performance, extend operating cycles, and effectively reduce the cost of maintaining your company.

    The long life of FFKM O-Rings will minimize unplanned downtime, improve equipment utilization and optimize capacity.

    The long-term efficacy of perfluorinated ether rubber sealing parts can improve your equipment’s productivity and reduce maintenance and costs

    The total cost of these is much higher than your initial purchase price.

    Selecting and installing FFKM O-Rings can extend the average maintenance time, reducing your unscheduled downtime and repair costs.

    For some special industries, the cost of unscheduled downtime is much greater than the cost of parts and labor for repairs.

    FFKM O-Rings can effectively help users to improve the stability of the process, extend the working time of the equipment and get the maximum benefit for customers.

    What are the Disadvantages of FFKM O-Ring?

    1. Poor low-temperature resistance

    The lowest temperature of the FFKM O-Ring is -20℃.
    Other special rubber can withstand -60℃.

    2. Price Expensive

    FFKM material is the most expensive of all rubber types. Only a few manufacturers in the world produce this material.
    It is several times or tens of times more expensive than other types of rubber.

    3. Poor pressure change performance

    FFKM O-Ring has poor compression performance and general elasticity than fluorine rubber.

    How Much does FFKM O-Ring Cost?

    FFKM O-Ring prices depend on your size, order quantity, and different grades.

    In general, the unit price is from $1 to $300, the larger the size, the more expensive the unit price.

    We have molds for all American Standard O-Ring sizes, so you don’t need to pay extra for the molds.

    Where Can You Use FFKM O-Ring?

    Pumps and Mechanical Seals

    Figure 6 FFKM O Ring for Pumps and Mechanical Seals

    Safety valves and fixed ball valves

    Figure 7 FFKM O Ring for Safety valves and fixed ball valves

    Oil & Gas Pipeline Analysis Samplers

    Figure 8 FFKM O Ring for Oil & Gas Pipeline Analysis Samplers

    Level switches Level transmitters

    Figure 9 FFKM O Ring for Level switches Level transmitters

    Spraying Equipment Rotary Cup, Rotary Disc Spray Guns

    Figure 10 FFKM O Ring for Spraying Equipment Rotary Cup, Rotary Disc Spray Guns

    Oil and Gas Extraction

    • Oil recovery equipment, downhole tools
    • Submersible electric pumps
    • Packers
    • Testers
    • Concentric tubing hangers
    • Downhole safety valves

    Figure 11 FFKM O Ring for Oil recovery equipment, downhole tools


    There are many other industries that need FFKM O-Ring, if you don’t see your related equipment, please contact us, we can manufacture FFKM O-Ring or FFKM seal gasket for any industry.

    How To Make Custom FFKM O-Ring?

    Please see the following steps

    1: Structure design

    1 Structure design of FFKM O-Ring
    According to the working condition and chemical medium of your equipment to decide which grade of FFKM to use, we also have to measure the size of the installed groove to decide the size of the O-ring.

    2:Mold making

    2 Mold making of FFKM O-Ring
    When the size and quantity of the FFKM O-Ring are confirmed, we can make the mold of the O-ring.

    3: Raw material testing

    3 Raw material testing of FFKM O-Ring
    After purchasing FFKM raw materials, we need to test the parameters of performance.

    4:T90 sulfur change test

    4 T90 sulfur change test of FFKM O-Ring

    5: Compression Molding

    5 Compression Molding of FFKM O-Ring
    We start to produce your FFKM O-Ring with the finished mold.

    6: Secondary Vulcanization

    6 Secondary Vulcanization of FFKM O-Ring
    Our finished FFKM O-Ring will be put in the oven to do secondary vulcanization, which can improve the mechanical properties and compression permanent deformation of the O-Ring.
    Achieving optimal performance, dimensional characterization requires 10 to 42 hours of vulcanization.

    7: Low-temperature trimming

    7 Low-temperature trimming of FFKM O-Ring
    Use the low-temperature cooling machine to trim the raw edge of the O-Ring.

    8:Size and appearance inspection

    8 Size and appearance inspection of FFKM O-Ring
    Use testing equipment to test whether the size of the FFKM O-Ring is within the tolerance range.

    9:Product performance testing

    9 Product performance testing of FFKM O-Ring
    Test the hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break, and other physical parameters of FFKM O-Ring.

    10:Product packaging

    10 Product packaging of FFKM O-Ring
    Usually, we use plastic bags to pack FFKM O-Ring, and then put them into cartons.

    As a professional FFKM O-Ring designer and manufacturer, Yoson guarantees competitive prices while adhering to strict quality standards.

    Contact us now for all FFKM O-Ring inquiries and questions.
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