Your Trusted FKM O-ring Manufacturer in China

Yoson is a professional FKM O-ring manufacturer in China. All our FKM O-rings are with excellent chemical compatibility to suit different application requirements.

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • FDA grade Approved
  • Standard Size Mold
  • Customized your specifications

Yoson FKM O-Rings

Fluorocarbon O-rings or Viton O-rings play a vital role in the sealing industry. Each FKM O-ring is manufactured with superior aging characteristics, temperature range, and chemical compatibility. Our FKM O-rings are widely used for applications that require low gas permeability and good vacuum service.

Yoson also offers FKM O-rings that are manufactured with excellent abrasion resistance, longevity, and high quality. At Yoson, you can find the broadest selection of FKM O-rings. You can purchase from our existing designs or customized FKM O-rings.

Contact us for your FKM O ring, and let our engineer solve your sealing problem.

Stream Resistant O Ring

Yoson FKM O-Ring for High Temperature is highly resistant to hydraulic fluids, chemicals, oils, and high temperatures. The max Temperature is + 260°C.

Low Temperature FKM O-Ring

We specialize in the manufacture of low-temperature Orings down to -30°C to -40°C, with the best solution to suit your working conditions.

FDA grade FKM O-Ring

We manufacture FKM O-Ring for the food and pharmaceutical industry. FDA grade certificate Approved. You can use it with confidence in your machinery.

Acid Resistant FKM O-Ring

Our Acid Resistant FKM O-Ring For Industrial Sealing features good sealing, precise size, long-lasting, production size, and wide temperature range.

Custom FKM Rubber O-Rings

Yoson is a professional manufacturer of Custom FKM Rubber O-Ring with different colors such as red, yellow, blue, black, and more colors.

Yoson has larger stock for standard size FKM o rings and Several thousand molds. You don’t pay the tooling cost. Fast delivery and High quality.

Why Choose YOSON FKM O-Rings

Fluid Resistance
Fluid Resistance

We manufacture FKM O-rings with excellent fluid resistance to withstand ketones, strong bases, steams, acids, oils, and more.

Heat Stability
Heat Stability

Yoson offers high-quality FKM O-rings with excellent heat stability due to its high ratio of hydrogen to fluorine making the absence of unsaturation.

Specialty Formulations
Specialty Formulations

Our FKM O-rings are available in different specialty formulations to be suitable for medical-grade, explosive decompression, and more.


All our FKM O-rings are custom designed, sizes, and colors. Yoson can also provide custom barrels or bars according to your requirements.

YOSON Standard FKM O-Rings

Standard FKM O-ring manufactured by YOSON offers a continuous sealing up to approximately +260⁰C temperature range. It can also provide as low as -40⁰C low-temperature capabilities. Our standard FKM O-ring has the following characteristics:

  • Wide chemical resistance range
  • Superior resistance against ozone and oxidation
  • Fungus resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Exceptional general-purpose sealing
YOSON Standard FKM O-Rings
How Low Temperature Affects Typical O-Rings

YOSON FKM O-Rings Certifications

YOSON manufactures FKM O-rings that are produced according to different standards in each industry.

FOOD: All our FKM O-rings are certified by FDA.

MEDICAL: We assure you that our FKM O-rings are certified by medical standards.

DRINKING WATER. Our FKM O-rings can meet WRAS and 3-A standards

Why Choose YOSON FKM O-Rings

We manufacture high-quality FKM O-rings with super-strong carbon-fluorine bonds. Thus, making the O-rings to have superior resistance to oxidation, thermal, and chemical. YOSON offers FKM O-rings with a wide operational temperature range, superior mechanical properties, and high density.

At YOSON, we offer custom sealing solutions for different industries including the oil and gas industry, automotive, aerospace, medical, potable water, and more. Our wide range of FKM O-rings is manufactured using vulcanization molding.

Why Yoson is a Trusted FKM O-Ring Supplier

Why Yoson is a Trusted FKM O-Ring Supplier (1)

Yoson has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing FKM O-rings in China. We used a wide range of FKM materials for the O-ring production. Each FKM O-ring is classified based on its crosslinking mechanisms, fluorine content, or chemical composition. We developed a high-quality FKM O-ring elastomer with excellent aging characteristics.

As a professional manufacturer, we make sure that all our FKM O-rings are produced according to industry standards such as ISO9001:2015 and more. Yoson can manufacture FKM O-rings based on your specific application or requirements.

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YOSON Rubber O-Ring

Temperature Range

All our FKM O-rings are suitable for different temperature ranges. You can refer below.

  • -27⁰C up to 225⁰C
  • -55⁰C low temperature for specialty formulation
  • 232⁰C high temperature for specialty formulation

AT Yoson, you can find the broadest selection of FKM O-rings with a wide temperature range. You can request an FKM O-ring that is customized by our expert engineers.


Our FKM O-rings are widely used for the following applications:

  • Aircraft
  • Automobile
  • Vacuum applications
  • Coal mine
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgy, hydraulic cylinder, and more

Custom FKM O-Rings to Skyrocket Your Business

FKM O-Ring Seals NSF Certified

The FKM O-Ring Seals FDA Certified are applicable for automotive spare parts, household electrical appliances, medical, bathroom, and industrial sealing. These are available in transparent, blue, black, green, and more colors.

Viton Rubber O-Ring Of Automobile

We manufacture Viton rubber O-ring that is widely used for automobile applications. It is available in black, green, blue, brown, and more customized colors. We assure you that all our FKM O-rings are suitable for a wide range of temperatures.

Black FKM O-Ring

Our black FKM O-rings are suitable for different industry sealing such as automobile, aerospace, household, and more. These are also available in customized sizes. All our Black FKM O-Rings are certified by international industry standards.

One-Stop FKM O-Ring Supplier in China
One-Stop FKM O-Ring Supplier in China

Yoson offers a one-stop solution for your FKM O-ring needs. We offer fast proofing, design drawings, after-sales services, free mold opening, fast delivery, and low minimum order quantity. All our FKM O-rings are manufactured according to ISO to ensure quality.

  • “Yoson is a great supplier of FKM O-rings for my business. They always provide me high-quality O-rings made from fluoro rubbers with superior chemical compatibility.”

  • “I highly recommend Yoson if you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of FKM O-rings. They offer all kinds of FKM O-rings with a wide range of size, design, and color options.”

  • “Yoson is my no.1 source of FKM O-rings for my business. They can customize every FKM O-ring based on my specifications. Gladly, I received all O-rings with exact details.”

What is FKM O-Rings?

FKM O-rings are also known as FPM or Viton O-rings. FPM, Viton, and FKM O-rings are composed of one single base, the fluoro rubber. Each fluoro rubber O-rings have a specific designation such as the following:

  • ISO Designation (FPM)
  • ASTM Designation (FKM)
  • FPM Polymers (Viton)

FKM/FPM rubber O-rings are primarily used for applications that require high resistance to chemicals. These are also ideal for mechanical devices that need high resistance to temperatures.

Why FKM O-Rings are a Significant Elastomer?

FKM O-rings are significant elastomers because of their excellent properties including:

  • Wide temperature range
  • Superior aging characteristics
  • Highly resistant to ozone and chemical attacks
  • Excellent chemical compatibility
  • Low compression set
What Media Does a FKM O-Ring Resists?

FKM O-rings are highly resistant to the following media:

  • All kinds of acids
  • Greases such as vegetable and mineral oil
  • Petrol and diesel fuels
  • Aliphatic
  • Chemicals and solvents
  • Non-flammable hydraulic fluid
  • Chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbon, and more
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