Custom HNBR O-Ring Manufacturer in China

YOSON professionally manufactures a series of O-ring components, including the HNBR ones. We provide them with advantageous features and are suitable for multiple applications. You can request sizes, colors, and capacity depending on your necessities!

  • Designed with multiple resistance
  • Made from quality materials
  • Various specification option
  • Customizable


HNBR or Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber O-rings are the hydrogenated types of nitrile rubber. They are composed of chemical polymer materials that improve strength and resistance to oil, chemical, and heat. These O-rings are in-demand for various applications, like industrial, automotive, and other performance-demanding usages.  

YOSON responsibly supplies customized HNBR O-rings according to requests. We have been exporting our cost-effective products to more than 120 countries worldwide, especially HNBR type of O-rings. You can send us your sample design drawings for accurate customization techniques.

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FDA grade HNBR o ring

Yoson offers HNBR O RING for food safety and medical applications, it provides excellent sealing performance in direct contact with food.

AED HNBR o ring

Anti-Explosive Decompression HNBR, the hardness is 90 Shore A,it is used in Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment for oil and gas industry.

Custom HNBR seals

We can design different types, such as Engine seals, grommets, and gaskets, for your different applications. Or you can provide a drawing to us.

Why Choose YOSON HNBR O-Ring

Heat Resistance
Heat Resistance

YOSON provides HNBR O-Ring with excellent heat resistance. They can withstand about 140°C or 284°F high temperatures. However, these components effectively work with the presence of automotive gas, oil, and fuel.


As a responsible manufacturer, YOSON made the HBNR O-rings using high-quality materials. That makes them more durable and provides excellent resistance to compression set, wear, and abrasion.


Our expertise is in customizing various sizes, styles, and other HBNR O-ring specifications. We manufacture them according to suitable applications and needs by following our customers’ provided details and drawings.

Low Cost
Low Cost

YOSON ensures high-featured HBNR O-rings at the lowest cost. We provide our customers’ needs with no minimum order quantity. Their reasonable cost advantages make them more in demand for markets.

HNBR O-Ring Material Development

The HNBR is the improved hydrogenated alteration of nitrile butadiene rubber. The technique saturates the NBR butadiene section with hydrogen. It minimizes the double bond numbers in NBR and forms outstanding material while maintaining its fundamental properties. This process achieves extreme resistance to ozone, abrasion, greases, etc.

The HNBR can be altered the same way as other O-rings materials, depending on the applications and industry. It happens by adjusting the acrylonitrile content amount.  Lowering the ACN content makes the O-ring ideal for low-temperature applications.

HNBR Oring
HNBR Oring

HNBR O-Ring Advantages

YOSON manufactures various HNBR O-rings with multiple advantages, including the following:

  • Mechanically strong
  • Excellent compression set
  • Suitable in steam and water
  • Ranges temperature from -40 °C to +150 °C
  • Ideal for extreme dynamic loads
  • Excellent resistance to different media
  • Can withstand superior heat and oxidation
  • more

HNBR & NBR Differences

The following shows the differences between HNBR and NBR materials utilized for forming various components, like O-rings.

  • Definition: HBNR means hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber, while the NBR is an acrylonitrile and butadiene copolymer.
  • Saturation: NBR has low saturation, while HNBR has very high.
  • Tensile Strength: HNBR has comparatively higher tensile strength than the NBR ones.
  • Applications: NBR is applicable for synthetic rubber products, including O-rings, belts, and hoses. The HNBR is utilized for industrial and automotive applications.
HNBR & NBR Differences

YOSON - Your Trusted HNBR O-Ring Supplier

HNBR Oring

YOSON offers an extensive selection of O-rings made from HNBR material. We manufacture them with excellent resistance to heat, acid gas, oxidations, etc. As a constant manufacturer, we always tend to satisfy our customers with the quality and performance of our O-rings. We expertly customize colors, sizes, and thicknesses according to requirements.

We use advanced automatic equipment to manufacture such valuable components. YOSON also provides OEM and ODM services to our customers worldwide. Including such automotive parts in your business will heighten your sales and customers.

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HNBR Oring

The following defines the preferred environments where HNBR O-rings are effectively used. 

They work well in:

  • Petroleum formed fuel and oil
  • Vegetable oils
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Dilute acids
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Water & steam at about 150ºC
  • Salt compound to neutral temperatures

The HNBR O-ring we manufacture comes with various media resistance, including the following:

  • Motor oil resistance
  • Sour gas resistance
  • Diesel fuel resistance
  • Animal fats resistance
  • Oxidized fuels resistance
  • Lubricating oils resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • other medias

Custom HNBR O-Ring for Various Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

The HNBR O-rings are widely used in the oil and gas industry. It is the most preferred material or HNBR seal design that maximizes O-ring service life, reduces contamination, and achieves extreme efficiency. HNBR O-ring for oil and gas provides resistance to abrasion. 


Machinery designed to take the skies needs HNBR O-rings and seals. Due to the broad and excellent resistance set, the O-rings perform well. YOSON supplies suitable HNBR O-rings required for aerospace and industrial projects. 


The automotive industry mainly utilizes various HNBR O-rings types. They are in demand for this industry as HNBR features flexibility, ease of installation, reasonable cost, and pressure resistance. YOSON is professional enough to manufacture accurate O-rings for automotive applications.

HNBR O-rings Supplier
Your One-Stop HNBR O-Ring Provider

YOSON is your experienced HNBR O-ring manufacturer based in China. Customizing specific O-rings to suit industrial applications is our line of work. We have skilled workers using high technology equipment to ensure the quality of our offered components. Let’s talk about your business now!

  • “Thanks to YOSON for providing our business with best-selling HNBR O-rings constantly. Our requests and bulky orders always arrived with safe and secured packaging. Their services satisfy our needs.”

  • “I, therefore, conclude that YOSON is a real professional. Their team fulfills our necessities, from providing inquiries responses to processing and delivering assistance. I indeed choose YOSON as my continuous business O-ring suppliers.”

  • “We finally received our wholesale ordered HNBR O-rings. Our quantity orders are complete with accurate colors and sizes. Their instant supplied O-rings help improve our business sales and customers. Thank you, YOSON!”

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