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Yoson is a leading industrial seal supplier in china. All our industrial seals are used for automotive applications, construction machines, hydraulic presses, and more.

  • Provide exceptional performance
  • Available in a wide range of materials
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding pressure resistance

Yoson Industrial Seal

Yoson industrial seals have an important role in machine system performance. It is a maintenance component used to block leakage and hold pressure. These defend against contamination at static and dynamic parts. Industrial seals have common types such as a gasket, labyrinth seal, welding, o-ring, etc.

 Yoson offers industrial seal products manufactured with high standard and durable materials. It includes rubbers, plastics, PTFE, thermoplastic elastomers, and more. You can choose the best material based on your needs.

As a professional manufacturer in China, we provide custom industrial seals that can boom your brand. With our proven expertise and capabilities in seal design, materials, rigorous testing, and reliable manufacturing, Yoson offers extensive support to the entire seal product life cycle. Message us now!

YOSON Industrial Seal

Labyrinth Industrial Seal

 A non-contact dynamic mechanical seal. It is composed of interlocking grooves. This creates a winding path in the machine to help prevent leaking. It can be customized according to your specifications.  

Radial shaft seals

Radial shaft seals are also called lip seals. This offers great rigidity to the part when it’s placed in the application. It is used between rotating and stationary machines. This keeps lubrication in place, prevents contamination, and separates two fluids.

Glass-to-Metal Seals

Glass-to-metal seals establish a seal between the glass and metallic parts. They rely on molten glass wetting the metal component during manufacturing. They have an absolute simple design and versatile functions. Found in light bulbs and other electrical devices with vacuum chambers.

Bonded Industrial Seals

Bonded Industrial Seals feature a low bolt torque that allows for simple installation, higher performance levels, liquid, and dust protection, and prevents handling damage. It provides dependable sealing in a broad range of temperatures, both low and high-pressure.

Piston Industrial Seals

Piston Industrial Seals are manufactured from high-grade materials such as nitrile rubber (NBR), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), polyamide (PA), thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU), etc. You can choose the materials based on your specifications. Various designs are perfect for varying operating conditions.

Rotary Industrial Seals

Rotary Industrial Seals are also known as shaft seals or oil seals. It is utilized to shut and seal the space between rotating and stationary parts. They keep oil from leaking. Plus, they ensure that no pollutants pass through the clearance. Shaft seals come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications.

Why Choose YOSON Industrial Seal

Reduced Maintenance
Reduced Maintenance

After perfectly aligned at the exact condition, these custom industrial seals can reduce maintenance, are simply repairable when issues occur and are extremely sturdy. You can totally save money, time, and effort at the same time. Super worthy of your business investment!


Unlike other brand seals, Yoson industrial seals are a cost-effective solution. It offers simpler maintenance, prevents pump breakdowns, and is safer to use. They are also a popular sealing system due to several sustainable advantages.

Zero leakage
Zero Leakage

Custom industrial seals are mainly applicable in blocking pumped waters from leakage. Our professional team makes sure each seal is strictly tested before the final shipping. This is to guarantee zero leakage possibilities when used in your projects.

High Quality
High Quality

All of these customizable seals are offered with high strength, extreme durability, and long service life properties. It has full ability to bear pressure, avoids leaking, and prevents contamination when applied at static attachments (such as screws, entry points and bolts).

Various Types Available

Yoson offers several types of industrial seals; gaskets, o-rings, bellow seals, cartridge seals, labyrinth seals, axial shaft seals, and radial shaft seals. If you are searching for the exact type for your sealing needs, we provide helpful information to help you determine the right type.

  • Gaskets – manufactured from flexible, elastomeric, and consistent material. This type is used to cover space and prevent leaks between the surface of components. It is available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. 
  • Bellow Seals – Used as a strong spring and primary seal for any component interchanging. It can be made of elastomeric metal and plastic material. 
  •  Cartridge Types – This is a self-sufficient, pre-assembled sealing, composed of gland plates, seal, and shaft sleeve. These also enable fast installation. 
  • Axial Shaft Seal – Mostly referred to as face seals, an axial shaft seal is used to prevent leakage and contaminants in the fluid process. These seals have commonly rotated along and placed on the shaft, enabling smooth shaft movement. 
Industrial Seal
Industrial Seal

Industrial Seals Wide Application

Yoson industrial seals come with many advantages, making them perfect for use in different applications and industries. Below, we list the numerous common usage areas/industries that require high-quality sealing.

  • Textile Production Industry – These sealing products are made of high-efficiency polymers. This makes them ideal for persistent air rams spinning and compact rotation. 
  • Cheese Manufacturing Factories –  There are several suitable sealing types to use; energized sealing type, spring sealing type, pneumatic sealing type, and much more. 
  • Automotive Fields – In the automotive industry, industrial seals are typically used in different vehicle units. They work efficiently in preventing possible leakages. 
  • Publishing Corporation – In this certain field, the seals are used in printer machines. They are made from materials such as rubber and polyurethanes. 
  • Agricultural Industry – Industrial seals are typically applied for agricultural and farm machinery. These custom seals act as a protector to any machine. 
  • Concrete Pumping Machines – All the seals used in this equipment have high durability and excellent performance. 

Advantageous Sealing Method

Custom industrial seals are a better sealing technique since they provide multiple advantages, such as:

  • Limited Friction and Power Dissipation – Provided the free-flowing film is used to keep industrial seals moisturized. Coupling with the great spacing between the faces results in far less tension and thus less power dissipation. 
  • Leakage Resistance – Industrial seal’s main purpose is to keep pressurized fluid from leaking. While proper placement and griping can fix errors. 
  • Getting Rid of Extreme Damage – It is possible if the seal is precisely installed. When installed correctly, it helps the equipment be protected in the long run.
  • Lower Maintenance – Make sure to exactly align the seals, at the exact temperature, with zero vibrations. In this case, they can be easily repairable during sudden issues. 
  • Persistent Labor Saving – Due to leak-proof and durable properties, this makes our industrial seals reduce pump error and are simple to maintain. These seals also minimize hazards to operators.
Industrial Seal

Why YOSON is a Trusted Industrial Seals Supplier

o ring

Yoson indeed cares about the industries we work for and the exact industrial seals our business clients mostly need. Regardless of the industry, you’re part of, whether, in the chemical industrial market or the plumbing industry, we can provide all your sealing necessities. We supply leakproof and high durability industrial seals. 

We have earned more than 10 years of professional experience in this business world. Our professional services include customizing your industrial seals according to your desired colors, sizes, and designs. Due to the superb quality, food-grade, and customizable sealing solutions we offer, we have been trusted by many clients from over 120 countries. We have successfully exported our products, including industrial seals to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, Hong Kong, and so on.

 From the design, and production process, up until the delivery period, trust Yoson! We provide OEM services, free design drawings, free samples, free mold opening, zero minimum order quantity, and after-sales services. We are equipped with fully automated manufacturing equipment that helps us provide your custom seal requirements on time. Regardless of your sealing projects, Yoson is your one-stop reliable supplier in China. 

Place orders from us and expect a 7-10 delivery period!

YOSON Medical Seals

Industrial Seal

Yoson chooses excellent quality materials in producing industrial seals. These materials withstand a wide range of challenging operating conditions such as pressure, aggressive chemicals, high temperature, exposure to media, speed, etc. Below are the raw materials we can work with:

  • Rubbers – it is flexible and can be stretched and deflected. This material exhibits excellent resistance to greases, mineral oils, or other media. 
  • Thermoplastic elastomers – good for manufacturing industrial seals. Yoson high-grade polyurethanes (TPU) offer low compression set and tear strength, outstanding wear resistance, pressure, and abrasion resistance.
  • PTFE – Polytetrafluoroethylene material can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and aggressive chemicals. It also endures dry running conditions.
Industrial Seal

Yoson develops the most suitable sealing products that withstand various elements such as aggressive chemicals, speed, pressure, and high temperature. No matter what your industrial seal applications, Yoson can provide specifically-designed products to match your requirements. 

We supply products for industries that need dependable sealing solutions for reciprocating, rotating, dynamic, static applications, etc. You can request full customization for your orders to satisfy your specific needs.

Choose the design, sizes, colors, and features according to your brand. We are glad to support the initial design, prototype, production, shipping, and after-sales service of your industrial seal orders. 

Custom Industrial Seal to Boom Your Business

Custom Hydraulic Industrial Seals

Custom hydraulic seals perform both dynamic and static sealing. Hydraulic industrial seals include guide rings, O-rings, wiper seals, rods, buffer seals, and piston seals. Our team carefully designed this product utilizing advanced simulation software. It’s either molded or machined based on your request.

Fluid Handling Industrial Seals

Fluid handling industrial seals are manufactured under stringent regulatory compliance. These products maintain a high sealing performance. Deliver minimum friction and wear. We can customize any type of fluid handling seal for specific applications, sizes, dimensions, designs, etc.

Custom Machined Industrial Seals

Custom machined industrial seals are made from advanced materials to suit a broad range of applications. Our team creates the most robust seals on the market that can skyrocket your brand. You can benefit from our unparalleled expertise in fabricating seals and lubrication for reciprocating systems.

Power Transmission Seals

Yoson manufactures all types of industrial seals for power transmission applications. Whether you need industrial seals for small or large-size wind turbines or high-speed machines, we can provide durable sealing solutions for your business.

Industrial Seal Manufacturer
One-Stop Industrial Seal Supplier in China

YOSON has more than 10 years of industrial seal manufacturing experience in China. We provide a one-stop solution for all standards and custom industrial seals suitable for various applications. Cost-effective, mass production, no minimum order quantity. Contact us today!

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