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Yoson has over 15 years of experience manufacturing custom and standard PTFE encapsulated o rings. These o rings are designed to withstand extreme conditions. It provides dependable sealing as well as high resistance to corrosive media.

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YOSON Diaphragm Gasket

PTFE encapsulated O-Rings integrate the sealing qualities of a rubber O-ring with the chemical strength of Teflon PTFE. They are typically made of silicone rubber and encapsulated in a thin moulded layer of Teflon FEP/PFA. This creates a one-of-a-kind seal that is popular in high-friction and harsh industrial uses. Our PTFE encapsulated O-rings are vulnerable to organic solvent and chemicals. Available in many designs, sizes, colors, and other specifications.

Among the leading factories in China, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our development and manufacturing. Our o ring’s upper temperature, pressure, and design speed are assured by extensive testing. We can provide you with free design to test the quality.

PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Features


Our PTFE encapsulated o ring is made with high-quality composites. They are useful in applications requiring high temperatures and pressure.

Tight Sealing
Tight Sealing

Under extreme pressures of 35 BARS, our PTFE encapsulated o ring offers excellent tight sealing. Ideal for a variety of industrial fields.


Because PTFE o-rings are FDA-approved, they can be used in the pharmaceutical sector, food slicers, mixing devices, hygienic engine seals, and other applications.


They are lubricant-compatible and can operate in abrasive or dry media. PTFE o-rings are commonly used in industries such as submersible pumps.

Why Choose Our PTFE Encapsulated O Rings?

PTFE encapsulated o-rings offer excellent resistance properties with the compression and recovery features of traditional epoxies. As a result, encapsulated o-rings provide the perfect blend in sealing. They also have good insulation properties, low contact pressure, adaptability, temperature resistance, high hardness, and little moisture permeability. These o-rings are recommended because they outdo typical elastomeric o-rings in extreme conditions across a large temperature range.

If you need to order bulk for your applications, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why Choose Our PTFE Encapsulated O Rings
The Right Encapsulated O-Ring for You

The Right Encapsulated O-Ring for You

The correct encapsulated o-ring will be determined by the application’s particular criteria. YOSON stocks encapsulated o-rings in all AS568 standard dimensions. Custom sizes, as well as o-rings with rectangular, oval, and square cross-sectional profiles, are available upon request.

If you require a custom solution, speak with one of our technical sales representatives.

Advantages of Our PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

Encapsulated O-rings have good adhesion to almost all types of media, as evidenced by the description of the materials. They can operate at a variety of temperatures and are made of FDA-approved materials to meet food and drug applications.

Because of their non-contaminating content, they are ideal for use in areas where sanitation is required. They are also a perfect option for the petrochemical industry because of their chemical resistance. The mixture of elastomer-like versatility and PTFE-like toughness gives our encapsulated O-rings distinct benefits over traditional of seals.

Advantages of Our PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

Why Choose YOSON As Your PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Supplier

Why Choose YOSON As Your PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Supplier
Why Choose YOSON As Your PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Supplier

Yoson is a highly qualified manufacturer you can rely on if you’re searching for a one-stop sealing solution provider in China. Whatever you require, we have extensive experience in reliability, innovation, and designing PTFE encapsulated o rings that deliver dependable performance in specific applications.

Yoson can also make custom PTFE encapsulated o rings based on your required specifications. You can clearly state your own unique ideas, design, and custom labels for brand recognition. Along with our professional team, we can meet each client’s specific needs, from the choice of materials to design structures.

Common Applications

Yoson PTFE encapsulated o rings have high temperature range, making them ideal for weather-resistant applications as well as applications involving thermal and electrical insulation. You can find encapsulated o-rings used for:

  • flanges
  • swivels
  • valve stems
  • pumps
  • cryogenic seals
  • turbo pumps
  • waterless fracking
  • turbo expanders
  • joints, etc
When You Need PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

PTFE is unreactive with a good level of ductility, making it ideal for dry application areas or fluids that are extremely aggressive. But it has a wide temperature range which may be too hot for standard materials such as polyurethane and nitrile.

When higher pressures are required in standard o-ring applications, it is a common and effective backup resource. PTFE is not always the best choice, but when heat, tension, and caustic fluids control out elastomers, PTFE can frequently fill the void.

Whether you need them for pneumatic, medical, and hydraulic applications, choose Yoson as your supplier!

Custom PTFE Encapsulated O Rings for Any Industry


In the fluid and gases industry, the PTFE encapsulated o rings are used to avoid leaking. They are commonly found in:

  • valves
  • connectors
  • pumps
  • cylinders

Yoson can customize encapsulated o rings for different automotive parts, including:

  • fuel pumps
  • engine
  • steering system
  • suspension system

Different sizes and forms of encapsulated o rings are used in food processing machinery. These custom-made o rings provide tight sealing and high protection against elastomeric environments and contaminations.

Leading PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Manufacturer in China
Leading PTFE Encapsulated O Rings Manufacturer in China

YOSON Offer Customized Solutions For Your PTFE Encapsulated O Rings. We Have 15+ Years Of Experience. Partner With Us!

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