PTFE Lip Seal Manufacturer in China

With more than 15 years of experience, Yoson offers custom and standard sizes of PTFE lip seals with numerous PTFE materials options. Our PTFE lip seal is manufactured to resist harsh conditions, suitable for rotary applications.

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    Yoson PTFE Lip Seal

    PTFE lip seal also called rotary shaft seal is designed to withstand high pressures, high temperatures, harsh environments, and dry running. Most of the PTFE components are FDA approved. Yoson provides food-grade PTFE lip seals available in many designs, sizes, and other specifications.

    As one of the leading PTFE lip seal manufacturers in China, we always find better ways to enhance our design and production. Upper limits in temperature, pressure and speed of our PTFE lip seal are guaranteed through rigorous testing. We can provide free design for you to check the quality.

    Spring Energized PTFE Lip Seal

    Yoson energized PTFE lip seal is mainly used in applications where elastomeric seals can’t exceed temperature, frictional, chemical, or pressure requirements.

    Standard PTFE Double Lip Seal

    The standard PTFE double lip seal involves two primary parts: elastomer to seal the housing bore and cylindrical cover. They guarantee excellent sealing performance.

    PTFE Rotary Shaft Oil Seal

    Yoson PTFE rotary shaft oil seal can work well in different temperature variations. They have outstanding moisture resistance and good tensile strength.

    PTFE Single Lip Oil Seal

    These seals have special features to offer such as heat-resistant, oil-resistant, alkaline, and acid-resistant. They can be available in numerous seal types like SC, TC, TG, etc.

    Grease Seal PTFE Lip

    Most grease seal PTFE lip is widely used for all industries such as motor, truck, tractor, gearbox, crankshaft, oil pump, screw compressor, and many more.

    PTFE Oil Seal Left Rotation

    The PTFE oil seal left rotation is available in single or double lip options. They can be worked in various environments that require low and high pressure.

    PTFE Lip Seal Advantage

    Tight Sealing
    Tight Sealing

    Our PTFE lip seal provides excellent tight sealing under 35 BARS of maximum pressure. It makes them ideal for different industrial applications.


    They are compatible with any lubricants and capable to work in abrasive or dry media. Industries like screw compressors mostly use PTFE seals.


    Because PTFE seals are FDA-approved, they are suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry, food saws, mixing equipment, hygienic motor seals, etc.


    Our PTFE lip seal is manufactured from high-quality raw materials. They can work well in applications that require high temperature and pressure.

    PTFE Lip Seal Availability and Size Range

    Most of our PTFE lip seals are made to order to match every application. There are PTFE lip seals designed with a metal case. They are available in the single lip, one-way dual lip seals, and two-way dual lip seals. They are both dust and oil-resistant. The standard sizes of Yoson PTFE lip seals are:

    • 6mm-200mm shaft diameter
    • 16mm-230mm bore diameter

    Standard and custom PTFE lip seals are manufactured to suit metric gland and inch geometries. Contact us for more information about the sizes and designs.

    PTFE Lip Seal Availability and Size Range
    PTFE Lip Seal Benefits

    PTFE Lip Seal Benefits

    1. PTFE lip seals are capable to operate at temperatures below or far above elastomer rubber lip seals. They have excellent tolerance to temperatures ranging from -53 °C to 232 °C.
    2. The exterior diameter of the seal has an elastomer coating that makes them easy to install without mating hardware damage.
    3. PTFE lip seal from Yoson is available in numerous materials, sizes, and custom designs.
    4. Dormant to most chemicals.
    5. Resist maximum speed of 35 m/s.
    6. Provides low friction and can address vibration and rotating equipment for longer life.

    PTFE Lip Seal Application Scope

    Yoson manufactures a wide range of PTFE lip seals that can withstand -53 °C to 232 °C temperature ranges. They are suitable for the following applications:

    • Turbine Engines, Diesel Engines
    • Compressors, Pumps
    • Robotics
    • Food Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing
    • Blowers and Mixers
    • Manufacturing
    PTFE Lip Seal Application Scope

    Yoson – Your Trusted PTFE Lip Seal Supplier

    company advantage ptfe lip seal
    Yoson – Your Trusted PTFE Lip Seal Supplier

    If you’re looking for a one-stop sealing solution provider in China, Yoson is a professional manufacturer you can trust. No matter what you need, we have rich experience in quality, innovation, and designing PTFE lip seal that delivers reliable performance in unique applications.

    Yoson can also supply custom PTFE lip seals as per the customer’s special request. You can specify your unique ideas, design, as well as custom labels for your branding. Yoson can meet the unique requirements of each client, from material selection to designing configurations.

    YOSON PTFE Lip Seal

    Production Process

    For the PTFE lip seal production, Yoson owns advanced manufacturing equipment such as:

    • CNC Milling
    • Automatic Punching,
    • Water Jet Cutting
    • CNC Turning

    Our modern and advanced technology enables us to be your ideal business partner. Yoson is eagerly looking forward to your inquiry, from small to large quantities.

    Manufacturing Options

    Depending on the PTFE material, the following fabrication methods are available:

    • Lathing: Till 3000mm x 500mm
    • Milling: Till 450mm x 320mm x 170mm
    • Waterjet Cutting: Till 3000mm x 2000mm x 10mm
    • Stamping: Till 2000mm x 1150mm x 3mm

    Please send us your design!

    Yoson PTFE Lip Seal in Different Industries


    The PTFE lip seal is widely utilized in the air compressor market. Yoson has been a leading supplier to the major air compressor brand for more than 10 years, where they replace carbon face seals and rubber lips which are easy to leak.


    Yoson PTFE lip seal is great for aerospace applications. mainly are turbine engines, APUs (Auxiliary Power Units), fuel pumps, generators & alternators, RATs (Ram Air Turbines), and flap actuators.


    Our PTFE lip seals are great to operate in the most challenging applications in cam seals, fuel pumps, distributors, and crankshafts. These are widely used in most industries where engines are often driven to their limits.

    Screw Compressors

    The PTFE lip seals have the ability to work at 1000 RPM to 6000 RPM with numerous lubricants. They provide outstanding leak control and are accessible in different sizes for use in screw compression industries.

    PTFE Lip Seal in China
    Trusted PTFE Lip Seal Manufacturer in China

    With 10+ years’ experience, we can offer customized solutions for your PTFE lip seal needs. Skyrocket your business with Yoson!

    • In our company, we always want to have enough supply of different sealings to have some spare parts available in stock. That’s why we choose Yoson as our partners in providing us a quality sealings with fast delivery services.

    • In our biotech company, we have some motors and machines need to operate, and as a purchaser for our company, I need to choose the right supplier of our sealing needs. Till we tried to order on Yoson. I have been amazed to the quality of their sealing as we experience now a smooth operation because of the new sealing from Yoson.

    • We are one of the local suppliers and resellers of different kinds of sealings here in our city. Until we found Yoson as our main supplier, they offer the wide and complete variety of sealings with good quality. Now, 40% of our sealing products are from Yoson Seals.

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