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YOSON is your experienced manufacturer and service provider of custom PTFE O-ring components. We responsibly provide different sizes, colors, and thicknesses, depending on your requests. You can also trust our satisfying services, as we have supplied more than 120 countries worldwide for a long time.

  • Chemically compatible
  • Reaches FDA & USDA standards
  • Extreme moisture resistant
  • Good cryogenic strength
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    YOSON PTFE O-rings are mechanical seals formed with a ring shape using PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) materials. These materials are also accessible in different grades, including PFA and FEP. The mentioned composition of O-rings is tetrafluoroethylene polymer, composed of fluorine or chlorine. YOSON manufacturers PTFE-made O-rings with different dimensions to suit various usages. 

    Our offered high-quality O-rings are customized according to your necessities. We are using automatic machines to process your requested PTFE O-rings. As your constant supplier, we can provide a series of O-ring components without minimum order quantity. Including these in-demand products indeed boosts your business.

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    High Security PTFE O-Ring

    The High-security PTFE O-ring features a hardness range of 20-90 Shore A. Plus, their sizes and color are customizable according to your particular applications. Its tolerance capacity passes ISO2768-M.

    PTFE Double-Acting O-Ring

    PTFE double-Acting O-ring can withstand a minimum temperature of less than 30-degrees Celcius and 100-degrees Celcius at maximum. It is available in various color options and installation dimensions.

    PTFE Encapsulated O-Ring

    The PTFE encapsulated O-ring is ideal for applications where oil is present since it possesses a resistance property against corrosive oils. It is available in standard and customized sizes as per requests.

    High-Temperature PTFE O-Ring

    A high-temperature PTFE O-ring can be beneficial in an application where anti-slip, shock resistance, and added protection are crucial.

    PTFE Low Friction O-Ring

    The PTFE low friction O-ring is ideal in procedures with 35 to +200 degrees Celcius. It has a 90-95 ShoreA hardness specification. A  wide array of product dimensions and color options are readily available.

    Food Grade PTFE Sealing Ring

    A food-grade PTFE sealing ring is beneficial in procedures where consumables are present such as vending and coffee machine manufacturing. Each round tested and passed the RoHS certification.

    Why Choose YOSON PTFE O-RING

    Corrosion Resistance
    Corrosion Resistance

    PTFE is the best possible material to choose in applications where caustic or corrosive chemicals are present. PTFE O-ring is resistant to nearly all chemical agents. Thus, it is ideal for most demanding utilization.


    Extensive service durations in hazardous situations have occurred in a variety of applications. In this scenario, PTFE can be of great help. The PTFE chemical resistance feature tops that of typical elastomers.

    Wide Temperature Range
    Wide Temperature Range

    Among other elastomer options on the market, PTFE can be suitable for applications with temperatures ranging from -325°F to +500°F. As a result, PTFE is an excellent option for cryogenics treatments and more.

    Chemical Resistance
    Chemical Resistance

    Carbon-fluorine bonds are the main component of PTFE, which is the strongest single bond in organic chemistry. Hence, it is chemically stable and highly weatherable and has resistance to water and abrasion.

    How PTFE O-Ring Works

    Like typical O-rings, PTFE-made ones seal the mating surface of two components. They are applicable for pipes, hoses, and more fluid-carrying passages. Because the O-rings are ring-shaped, they can slip on cylindrical flows easily. Various usages, specifically the hoses, feature a groove designed for PTFE O-rings application. This groove ensures the O-rings position.

    Moreover, the PTFE O-rings are designed with gas, heat, and water resistance, making them withstand pressure. They also characterized flexibility that expands to prevent media leakages. YOSON customizes precise O-ring measurements to suit your particular usages.

    1 PTFE O ring
    2 PTFE O ring

    PTFE O-Ring Benefits

    Compared to other O-rings, the Teflon-made ones provide more extreme heat resistance. They can handle a maximum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit without losing their performance. Also, the PTFE-made O-rings create minimal friction. Because PTFE materials feature softness and elasticity, they are ideal for liquid-carrying passages applications. 

    Consider also the additional advantages of PTFE O-rings:

    • UV-protected and ageless
    • Moisture-proof
    • Explosive decompression unsusceptible
    • Electric resistant and dielectric strength

    PTFE O-Ring Available Customization

    YOSON customizes O-rings from different materials that are in demand in seal markets. But we specialize in using virgin PTFE materials, which have limited sizes that adhere to AS568B standard numbers. We customize the following factors:

    • Accurate Sizing: We customize PTFE O-rings using machined sizes. Custom cross-section sizes are made-to-order for easy squeezing and compression adjustments.
    • Pressure Customization: A thicker cross-section is needed to enhance sealing performance in high-pressure conditions. While for low-pressure states, less than typical O-rings achieve application needs.
    3 PTFE O ring

    Your One-Stop PTFE/Teflon O-Ring Supplier in China

    PTFE O ring
    PTFE O ring

    The PTFE-made O-rings are also known as Teflon O-rings. They are a material type that characterizes incredible versatility, making them ideal for most industries. YOSON can be your constant PTFE/Teflon O-ring business supplier. We manufacture O-ring component specifications according to particular applications. As your business partner, we provide your needed PTFE O-rings or seals instantly as you order.

    We accommodate and prioritize your requested design or drawings during the production. With our professional manufacturer utilizing the advanced machine, we ensure the accurate O-ring feature and capacity you need. Don’t hesitate to message us for more inquiries and assistance. We have full-time sales staff, always ready to entertain your emails.

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    PTFE O ring

    Aside from O-rings, we also manufacture different components for various applications using PTFE materials. The products we supply include the following:

    • Backups
    • Plugs
    • Wear rings
    • Spacers
    • Rollers
    • Quad rings
    • Rod buffer seals
    • Piston seals
    • more
    PTFE O ring

    The following techniques are generally used for various O-rings made from different materials, including PTFE. The level of performance and specifications depends on O-ring applications.

    • Extrusion: A process of die-shaped opening. The material used is cut into specific lengths using automated equipment.
    • Injection Molding: The molten PTFE is injected into the mold and forms a specific O shape
    • Pressure Molding: The polymer material, including the Teflon, is preheated into the mold. The close mold is applied with pressure and heat until the material has been restored.
    • Transfer Molding: The transfer molding technique fills the cavity using suitable higher pressure.

    Custom PTFE O-RING for Various Applications


    The electronics industry benefits well from PTFE-made O-rings. They are also used for different wirings, as PTFE materials have dielectric properties. With such valuable features, they are typically suitable for most electrical applications. YOSON provides O-rings with accurate sizes to suit specific usages.


    The O-rings made from PTFE material are beneficial in various vehicle types. They apply for car components and heavy machinery parts. The PTFE materials used for O-ring products can withstand chemical exposure, high pressure, and high temperatures-the conditions that vehicles typically encounter.


    Various tools and instruments for medical applications utilize PTFE-made O-rings. It helps prevalent fluid cross-contamination and leakages. PTFE materials are suitable for such medical crucial devices as they adhere to FDA standards. The tools that use the O-rings include syringes, connectors, pumps, filtration instruments, etc.

    Your Constant PTFE O-RING Provider

    YOSON is your expert manufacturer that provides PTFE sealing components. Our extensive manufacturing experience indeed helps develop even your starting business. We have design and sales service departments that manage every manufacturing process until delivery. Choose our satisfying services now!

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    • “Our requested PTFE O-ring arrived on our end in good condition. The YOSON service sales provide us with our needed assistance in choosing the right O-ring. Plus, the O-rings are packaged well and arrive earlier than expected.”

    • “We have been looking everywhere for a dependable O-ring manufacturer that produces our needed O-ring at a reasonable price. We are glad to find YOSON. Our business is now enjoying a boost in sales after marketing their supplied PTFE O-ring.” 

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