PTFE V Packing Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a reliable PTFE V packing manufacturer. These are beneficial to different business sectors, such as in food processing industry, chemical industry, and oil & gas industry.

  • Used for harsh sealing environment
  • High performance and flexibility
  • Different hardness available
  • Customizable based on your requirements
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    YOSON PTFE V Packing

    PTFE V packings, also known as chevron packings, are made up of male and female seals that establish a set used for sealing mostly in presence of fluid in static, friction, and rotational implementations.

    As a reliable supplier, we can create custom PTFE V packing for your company or projects. You can send us your design, color, or size specifications, and we will produce custom v packings using automatic production machinery. To meet your diverse needs, YOSON also has no minimum purchase requirements.

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    Braided Compression PTFE Packing

    Braided compression PTFE packings are seals used as a liner for rubber hoses or stainless steel braided hoses. These seals have great flexibility and resistance.

    White PTFE V Packing

    The white PTFE v packings are cost-effective sealing solutions that are both low maintenance yet very durable. They prevent color contamination and corrosion.

    Hydraulic VEE Packing

    The hydraulic VEE packing is intended to seal centrifugal, static, and reciprocating applications. They can increase temperature range compatibility and flexibility.

    High Pressure PTFE V Packing

    High pressure PTFE V packing is made out of virgin, modified PTFE. They are made to meet demanding application demands. It has great chemical resistance.

    PTFE Bronze V Packing Seals

    We made PTFE bronze v packing seals with great electrical insulation and dielectric durability. These are extremely non-adhesive and weatherable.

    Virgin PTFE V Packing

    The virgin PTFE V packing is perfect for use in critical environments with temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 300 °C. It is made from virgin grade PTFE.

    PTFE V Packing Features


    Yoson manufactures customizable v packings from nontoxic materials. It is long-lasting.

    Easy to Fit
    Easy to Fit

    For your applications, the v packing rings have stretchable features to meet your needs.

    Great Resistance
    Great Resistance

    Comes with great resistance against fuels, organic solvents, oil, acidic media, and more.

    High Performance
    High Performance

    All pieces have excellent quality and performance. Much better than other brand sealing.


    Yoson manufactures PTFE V packing from different qualified materials. The right for you will depend on your application. Material options include:

    • carbon fiber-filled PTFE
    • glass PTFE
    • modified PTFE
    • Virgin PTFE
    • PEEK
    • or combination

    We can also provide NORSOK M710 and API 6A certified materials for your orders.

    Common Applications for V Packing

    Common Applications for V Packing

    • Best suited for abrasive media and applications where contamination and leakage are not tolerated.
    • Rotary and reciprocating pumps, washer journals, liquor pumps, and refiners are all used in chemical industries and pulp and paper mills.
    • High-performance packing is well-suited for applications where graphite impregnation is not an option.

    Benefits for Your Application

    When preferred for your industrial application, they bring several benefits such as:

    • Modifies PTFE tape and addresses tape-related issues.
    • Will not freeze over time and will not clog the control valve or pumps.
    • From -400°F to +550°F, it will not degrade.
    • It can withstand pressures of up to 10,000 psi and vacuums of 10(-3) torr.
    • It adheres actively to threads and cannot be suddenly dislocated, making it particularly useful in difficult-to-reach areas.
    • Non-hazardous, non-toxic, odorless, and chemical resistant.
    • NSF-certified for use in food processing plants.

    Choose Yoson to custom v packing to offer numerous advantages for your business and projects.

    Benefits for Your Application

    Why Choose YOSON for your Custom PTFE V Packing

    Why Choose YOSON for your Custom PTFE V Packing
    Why Choose YOSON for your Custom PTFE V Packing (2)

    YOSON is a reputable PTFE V packing manufacturer dedicated to designing, development, manufacturing, and sales. All of our seals have distinct advantages, such as relatively low torque for emission reduction, cost-effectiveness, and durability. To guarantee greater performance, these seals can dissolve temperature, harmonics, and shock loads.

    We designed and manufactured high-quality PTFE V packing using our in-house factory equipment. You can be confident that these seals will enhance the general performance of your system assembly project. We can also make them customized to your specifications.

    Send us your specifications right away!

    Main Features of Our Custom V Packing

    Yoson supplies PTFE V packing rings with excellent features, including:

    • Excellent tension resistance and high stiffness even at high temperatures
    • Simple to cut and fit, great processability
    • Lower thermal expansion and chemical stability
    • Excellent chemical resistance, especially in acidic media
    • Outstanding resistance to organic solvents, oil, and fuel sources
    YOSON Custom Services

    YOSON provides non-standard and adaptable PTFE v packing to meet the needs of your application. Customized v packing made of great PTFEs is available through our customization services.

    YOSON offers a variety of v packing configurations and materials. It also has an extendable case to meet your needs.

    You can customize your designs or drawings by sending them to us. Contact our experts and staff for assistance!

    Custom PTFE V Packing for Industries

    Oil & Gas Field

    Custom V packing rings are made of high-purity PTFE. This material helps the rings withstand low friction and excellent chemical resistance. The v packing used in this industry is designed to withstand high temperatures, aggressive environments, and extreme pressures.

    Chemical Industry

    Teflon or PTFE packings can be used for shaft gaskets in the chemical industry. The packings are also used in various types of valves and pumping systems depending on the mechanism. They are vastly preferred because they help stop fluid leaking in high-pressure conditions and various chemical damages.

    Food Processing Industry

    PTFE V packings can be used to block reactions or leakage of materials used in the food processing sectors. These packing rings are highly durable, of excellent quality, long-lasting, and have corrosion resistance.

    Trusted PTFE V Packing Factory in China
    Trusted PTFE V Packing Factory in China

    We are a Professional Supplier of PTFE V Packing Seals. All Pieces Have Durability, Excellent Quality, and Chemical Resistance. Partner With Us!

    • “YOSON is my reliable supplier of high-quality PTFE V Packing with a competitive advantage for my project applications. Thank you very much, YOSON! ”

    • “YOSON is a highly regarded PTFE V Packing supplier with good chemical resistance.” It’s a perfect fit for my machine. They also allow me to personalize my information.”

    • “My customers praised the long-lasting and high-quality PTFE V Packing. I was very impressed with their services and after-sales assistance.”

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