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YOSON is a professional manufacturer of quad rings that use for static and dynamic applications. It is a double-acting four lip seal also known as X-rings. Our quad rings are available in a wide range of elastomer compounds.

  • Provides higher sealing efficiency
  • Offers lower friction
  • Suitable for sealing a range
  • Has a great retention lubrication

YOSON Quad Ring

As a professional manufacturer of quad rings, we always ensure to provide advanced technologically sealing capabilities to surpass the standard of O-rings. Our quad ring provides leak protections to avoid spiral twists due to its innovative design and to utilize the parting lines between the lobes rather than sealing the surface.

Our quad rings provide longer seal life and offer less maintenance which is suitable for your applications. It is designed to withstand the extrusion and distortion caused by pulsating pressure. The quad ring uses a narrower groove which is comfortable uses.

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YOSON Quad Ring


Good resistance to oil, water, solvent and high pressure oil, good compression, abrasion resistance and elongation, heat resistance, benzene resistance and aging resistance.


Heat-resistant 150 degrees, chemical resistance, corrosion-resistant X-seals, not oil-resistant, resistant to a wide range of media, including polar solvents.


Heat-resistant 250 degrees, oil resistance in general, not wear-resistant, can do FDA food-grade silicone testing standards, tasteless and non-toxic


Heat-resistant 240 degrees, the highest temperature can reach 300 degrees, good oil resistance, wear resistance, high pressure chemical resistance.


Heat resistance 120 degrees, outstanding oil resistance, abrasion resistance, low temperature resistance, high hardness and high modulus


Heat resistance 120 degrees, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, good low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, good water resistance

Quad Ring Advantages

Longer Seal Life
Longer Seal Life

Our quad ring offers longer seal life. It provides less friction due to the four-lobe design which means sealing well lasts longer. The quad ring seal is installed to operate and provides less maintenance.

No Parting Line Sealing Surface
No Parting Line Sealing Surface

YOSON quad ring has no parting lines sealing surface. Meaning the seal parting lines of our quad ring are parting lines that lie between the lobes away from the sealing surface.

Avoid Spiral Twist
Avoid Spiral Twist

The quad ring can avoid spiral twists. The seal of the quad ring has four-lobed configurations which are designed to withstand extrusion and distortion caused by high pressure.

High Quality Sealing
High Quality Sealing

We manufactured a quad ring that offers high quality sealing principle. The initial sealing of the quad ring is achieved by the diametrical squeeze in a right-angle groove. This means that the system pressure creates a positive sealing force.

Quad Ring Seal Benefits

We manufactured a quad ring that offers different features when using it. It can provide four direct points to support your applications. The four-lobed design of our quad ring can help to secure the seal to counteract spiral twisting. Quad ring benefits include:

  • Offers excellent sealing efficiency
  • Provide longer service life
  • Due to low friction, it provides less wear
  • Enhanced rolling resistant
  • For dynamics applications, it can provide increased stability
  • Can improve startup using lubricant reservoir
Quad Ring Seal Benefits
Quad ring factors

Different Quad Ring Factors for Static and Non-Rotary Dynamics Applications

Our quad rings are used for a wide range of applications including static and Non-rotary applications. Below are the following factors to consider:

  • Cross-section
  • Clearance
  • Groove dimension
  • Grove with
  • Percent Gland Fill
  • To calculate the seal squeeze
  • To detail the groove
  • Calculate the seal stretch and more.

YOSON Quad Ring Features

Our quad ring offers four definitive sealing features including:

  • Offers great lubrication retention. The grooves on the inside and outside diameter of the quad ring retain lubricant, meaning the quad ring can lower the friction and help to extend seal life.
  • Less compression force to seal.YOSSON quad ring has a multi-lobed design to provide more sealing surfaces. Less squeeze is required by the use of the quad ring to provide an effective seal, offer Less friction, reduce downtime, and increase service.
  • Hidden parting lines. The hidden parting line is the excess material where the compression mold tool comes together. The hidden line in a quad ring is on the inside of the two outer lobes meaning it does not affect the sealing lips.
  • More stable in dynamic applications. We manufactured a quad ring the commonly used for dynamics applications. It is more resistant to rolling in a wider footprint and takes up the corners of the groove.
Quad ring features

YOSON – Trusted Quad Ring Manufacturer in China

YOSON – Trusted Quad Ring Manufacturer in China (1)

As a trusted Supplier of quad rings, we can offer standard or specialized quad rings. We manufactured the quad rings from planning, designing, and fabricating just to meet your different requirements. Our team uses advanced technology to make the best and most durable quality quad rings. Meaning that we design quad rings to eliminate the problem of leakage from the result of parting lines on irregular surfaces.

As proven experts to manufactured quad rings, we always have the quality and standard to meet your performance requirements. We also offer customized including the size and colors.

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YOSON Quad Ring

Quad Ring X ring (1)

Our quad ring offers different elastomer options including the following below:

  • Fluorosilicone
  • Neoprene/chloroprene
  • Silicone
  • Viton/fluorocarbon
  • Atlas
  • Buna/Nitrile
  • Butyl
  • Ethylene-propylene (EPDM)
o ring

YOSON quad ring can provide different color options. It has numerous advanced qualities and designs to provide enhanced protection. It offers a unique spiral twist design that allows to improve operational quality and gives long-life service. Below are considered the following color we offer:

  • Blue (Fluorosilicone)
  • Rust/Orange (Silicone)
  • Custom Colors Offered
  • Black (Neoprene, Butyl, Aflas, Viton, EPDM, Nitrile)
  • Brown (Viton)

Custom Quad Ring to Skyrocket Your Business

Custom Quad Ring

We manufactured custom quad rings that are available in a different colors, sizes, and designs. It is oil resistant, wear-resistant, high and low-temperature resistant, and many more.

Customized Molding Quad Ring

YOSON provides customized molding quad ring that offers low friction, high abrasion, free of a stick or slip, etc. It is commonly used for mobile hydraulics, machine tools, material handling equipment, and more.

Profile Shape Nitrile Quad Ring

The profile shape nitrile quad ring is available in custom-made, standard, full size, and large stock sizes. We provide customize profile shape rings depending on to fit your applications.

X-Shaped Quad Ring Seal

Our X-shaped quad ring seal is resistant to heat, UV, fatigue, aging, and friction. It helps to eliminate the tendency to roll in the groove and can create a positive sealing force.

Enhance your Business with YOSON Quad Ring
Enhance your Business with YOSON Quad Ring

YOSON is the number source of the quad rings for your business.  We manufactured a quad ring that uses for static and dynamic applications. It provides higher seal efficiency and lowers friction. Our quad ring offers customized design, fast delivery, low MOQ, high quality, after-sales service, and affordable price.

  • “Thank you so much YOSON for giving me a chance to use your quad ring. It is very easy to plugin and can help to prevent leaks, water-resistant, heat resistant, and more. I will give you five stars for you and your team.”

  • “Your quad ring helps me to enhance my business. It provides enhanced leak protection, can avoid spiral twists, and provides less friction. Thank you so much YOSSON.”

  • “For many years that I purchase your product including quad rings, it helps me to increase the stability especially when I use in dynamics application. Thank you for giving me an affordable price, low MOQ, and fast delivery. I will you choose you always YOSON.”

X ring

X ring is the most commonly used seal in hydraulic cylinder, it is a typical lip seal, whether used for piston or piston rod can get a good sealing effect.

As the pressure rises, the elastic deformation of the lip increases, the tensile, compressive and bending stresses increase, the radial compression force of the X ring automatically becomes larger, and the length of contact with the sealing surface increases until the entire axial length of the X-ring is in contact with the sealing surface, thus ensuring a good seal under high pressure sealing.

Principle of action

X ring is a double-action seal with its own elastic sealing capability. The initial installation of the pre-compression generated by the radial or axial The sealing function is achieved by superimposing the contact stress in the radial or axial direction with the system pressure.

The superimposed sealing force increases as the system pressure increases. Under pressure, X ring acts like a fluid with high surface tension. like a fluid with high surface tension. The pressure is transmitted evenly to all sides.

X ring Quad Ring


Quad Ring are used in a wide range of applications, but are mainly used for dynamic seals, but their use is limited by pressure and speed.

X ring groove size

Applications of Dynamic Seals

For sealing pistons, piston rods, and plungers in reciprocating motion.

For sealing shafts or mandrels in oscillating, rotating or spiral motion.

Static Seal Applications

To seal radially stationary parts, such as sleeves, end caps, tubes.

To seal axially stationary parts, such as flanges, covers, etc.

Working Parameters

Dynamic seal.

Reciprocating motion: ≤5Mpa No gear ring: ≤30Mpa Use gear ring.

Rotary motion: ≤5Mpa using gear ring.

Static seal: ≤5MPa No gear ring: ≤40Mpa using the gear ring.

Working speed

Reciprocating motion: ≤0.5m/s.

Rotational motion: ≤2m/s [2] .

Temperature range

(depending on the material and medium).

Usual application: -30℃~110℃.

Special materials: -30℃~200℃.

Rotational motion: -30°C to 80°C.


By choosing materials with different characteristics, it is basically possible to time the sealing of all liquids, gases and chemicals.

Can be selected according to different fluids: there are butyl cyanide rubber (NBR), fluorine rubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), chloroprene rubber (CR), butyl rubber (BU), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), natural rubber (NR), etc.


Wire diameter 0.3mm-16.2 mm; ID1.45mm-1044mm; Complete :C/S 0.3mm-16.2 mm; ID1.45mm-1044mm



40°-90°Shore A

Quad Ring X ring

How to choose X ring?

If the diameter of the shaft or hole is known, the appropriate quad rings is selected based on the following guidelines.

Static seal or reciprocating linear motion.

Seals for bores

The inner diameter size of quad rings should be compatible with the groove, or less than about 2% of the groove bottom diameter size. Because the pre-compression generated by the pre-compression force can effectively prevent the X ring-shaped seal from twisting and tumbling.

Shaft seal

The inner diameter size of quad rings should be equal to or appropriately larger than the outer diameter size of the shaft by about 0.2 to 0.3mm, or about 1% larger relative to the outer diameter size of the shaft. As a result, the seal will be easier to install, while obtaining a longer service life.

By using suitable rubber materials and appropriate formula design, effective sealing of oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media is achieved. Wide range of temperature use (- 60 ℃ ~ + 220 ℃), the pressure can reach 1500Kg/cm2 for fixed use ( with reinforcing ring).

Can be selected according to different fluids: butyl cyanide rubber (NBR), fluorine rubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), chloroprene rubber (CR), butyl rubber (BU), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), natural rubber (NR), etc.

X ring and O ring

NBR – good resistance to oil, water, solvents and high-pressure oil, with good compression distortion, anti-wear and elongation.

EPDM – heat resistant to 150 degrees, chemical resistant, corrosion resistant X-seals, not oil resistant.

Silicone material (SIL) – heat resistant to 250 degrees, oil resistance in general, not wear-resistant.

Fluorine rubber (FKM)) – heat-resistant 240 degrees, good oil resistance, wear resistance, high pressure chemical resistance.

Polyurethane (PU) – heat-resistant 120 degrees, oil resistance, wear resistance.

Neoprene (CR)-heat resistant 120 degrees, oil resistant, good low temperature resistance, ozone resistance

What is the difference between X ring and o-ring?

Star seal is the full name of the X ring, also known as quad rings, interface for the X shape, is one of the most commonly used seals in hydraulic cylinders, both as a piston seal can also be used to seal the piston rod.

O-ring is the abbreviation of O-ring seal, the interface of O-ring is round shape.

Differences in interface structure

X ring seal has X ring-shaped cross-section, also known as an X-shape, while an O-ring has an O-shaped interface, also known as a circular ring.


Quad rings has high manufacturing cost, which leads to high cost of use. O-ring is invented early, has wide application, and has lower cost of use.

Applicable environmental speed of X ring seal

reciprocating motion: ≤ 0.5m/s. Rotating motion: ≤ 2m/s

O-ring applicable environmental speed: reciprocating motion: ≤ 0.5m/s. Rotating motion: ≤ 2m/s

Working environment

Quad rings because of the structure of the non-molded line, and O-ring molded line is relatively obvious, so the X ring can be applied to both liquid media, but also for the sealing of gases, while O-ring is more suitable for the sealing of liquid media.

Specification size standard

The X ring seal is applicable to the standard size of AS568 series, and the number of specifications is limited.

O-ring size specifications are numerous, including the American Standard AS568 series, the Japanese Standard JISB2401 standard (P series, S series, G series, SS series), in addition to the Chinese national standard GB3452-92 and GB1235-76 series, ISO-3601/1 international standard, the German DIN3771 standard.

The same points of X ring seal and O-ring

Relative to the oil sealX ring seal and O-ring are relatively low cost of use.

X ring and O-rings are most commonly used materials are NBR nitrile rubber, FKM fluorine rubber, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber

X ring without blocking ring working hydraulic pressure is 5Mpa, while with blocking ring working pressure can reach 30-40Mpa, O-ring without blocking ring working pressure can reach 5-10Mpa, with blocking ring O-ring working pressure can reach 40Mpa.


The sealing effect of X ring is better than O-ring.

Perhaps you may ask, since the X ring effect is so good, then why choose O-ring? Because O-ring use low cost, so the selection of seals is very complex, both to consider the sealing environment, but also to consider the cost of use.

If you need to purchase X ring or O-rings welcome to contact us, we can provide you with different sizes and different materials of X ring.

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