Leading Spring Seal Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a leading manufacturer and supplier of spring seals in china that offers the highest sealing performance. Our spring offers different features such as low friction, chemical compatibility, durability, and long service life in cryogenic and low-temperature applications.

  • Offers a wide range of sealing performance
  • Can operate between -280◦F and 500◦F
  • Provide supreme quality Double Spring Seals
  • Excellent resistance to weather

YOSON – Custom Spring Seal Supplier

YOSON is a professional provider of spring seal that is available in multi-rotating seal coil spring and in various models.  Our spring seal can operate up to 3,000 psi and our customized spring seal can operate up to 60,000psi. We provide wholesale spring seal that offers different colors, design, sizes, and materials to fit your business requirements.

As a manufacturer, we ensure to give a high quality spring seal that is typically used for compressed gas waterless fracking seals, liquid nitrogen, LPG, oscillatory motions, rotary and reciprocating. YOSON offers design drawing, fast sampling, fast proofing, and free design that is suitable for sealing applications.

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Double Lip Spring Loaded Seal

The double lip spring-loaded seal offers different colors including brown, black, blue, red, green, and so on. It is available in customized the size, design, the material used, and more.

Mechanical Wave Spring Seal

Our mechanical wave spring seal is used for grinding, wire saw cutting, lapping, and as well as abrasive blasting.  This spring seal is wearing resistant, oxidations, and corrosion-resistant.

High Quality Pressure Oil Spring Seal

YOSON Manufactured a high-quality pressure oil spring seal that is the chemical corrosion resistance and provides high performance of mechanical strength. It is applicable for a different industries.

NBR Spring Oil Seal

The NBR spring oil seal is commonly used for brand washing machine. It is used to cleaning and etch the hardest surfaces and can stand at a high temperature for up to 1650◦C

KM Spring Rotary Shaft Oil Seal

We manufacture spring rotary shaft oil seals made from different materials such as FKM, SILICONE, MVQ, HNBR, HTC, NBR, FPM, and more. this spring seal has a size from 4mm to 1000mm.

Carbon Fiber Spring Seal

The carbon fiber seal is made from PTFE and PEEK materials. It is certified in TS16949 and ISO 9001. It is known as a high-performance seal with U-shaped built-in special springs.

Nested Spring Energized Seals

YOSON provides a nested spring energized seal that offers extreme heat temperature, and chemically inert, static, and dynamic seal features. It applies a load to the sealing elements at low pressures.

Engine Start Spare Parts Valve Spring Seal

The engine start spare parts valve spring seal are applicable for motorcycle and car engines. This spring seal is excellent for heat which is best for a mechanical seal and valve seal.

Rotary Spring Seal

We offer rotary spring seals that is used for fuel control system, semiconductor processing equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, etc.  This type of spring is made from stainless steel.

Custom Spring Seal Advantages

Chemical Resistant
Chemical Resistant

We manufactured a spring seal that is resistant to chemical attacks. Our spring seal also can withstand for heat and cold temperatures which is good for industrial applications.

Offers high Performance
Offers High Performance

Our spring seal can offer high performance for different sealing applications. It is a highly reliable option to meet the operating limits, equipment parameters, or environmental conditions.


The spring seal is designed to provide durable and reliable sealing solutions under extreme operating conditions. Spring seal can help to achieve fugitive emission reduction goals.

Strong Design
Realible Design

YOSON spring seals are designed from the metal case which is constructed around the spring seals. The metal case help to make sure a tight seal and a highly effective anti-rotation mechanism.

What is Spring Seals?

The spring seal is designed to encompass various products and can be customized to operate in a broad range of applications. It makes an excellent option to increase reliability and for overall product performance to improve productivity and decrease downtime.

YOSON spring seal jack has a seal jacket’s materials and configurations that combine of spring loads, spring sizes, spring materials, and more. As a provider of spring seals, we can offer OEM service, and customized spring seals, using fully automatic equipment.

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What is Spring Seals
Considerations When Using e a Spring-Energized Seals or Standard Polymeric Seal

Considerations When Using a Spring-Energized Seals

Below are the considerations to determine in using a spring energized seal:

  • Temperature
  • Media
  • Friction level and wear
  • Environments
  • Velocity
  • Operation and application of the equipment
  • Shelf-life limitations
  • Seal cavity configurations
  • Operating pressures

Different Factors and Design of Spring Seals

YOSON spring seals are available in a wide variety of spring energizers with different mechanical characteristics to meet the desired applications.  Several factors to guide spring selections include Surface Speed, Frictional load and friction, Operating temperatures, Wear and scalability, Equipment, and operating factors. Below are the following factors and design of spring seals:

  • Continuous contact spring
  • Cantilever spring
  • Elliptical coil spring
  • Helical wound spring
Different Factors and Design of Spring Seals
Spring Seals for Different Industry Applications

Spring Seals for Different Industry Applications

We manufactured spring that is widely used for different industrial applications such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy sectors
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Transportations
  • Medical
  • Instrumentations
  • Chemical processing and more.

However, the primary use of seals is for cryocoolers, hydraulic actuators, aircraft engines, brake systems, food processing equipment, compressor, etc.

Spring Seals Features

Our spring seals are made from high-grade materials that offer different features. It is designed to perform in rotary, oscillatory, reciprocating, and static operating conditions. It is made from the latest technology to create a quality seal design to optimize sealing performance.

The spring seals are high chemical resistant, outstanding to low and high temperatures capability, wear-resistant, high performance for sealing, waterproof, excellent resistant to weather, tensile strength, pressure-resistant, and many more.

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Spring Seals Features

YOSON – Trusted Spring Seals Provider in China

Trusted Spring Seals Provider in China
Trusted Spring Seals Provider in China

As a trusted supplier of spring seals, we ensure that spring seals are responsible for providing the primary sealing energy at low pressures and start-up conditions. All of our seals could give you a great performance such as leakproof, heat resistant, and low maintenance service.

YOSON is well equipped using advanced technology to make the durable and strong quality spring seal meet your requirements. We can provide spring seal that is suitable for different sealing environment as well as offers different hardness of spring seals.

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Spring Seal Types and General Capabilities
  • Finger Spring. The finger spring seal types have a balance of good sealability, long service life, and low frictions. Available in rod, piston, and finger seal configurations.
  • Double coil Spring. It has a high spring load to better sealability than a single seal and is recommended for cryogenic applications.
  • Coil spring. This spring seal is designed for static and slow dynamics applications. It can stand from -173◦C up to 260◦C operating temperatures.
  • O-ring Energized. The O-ring energized are used in cases when the metal spring cannot be used for compatibility features.
Spring Seal Materials

These is the following materials to make different spring seals:

  • 301 SS
  • 302 SS
  • 304 SS
  • 316 SS
  • Elgiloy
  • 17-7 PH SS
  • Inconel 718
  • Other Materials such as Nitrile, FKM, FFKM

Why Choose YOSON Spring Seals

Quality Assurance

From the manufacturing process to the product’s finish, we ensure to give quality assurance spring seals for our customers. YOSON operates under ISO 9001 certified to provide the highest standard of spring seals for reliability performance.

Greatest Temperature Range

YOSON spring offers the greatest performance and aside from that it also offers the greatest temperature range for more than 550◦F and no elastomer would function at this temperature extreme. Meaning it can be flexible for different applications.

Outstanding Physical Features

Our spring seal can offer outstanding physical features and technical characteristics to make the spring seal is ideal for a wide variety of critical equipment and industrial applications. It can be used for both static and dynamics applications.

Spring Seal Manufacturer in China
Skyrocket your Business with YOSON Spring Seals

YOSON manufactured spring seals with competitive price, no minimum requirements, after-sales service, quality assurance, customization services from colors, design, materials, etc. We are ISO quality management certified and can export to more than 120 countries worldwide.

  • “YOSON is my supplier of spring seals for almost 3 years now. Throughout the year, they never failed to provide me excellent quality and durability.”

  • “My customers and I loved the spring seal supplied by YOSON. The quality is really good with high strength and different colors.”

  • “I highly recommend YOSON if you are looking for high-quality spring seal products that are stable and reliable for different applications. It is strong and durable.”

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