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Yoson is a technology-based company specializing in the research and development of sealing materials, sealing product design, and production.

Since its establishment, Yoson has been focusing on the development and application of high-performance rubber and plastic materials. In fluorine materials and polymer materials and nanotechnology, following the frontier of the world’s materials science development, combined with its own sealing technology, the company has developed and produced seals that can meet the requirements of complex working conditions from low temperature -250℃ to high temperature 700℃, strong acid to strong alkali, high radiation, high pressure, high linear speed, high shaft runout, etc.

The company’s products have developed applications in food, medical, military, chemical, mechanical and aerospace, and other high-tech industries, especially in the military, aerospace, and other high-end customer areas of development, Yoson has the confidence and ability to manufacture sealing products that can replace the famous international brands.

In the research of sealing mechanisms, based on years of experience in sealing structure design, Yoson has continuously innovated and developed new high-performance sealing products. We have a professional R & D design team, strict quality control system, and exquisite processing technology, which has laid a solid foundation for the quality of sealing products.

Currently, as the domestic industrial machinery and equipment industry is in line with international standards, the safety requirements for the continuous operation of the equipment have increased. The reliable performance of sealing products is more important, which is the main reason why domestic and foreign well-known equipment manufacturers always pay attention to sealing products. The trend of changing user needs, reflected in the mechanical equipment is the harsh working environment, extreme temperature environment, high pressure, high speed, these changes in the design and manufacture of sealing products put forward higher requirements, especially for the selection of sealing materials also put forward the super (low, high) temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance, and other special requirements.

Yoson is committed to solving sealing problems under extreme conditions. We can customize sealing solutions according to customers’ working conditions, meet customers’ needs for various sealing products, and use our expertise and experience to solve your sealing leakage problems. Our goal is to make Chinese manufacturing win in sealing, to be the best seal manufacturer!

Our company’s mission is to produce high-quality, high-life seals and provide users. We do not simply sell products, but tailor our seals and sealing solutions according to customer requirements and actual working conditions.

With our professional technology and experience, we have helped customers in various industries to solve their sealing problems, and have been praised by customers, thank you for your support to Yoson, we will help you to solve more industry problems in the sealing industry.


Yoson Seal Factory Equipment

Yoson has fully automated production facilities and advanced testing equipment to ensure high quality seals are manufactured for our customers.

Right Seals Benefit Your Project

We develop different types of rubber ring to meet your requirements , it can provide equipment performance and reduce the number of replacements.

  • Rubber Seal O ring rubber parts

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