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    Offshore Drilling, Oil & Gas Industry

    Exploration for and extraction of oil and gas, and hydrocarbons is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. These challenges include more exposure than ever to high-temperature environments and hazardous chemicals in the workplace, so solutions that combine cutting-edge materials knowledge and process technology are essential.

    Yoson’s sealing products for the oil and gas industry ensure optimal sealing performance in high-pressure, chemically aggressive, and harsh environments. Years of accumulated research have enabled Yoson to develop a wide range of specialized materials and designs for the sealing and bearing application systems involved in this particular industry.

    In order to operate efficiently, we offer rubber sealing systems that must be resistant to chemicals in harsh environments, including acidic gases and extreme temperatures. Typical applications include wellhead couplings, loaded rotary valves, couplings, rubber/metal blowout seals for safety valves, low friction cylinder seals for sampling, and highly molded oversized O-rings for large pipe joints, large pumps, and power generation engines.

    Offshore Oil and Gas Sealing Solution

    FFKM Perfluoroelastomers have the best solvent resistance, and we have designed and developed a wide range of high-performance rubber products for the oil exploration industry, taking into account the requirements of pressure and abrasion resistance, specifically for use in the world’s harshest operating environments.

    FS SEAL and S seal for oil and gas industry

    FS seals and S-seals are installed on valves, downhole, wellhead, and high-pressure piping and riser systems. Rubber materials are FKM, Viton, and FFKM. Spring materials are stainless steel, Inconel, or PEEK plastic.

    AED seals for Oil and gas industry

    Anti-Explosive Decompression Aed seal is made by a special formulation process, by adding a special nano-level reinforcing agent to the rubber, which greatly improves the high strength performance of the rubber, making it extremely resistant to tearing in the process of rapid pressure relief under high-pressure conditions, as well as having excellent resistance to LPG and media.

    spring energized seal for oil and gas industry

    Spring energized seals are able to maintain elasticity and sealing force in corrosive media, acidic gas environments, low temperatures and extreme operating conditions, and resist rapid gas decompression with perfect sealing and long service life.

    Yoson has extensive experience and knowledge in sealing oil and gas equipment and offers a wide range of sealing materials, components, and solutions.

    The use of the right sealing material is one of the key factors affecting safety and efficiency. Controlling the flow of fluids such as aromatics and naphthenes, corrosion inhibitors, acids, drilling and completion fluids, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide is one of the many challenges faced by the oil and gas industry.

    Sealing materials of the highest quality and standard must be used because of the high pressures and temperatures associated with the combination of these fluids.

    We offer a wide range of sealing materials for the oil and gas industry. In fact, they can be divided into two categories: elastomers and engineering polymers.

    Elastomers are the most commonly used materials in the oil and gas industry. Various types of elastomers can be used, such as NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) or HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber). Higher chemical resistance can be achieved with fluorinated elastomers (FKM/FPM, FFKM), where the chemical resistance increases with the fluorine content.

    Oil and gas O ring seals

    High-quality materials such as PTFE or PEEK can be used in combination with elastomers for extrusion resistance or even as sealing materials themselves.



    We offer elastomers and engineered polymers with excellent abrasion and extrusion resistance and compatibility with oil and gas field environments, including sour gas and hydrogen sulfide.

    If you need other types of seals, please feel free to contact us.

    Our technical engineers can help you design the sealing solution for free.

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