Quality Control

Quality Control and Quality Assurance


QA/QC Management System:

Yoson follows the international QMS (Quality Management System) standard and has passed the latest certification of ISO9001:2012.

We not only meet the QMS management requirements, but also continuously improve ourselves through ten years of practical industrial experience to further improve customer response time, high quality control, and logistics management.

Quality Management:

Product quality control comes from the management from the source, all in accordance with international standards for relevant quality control. All the products of FuRui Technology must undergo

  1. incoming material inspection
  2. post-mixing physical properties inspection (ASTM standard)
  3. Second degree quality control before manufacturing the finished product (ASTM standard)
  4. Quality control of finished product size and appearance (ISO3601 standard)
  5. Third degree sampling quality control for packaging line (sampling standard ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, AQL=2.5% C=0)

Our factory has a professional quality control team to ensure the dimensional stability and high quality of each batch of your products.

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