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    Aerospace Industry

    Yoson produces rubber seals that meet the tightest tolerances and extreme operating environments of the aerospace and defense industries.

    FFKM Perfluoroelastomers are fully fluorinated (FFKM) materials with high-temperature performance for demanding applications in sealing components such as aircraft engines, radars, and high-pressure gas generators, and other elastomeric materials such as high-temperature and low-temperature FKM, ultra-low compression fluoroelastomers, low-temperature fluorosilicone fluorosilicones, nitrile rubber (NBR) and special EPDM. Special EPDM is also used in more traditional areas such as sealing of electrical appliances and fuel systems, which are often used in a wide range of aircraft peripheral systems.

    Yoson’s diversified product and service capabilities, material development, and engineering expertise guarantee a major seal supplier in the aerospace market.

    We will provide customers with sealing solutions for a variety of aircraft. This includes.
    1. aerodynamic seals
    2. Window seals
    3. Fire seals
    4. Heat expansion seals
    5. doorway seals
    6. Hydraulic sealing
    7. Gas sealing

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