R & D

Research and Design Center

1.Product 3d drawing design

Product 3d drawing design

As long as you provide the design concept, we help you design the product 3D drawing scheme, so that you can develop new products at zero cost.

2.Mould design team

Mould design team

22 years of industry design experience mold engineers 6 people, can solve the technical problems of rubber products in various industries.

3.Advanced CNC machinery and equipment

Advanced CNC machinery and equipment

5 sets of advanced mold equipment, 12 sets of CNC automatic machinery, mold accuracy can be controlled ±0 01mm tolerance.

4.Large quantity free mold opening and proofing

Large quantity free mold opening and proofing

One-stop customization according to the sample or product 3D drawing you provide.

5.Rapid mold opening and sampling

Rapid mold opening and sampling

3 days to complete the sample of test mold, 15 days to complete the production of large goods mold, fully committed to complete your delivery time, 24 hours one-on-one service customer projects.

6.Accurate Japanese dimensional measuring instruments

Accurate Japanese dimensional measuring instruments

Higher measurement accuracy image dimensional measuring instrument can ensure the stable and accurate size of your each batch of goods.

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