Perfluoroelastomer FFKM 4079 O-Ring, Comparable to Kalrez® 4079 Compound

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Alternatives for Kalrez® 4079 O-Rings

Yoson has more than ten years of experience in manufacturing FFKM O R-rings and has been dedicated to the development and research of seals to provide seals for different applications.

All of our FFKM O rings seals are made from imported rubber, and we can help you recommend the right grade of Kalrez according to different environmental conditions.

Our FFKM 4079 O-Rings with the same performance as Kalrez.

We have high precision computer-controlled machining center (CNC), high precision flat surface grinder, a milling machine, and other equipment as well as a cad/cam computer-aided design system, and we have a group of highly qualified molds design and processing personnel.

In addition, we strictly follow the quality management system in the production process, from the introduction of rubber to the delivery of diversified products, every production process is strictly controlled, advanced production equipment, modern production management.

All is the guarantee of high-quality products.

Are you looking for a FFKM O ring equivalents to Kalrez 4079 grade?

Please follow me, I will tell you more detail about our FFKM 4079 O rings.

FFKM 4079 chemical compatibility

FFKM 4079 is a low compression set black compound with excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, and excellent thermal stability for use in many dry and humid semiconductor environments.

However, it is not recommended for use in amines.

It exhibits low swelling in organic acids, inorganic acids, and aldehydes and responds well to temperature cycling effects.

FFKM 4079’s excellent chemical resistance is a common characteristic of most Kalrez perfluoroelastomer parts.

It can withstand exposure to over 1800 different chemicals, solvents, and plasmas while maintaining its elasticity and recovery properties.

FFKM 4079 should be considered for use in high-temperature, corrosive environments.

– Polar solvents, such as ketones, esters, and ethers

– Powerful organic solvents such as tetrahydrofuran, benzene, dimethylformamide, and tetrachloroethylene

– Acids, such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulfur

– Strong oxidizers, such as dinitrogen tetroxide and fuming nitric acid

– Metal halide compounds, such as titanium tetrachloride and aluminum diethyl chloride

– Hot mercury and caustic soda

– Chlorine – wet and dry

– Inorganic salt solutions

– Fuels, such as JP-5, aviation gas, and kerosene

FFKM kalrez 4079 temperature range

From -20°C to 316°C

The recommended maximum use temperature is 316°C (600°F), but short excursions at higher temperatures are possible.

FFKM kalrez 4079 data sheet

Mechanical properties
performance specification unit Original Properties Value
density g/cm3 ASTM D-792 2.15
Shore A hardness pt ASTM D-2240 75
Tensile strength MPa ASTM D-412 14.2
M100 MPa ASTM D-412 9.3
Elongation % ASTM D-412 160
Permanent deformation, 70hr@300℃ % ASTM D-395 25
Chemical resistance
Immersion chemicals FFKM 4079
Inorganic acid A
Organic acids A
Base A
Alcohol A
Aldehyde A
Amine (room temperature) B
Amine (> 70 degrees) C-D
Ether A
Ester A
Ketone C-D
Steam / hot water A
Strong oxidizers B
Alkanes A
Tetrahydrofuran A

Note: A volume change rate <10%
B volume change rate <20% ~ 30%
C the volume change rate <30% ~ 50%
D volume change rate> 50%

FFKM kalrez 4079 Oring Hardness

Shore A Description.

The hardness of a rubber compound is measured by the Shore A durometer; the higher the durometer, the harder the compound. Softer compounds stretch more easily and seal better on rough surfaces. Harder compounds have greater abrasion and crush resistance.

60 Shore A is softer than 70

70 Shore A is the standard

90 Shore A is very hard

What is the difference between Kalrez 4079, Kalrez 3075, and Kalrez 7075?

Kalrez 4079

Performance: Excellent chemical resistance, and excellent compression deformation characteristics when used at high temperatures. Kalrez® 4079 is not recommended for hot water/steam applications or contact with certain hot aliphatic amines, ethylene oxide, or propylene oxide.

It should be used under thermal cycling at temperatures below 280 degrees Fahrenheit, maximum temperature: 316 degrees Fahrenheit

Kalrez 6375

Has the broadest spectrum of chemical resistance for use in environments where multiple chemical media coexist, best for water and steam resistance.


Performance: Good heat resistance and low gas release characteristics, high-temperature process sealing and mechanical characteristics are also quite good.

Compared with 4079, the compression deformation rate is smaller, and the sealing ability is more resistant to high temperature, and it can work in a high-temperature environment at 327 degrees. It can also be used in steam, hot water, and amine or amine-based compounds.

Kalrez 6375 4079 7075 Oring Kalrez 6375 4079 7075 Oring Kalrez 6375 4079 7075 Oring

FFKM 4079 O rings Specifications

FFKM 4079 O-Rings are low compression and are suitable for wet and dry semiconductor process environments. It can exhibit high performance especially when temperature stability and chemical resistance are required.

FFKM 4079 O-Ring is manufactured from carbon black perfluoroelastomer and offers excellent thermal stability and compression resistance, responding well to the effects of temperature cycling during use.

FFKM 4079 O-Ring’s excellent chemical resistance is a common feature of most Kalrez perfluoroelastomer components. It can withstand exposure to over 1800 different chemicals, solvents, and plasma while maintaining its elasticity and recovery properties.

Other rubber materials used in strong, harmful chemicals will swell and cause the seal to fail.

But FFKM 4079’s chemical resistance limits this volume swelling to well below the 10% generally considered ideal. The highest swelling rate among the chemicals tested was approximately 2%, with most swelling rates below 1%.

FFKM 4079 O-Rings Manufacturing  and Processing

FFKM 4079 O ring Application

Specially designed for your mission-critical seals, FFKM 4079 O-Rings maintains optimal sealing performance in harsh environments.

Because FFKM 4079 perfluoroelastomeric parts are a low compression permanent deformation and ultra-high compression resistance, they are suitable for manufacturing O-Rings, diaphragms, seals, and other components in the chemical processing and aerospace industries.

For extremely difficult sealing applications, FFKM Kalrez 4079 may be the choice for you.

Ask for a quick quote for FFKM 4079 O-Ring, whether you are already our client or not, we will be available online 24/7 to support your business.

Ask for a quick quote for FFKM 4079 O-Ring,  and we’ll be online 24 hours a day to support your business.


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