Perfluoroelastomer FFKM 6375 O-Ring, Comparable to Kalrez® 6375 Compound

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Perfluoroelastomer FFKM 6375 O-Ring, Alternatives for Kalrez® 6375 Compound

If you’re looking for an alternative to Kalrez® 6375 O ring, you are in the right place.

Our raw materials are purchased from major brands in Europe and the United States, and we use our mature processing technology to produce Oring with the same performance as Kalrez.

Today,  you will get all the details that you need to know our FFKM 6375 O-Rings.

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FFKM 6375 O-rings for Kalrez® Spectrum™ 6375 replacement

Chemical Compatibily& Characteristics

FFKM 6375 is used in the widest possible range of chemicals and temperatures to provide excellent rubber properties.

This is used for acids, bases, amines, vapors, ethylene oxide, and many other aggressive chemicals.

In addition, a continuous maximum service temperature of 275 °C (525 °F) is allowed.

This high-temperature stability translates into increased chemical resistance over all temperature ranges, especially when the high-temperature process is deflected.

This combination of chemical resistance and heat resistance provides advantages for chemical processing equipment.

Today, chemical processors use several perfluoroelastomer components, including Kalrez® 6375, Kalrez® 4079, 1050LF, and 2035.

FFKM 6375 O-Rings Benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Multi-chemical media coexistence environment
  • Excellent heat resistance

FFKM 6375 O-Rings Datasheets

Performance specification Unit Test standard Test Values
density g/cm3 ASTM D-792 1.99
Shore A hardness pt ASTM D-2240 74
Tensile strength MPa ASTM D-412 23.1
M100 MPa ASTM D-412 8.7
Elongation % ASTM D-412 180
Permanent deformation, 70hr@200℃ 214# O-Ring % ASTM D-395 13.7
Chemical resistance
Immersion Chemical FFKM 6375
Inorganic acid  A
Organic acid  A
Alkali  A
Alcohol  A
Aldehyde  A
Amine (room temperature)  A
Amine (> 70 degrees) B
Ether  A
Ester  A
Ketone  A
Steam / hot water  A
Strong oxidants B
Alkane  A
Tetrahydrofuran  A

A: volume change rate <10%
B: volume change rate <20% ~ 30%
C: volume change rate <30% ~ 50%
D: volume change rate> 50%

FFKM 6375 O-Rings Manufacturing Method


FFKM 6375 O-Rings Applications

Mechanical seals, pumps, valves, compressors, reactors, joints and other piping connections, instrumentation, downhole tools, etc.

FFKM 6375 O Ring provides long-term resistance to chemical attack, swelling, and high temperatures under extremely harsh operating conditions, enabling your company to reduce costly seal failures, extend the average time for mechanical equipment replacement, increase your process productivity and avoid contamination of process streams.

We can make any size FFKM Kalrez 6375 O ring.

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