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Yoson is a leading PEEK seal provider in China. We offer a wide range of PEEK seal rings material, designs, colors, and other specifications. Sealing can be tailored to give your designs the best performance and service life. Contact us today!

  • Thermal and chemical-resistant
  • Substantial wear resistance
  • Support harsh sealing areas
  • Imported raw materials
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    Yoson PEEK Seal

    Polyetheretherketone seal or PEEK seal is an organic thermoplastic polymer. It exhibits outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance qualities at high temperatures. They may be heated, cooled, and heated again without degrading. Whether subjected to chemicals, high pressures, and temperatures, the PEEK seal remains stable.

    Yoson manufacture PEEK seals utilizing big Brands’ raw materials from other countries. PEEK formulations meet rigorous international standards. Seals are specifically designed to provide long service life and optimum performance of your designs. It satisfies wear, speed, temperature, and pressure requirements.

    At Yoson, we can create the best performing seal solution for your application. Contact our technical sales expert now.

    PEEK Gasket

    The PEEK gasket features good resistance against temperature, wear, and bearing. It’s mostly employed in medical devices, aerospace, electrical and electronic equipment, and automobiles.

    PEEK Back up Rings

    Yoson PEEK backup rings are used in elastomer O-ring sealing systems to prevent extrusion. It functions as an excellent seal for both static and dynamic applications. Offers better mechanical characteristics.

    Peek o Rings

    PEEK o rings have high tensile strength, stiffness, and strong wear resistance. It possesses the ability to retain for an extended period even under high temperatures. Easily stretchable. It’s quick and easy to install.

    Peek Seal Rings

    The PEEK seal rings operating temperature ranges from -40℃ to 250℃, short-term up to 300℃. Available from 1mm-1400mm. It has excellent corrosion resistance, chemical stability, sealing, and high lubrication.

    Peek Lip Seal

    PEEK lip seal is available from 0.6-500mm, or in custom size. We can customize the color based on your preference. Features high-temperature resistance and high tensile strength. ISO9001 certificated.

    Custom PEEK Seal

    Yoson can custom PEEK seal designed specifically to suit your application. Customize colors, sizes, and other specifications. Features chemical and creep resistance, cryogenic properties from -280° F to + 175° F.

    Yoson PEEK Seal Advantage

    Extreme Toughness
    Extreme Toughness

    PEEK seal is a robust, rigid, and highly strong material. It can create friction if necessary. And it can perform for lengthy periods without showing signs of wear and tear.

    High Temperature Range
    High-Temperature Range

    The PEEK seal can easily work in temperatures up to 338°F (170oC). It can keep rigidity at high temperatures – has a proven track record in demanding applications.


    Even in the harshest chemical environments, the PEEK seal has the potential to perform. It can withstand about 140 different types of acids, oils, liquids, salts, and elements.


    Yoson PEEK seals are compatible with a wide range of chemicals and industry-specific fluids. It can work with a lot of materials. PEEK has excellent resistance, even in high-heat areas.

    Yoson Peek Seal Material Grade and Properties

    Yoson recognizes the benefits and drawbacks of each material. That’s why we provide the selection to identify the most effective solution.

    • Virgin PEEK: natural abrasion-resistant
    • Carbon-filled PEEK: especially well-suited to high-temperature, low coefficient of friction.
    • Glass-filled PEEK: has improved mechanical and thermal properties.
    • PTFE-filled PEEK: higher lubricity, ideal for sealing applications involving start-stop.
    • ISO PEEK: this grade is chemically-resistant, extremely hard, and operates at high temperatures.
    • FDA-Compliant PEEK: FDA-approved grades are available.
    Yoson Peek Seal Material Grade and Properties
    Peek Seal Types & Variants

    Peek Seal Types & Variants

    Yoson Seal is a PEEK seal expert who manufactures a variety of PEEK seal designs. You can find the PEEK gasket to fulfill your needs and requirements.

    • Piston ring seals – are generally used to reduce wear on the piston shaft’s outer diameter.
    • PEEK back-up rings – used in elastomer O-ring sealing systems to prevent extrusion.
    • PEEK oil seals – are very chemical resistant, it is highly strong and rigid.
    • Spring energized PEEK jacket seals – made of a PTFE U-shaped seal jacket and a stainless steel spring
    • Ball valve seats – require a flexible material that bends easily to the contour of the valve.
    • Rotary shaft seals – meet the needs of the rotary shaft seals industry

    Custom High-Temperature PEEK Seals

    As a premier manufacturer, Yoson can assist you throughout the entire life cycle of bespoke PEEK gasket design. It includes your input and design, prototype, tooling/mold production, and production. We can also recommend seal improvements to the design for assembly – make cleaning, installation, and repair easier.

    Yoson is your one-stop sealing solution shop for your PEEK seal needs. Our ability to manufacture, source, package, and ship parts on time will provide no worry at all. We are chosen by different industries, including industrial, chemical, oil and gas, OEM, and others.

    Custom High Temperature PEEK Seals

    Yoson: Your Source for PEEK Seals

    Yoson Your Source for PEEK Seals 1
    Yoson Your Source for PEEK Seals

    Yoson Seal deliver a high-quality sealing solution for over 10 years. PEEK Seal has been exported to more than 120 countries. Complying ISO management system, we assure quality products. We utilize imported raw materials from leading international Brands. There is a large range of sizes, temperature range, colors, features, pressure, and other details.

    As for unique applications, Yoson also offers OEM services. We can customize color, design, dimensions, seal hardness, etc. Design drawings are provided for fast proofing and sampling. Yoson provides medical-grade, high-grade, and food-grade sealing. We have fully automatic production equipment to efficiently and effectively produce PEEK seal. Fast delivery in as early as 7 days!

    Why Choose Yoson Peek Seals

    Beneficial Characteristics

    Yoson PEEK seals have a one-of-a-kind structure that makes them very robust and dimensionally stable. Among Yoson PEEK seal’s noteworthy features are:

    • High-temperature resistance
    • High tensile strength
    • High mechanical strength
    • Strong flexural and tensile
    • Outstanding electrical properties
    • Excellent chemical-resistant
    • Good wear and abrasion resistance
    • Exceptional stress-crack, fatigue, and creep
    Common Working Applications

    The PEEK seal is utilized in a variety of high-temperature applications. Even under load and extreme conditions, they provide better performance. The following applications include:

    • Aerospace parts
    • Thermal power plants
    • Medical instrument parts
    • Pump and valve components
    • Downhole electrical connectors
    • Semiconductor machinery components
    • Food processing machinery components
    • Casting, forging, and heat treatment equipment

    OEM Peek Seal Industry Solutions

    Oil and Gas

    PEEK seal’s excellent steam resistance makes it ideal for oil and gas processing conditions. It functions as insulators. The PEEK seal also aids in the flow control of chemical gases and liquids without causing chemical deterioration.


    Yoson PEEK seals are ideal for aviation engines because they can withstand high temperatures. They are resistant to airplane fuels and lubricants. It also has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than aluminum and steel.


    Our PEEK seals are commonly utilized for spinal implants. It is also ideal for skull repair because they have high strength and modulus similar to human bone. They are also resistant to damage through multiple sterilization cycles.


    Because of their outstanding electrical qualities, PEEK o-rings are a good electrical insulator. It is appropriate for hard driver disks, circuit boards, and delicate circuits. They are also highly reliable over a wide range of frequency, pressure, and temperature.

    Food and Beverage

    Food-grade PEEK gaskets provide greater performance and extended part lives. It is used for medical equipment like bearing, mixing paddles, valve components, and more. They can resist all clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

    Premier PEEK Seal Supplier
    Your Premier PEEK Seal Supplier

    Over 10-Years PEEK Seal Production Experience. Imported Big Brand Raw Materials. Food-Grade PEEK Seal. OEM Service. No Minimum Order Requirement for your Application Needs. After-sales Service.

    • “Yoson is your best partner for great performing seal solution. The product has great features and characteristics that contribute to our products. Strong wear resistance, heat resistance, leakage stability, and creep resistance are some advantages. I highly recommend Yoson for your upcoming project.”

    • “Yoson experience and knowledge in the business will assure you’re in the right hand. I had the best time with Yoson. They are very professional and always make sure everything is smooth. Guaranteed complete support for your needs.”

    • “I highly recommend Yoson for your sealing requirements. Their OEM service means a lot. I am very satisfied with the product, service, and cooperation together. My project has no problem at all. Now, I don’t need to research sealing suppliers at all. I know I have Yoson.”

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