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Yoson is a leading manufacturer of plunger seals available in numerous sizes. Depending on your needs, we can custom black piston seals, seal wash plunger seals, gold plunger seals, and many more. Yoson provides free samples for you to check the quality.

  • We successfully shipped plunger seals to over 120 countries
  • Food-grade guaranteed
  • No minimum order requirements
  • Branded raw materials for all plunger seals
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    Yoson Plunger Seal

    Yoson plunger seal is durable, wear-resistant, and tear-resistant. These long-lasting seals are manufactured from either ITB or UHMW-PE. They provide excellent pressure sealing capacity. Our UHMW-PE is more abrasion and wear resistant compared to the standard polyethylene seals, suitable for buffered mobile phases.

    Yoson is a leading provider of plunger seals for use in different industries. Our plunger seal is manufactured based on our strict quality control and is fully certified by ANSI, FDA, ISO, etc. Customized plunger seals are also available to meet different application needs. You can specify the materials, designs, sizes, and other specific requirements.

    High-Pressure Plunger Seal

    The high-pressure plunger seal is used in the high-pressure water cleaning sectors like natural gas, petroleum, electric power, food processing, agriculture, etc.

    NBRHNBR Plunger Water Pump Seals

    These types of sealing are designed for rod glands to seal the extension rods. It can guarantee long-lasting, wear and tear-resistant.

    Plunger Seal for Washer Machine

    The plunger seal for the washer machine is made from NBR with cotton fabric. They are available in different hardness and sizes.

    Plunger Seals for Cleaning Equipment

    They are great for pressure washer accessories and parts. the plunger seals for cleaning equipment are made up of NBR + fabric materials.

    High-Pressure Mechanical Plunger Seal

    They can resist high and low variations in temperature and pressure. The high-pressure mechanical plunger seal is suitable for use in industrial applications.

    Plunger Piston Rod Oil Seal

    The plunger piston rod oil seal is similar to lip seals that can be used for piston rods and pistons. They can prevent fluid leakage from a cylinder to an exterior.

    Yoson Plunger Seal Advantage

    Wide Range of Applications
    Wide Range of Applications

    Yoson plunger seals are ideal for use in many industries, such as agriculture, automotive, medical, aerospace, and many more.


    Yoson provides food-grade sealing solutions for use in the food & beverage sector and healthcare, guaranteed safe and reliable.

    Excellent Chemical Resistance
    Excellent Resistance

    Our plunger seal is designed to withstand high pressure and temperature. They are also high resistance to wear and abrasion.


    We have an expert engineering team to work with your design. It will help you find the right plunger seals based on your budget.

    Plunger Seal Characteristics

    Yoson plunger seals are suitable for different industrial uses because of the following characteristics:

    • Tough and long-lasting
    • Abrasion and wear resistant
    • Resist temperature and pressure variations
    • Chemical torpidity
    • Low friction coefficient
    Plunger Seal Characteristics
    Plunger Seal Materials

    Plunger Seal Materials

    Custom plunger seals based on your desired materials are available from us. Being one of the leading plunger seal manufacturers in China, we can provide you with the following options:

    • Virginal PTFE: These materials have high chemical resistance
    • Special PTFE: These materials provide numerous advantages, such as high chemical resistance, less electronic charge, less friction, less cold flow, higher robustness, and higher longevity.
    • High-Density Polyethylene: They have better robustness compared to PTFE when operating with saline solution.

    If you have unique requirements for a plunger seal, please let us know and let our team assist with your custom design.

    Yoson Plunger Seal Production

    For excellent production of plunger seals, our expert team uses advanced manufacturing lines and state-of-the-art processing technology. These capabilities allow us to produce large-scale plunger seals to meet our customer’s specific needs.

    Custom plunger seal is available from us and to be delivered for you on time. You can specify your unique requirements, such as size, label, material, color, design, or packaging. At Yoson, we can guarantee accurate and high-quality plunger seals to meet your satisfaction.

    Yoson Plunger Seal Production

    Yoson – Leading Plunger Seal Supplier in China

    Yoson Plunger Seal
    Yoson – Leading Plunger Seal Supplier in China

    Whether you need small or large-scale plunger seals, you can rely upon Yoson! Yoson is a leading plunger seal manufacturer in China with no MOQ requirements. We aim to build strong partnerships with small or big businesses by providing excellent quality sealing solutions. Our rich experience in this field allows us to export different sealing products to over 120 countries.

    Up to the present, Yoson consistently provides unmatched sealing solutions to our customers worldwide. Also, we manufacture plunger seals according to your specifications. Please tell us your size requirement or working environment and let our expert team help you in every production stage.

    Contact us for more information.

    Yoson Plunger Seal

    Strict Quality Control

    Yoson manufactures plunger seals according to our strict quality control. We meticulously test the products from material selection, design, and production to shipping. Yoson can guarantee fully certified plunger seals, including:

    • REACH
    • ISO9001
    • ROHS
    • DIN 3771 Part 1
    Manufacturing Equipment

    We have state-of-the-art production equipment to provide you with precise and long-lasting plunger seals. Our machines include as follows:

    • CNC Turning
    • CNC Milling
    • Water Jet Cutting
    • Automatic Punching
    • Molding

    Why Choose Yoson Plunger Seal

    Technical Support and Custom Design
    • Expert in designing plunger seal
    • We have a truck record of our success in the industry
    • Innovative customer-focused solutions
    Plunger Seal Testing Expertise
    • We have an excellent testing center to provide dynamic seals
    • Standard testing and analysis
    • A proven solution to minimize risk
    Quality Assurance

    Yoson company is certified with international quality standards such as ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.

    Plunger Seal Supplier
    Yoson – Your Trusted Plunger Seal Manufacturer

    Professional plunger seal manufacturer with 10+ years of experience. Long-lasting, precision machined, and excellent sealing capacity guaranteed!

    • In our company, we always want to have enough supply of different sealings to have some spare parts available in stock. That’s why we choose Yoson as our partners in providing us a quality sealings with fast delivery services.

    • In our biotech company, we have some motors and machines need to operate, and as a purchaser for our company, I need to choose the right supplier of our sealing needs. Till we tried to order on Yoson. I have been amazed to the quality of their sealing as we experience now a smooth operation because of the new sealing from Yoson.

    • We are one of the local suppliers and resellers of different kinds of sealings here in our city. Until we found Yoson as our main supplier, they offer the wide and complete variety of sealings with good quality. Now, 40% of our sealing products are from Yoson Seals.

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