Rubber Plugs Manufacturer in China

Yoson has over 15 years of experience in the industry. We offer both custom and standard sizes of rubber plugs. These plugs are designed to cover holes in different objects.

  • Resist extreme conditions and pressure
  • Exported to over 120 countries nationwide
  • Custom sizes for your applications
  • 7-10 days delivery

YOSON Rubber Plugs

Rubber plugs, also called as rubber hole plugs or rubber caps are widely used in different applications. These plugs are ideal for filling holes in a variety of components. They typically enclose components, particularly those containing chemicals and/or operating at elevated heat. This is because rubber plugs are made specifically for use in applications that require heat and chemical resistance. Rubber caps/plugs are available in a number of different forms, and they can also be custom-made to fit anywhere they are required.

As one of China’s leading rubber plug manufacturers, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our development and manufacture. Extensive evaluation assured our rubber plugs’ upper bound in temperature, pressure, and speed. We can provide you with a free design to test the quality.

Flange Plugs

Flange plugs’ design makes it easier to apply and remove the cap by hand. There is an internal lip on the open end that creates a positive seal, preventing contaminants from entering the part.

Plus Plugs

Plus plugs feature a special 360° pull-tab design. It makes them extremely simple to install. Plus, it is convenient to use, particularly during production and shipping since they are simpler to insert and detach.

Rubber T-Plugs

T-Plugs have a curved design which makes them easy to insert and secure within any component. They are also an effective way to protect ducting ends, threads, and ports throughout storage and transport.

Pull Plugs

Longer rubber plugs with a handle on one end. They are used to seal the two ends of a through hole. Its grip makes the application and removal simple. Reusable and can resist temperatures up to 450°F.

Side Pull Plugs

The rubber T-plugs with pull tabs are used as side pull plugs. They are designed for simple removal in difficult-to-reach areas. They work well with NPT and basic threads. Available in custom sizes.

Electrical Connector Plugs

Intended for electrical connectors. The purpose of these rubber plugs is to secure female-threaded electrical connectors from humidity, smudges, and dust. They are typically flanged for ease of removal.

Rubber Plugs Features


Our rubber plugs can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius.


No marks on the machines’ bodies or on glass items after they have been removed.


Does not emit harmful materials that would contaminate other materials that engage with them.


Our rubber plugs are made to resist high compressions – according to ASTM D395 specifications.

Types of Rubber Used in the Production

Rubber plugs are made from a variety of rubber materials.

  • Rubber Silicone
  • Rubber EPDM
  • Rubber Vinyl

Silicone rubber plugs are generally used for high-temperature paint concealing applications, EPDM rubber plugs are low-cost rubber hole plugs that can be used in various applications. On the other hand, the rubber vinyl plugs are flexible yet durable – won’t shred, tear, or split. Great for securing pumps, cylinders, valves, etc.

Types of Rubber Used in the Production
Uses of Rubber Hole Plugs

Uses of Rubber Hole Plugs

The rubber hole plugs (rubber plugs) can be used in a wide variety of applications. It includes:

  • paint masking
  • packaging uses
  • thread security
  • vehicle
  • appliances
  • cabinets
  • vinyl fences, and more

Yoson can customize them according to your applications, desired sizes, shapes, and colors. Please contact our experts.

Rubber Plugs Qualities You Can Expect

The rubber types used to make rubber hole plugs confer specific properties such as oil resistance, ice opposition, abrasion resistance, and so on. In general, the rubber plug qualities are as follows:

  • Rubber hole plugs can withstand temperatures of up to 600o F while remaining pliable and conforming.
  • Rubber caps/plugs are chemically resistant.
  • They are ideal for oxidation treatment and plating.
  • Rubber plugs are superb rubber seals for any application requiring a long-lasting closure with a rigid seal.
  • These are also effective noise insulators or inhibitors.
  • We specialize in the wholesale supply of rubber plugs.
Rubber Plugs Qualities

YOSON – Leading Rubber Plugs Supplier in China

YOSON – Leading Rubber Plugs Supplier in China
YOSON – Leading Rubber Plugs Supplier in China (1)

Yoson is a professional manufacturer you can rely on if you’re looking for a one-stop sealing service company in China. Whatever you require, we have significant experience in reliability, innovative thinking, and designing rubber plugs that deliver dependable performance in specialized sealing applications.

We can also make custom rubber plugs based on the customer’s specifications. You can specify your own concepts, design, and custom labels for advertising. Along with our professional team, Yoson could indeed meet each client’s specific needs, from process design to shipping process.

Please send us your inquiries!


We have established a complete manufacturing process, beginning with design and ending with delivery.

  • First, we make your custom design of rubber plugs.
  • Then, Moulding
  • Color Mixing
  • Vulcanization
  • Printing
  • Anti-Static Treatment
  • Test Procedures
  • Quality Examinations
  • Packaging
  • Lastly, shipment of your bulk orders

Yoson has highly developed industrial machinery for producing high-quality rubber plugs, such as:

  • CNC Machining
  • Punching Automatically,
  • Cutting with a Water Jet
  • CNC Machining

We can be your ideal business supplier and partner in China because of our cutting-edge technology. Yoson eagerly awaits your inquiry, from small to large volumes.

Custom Rubber Plugs for Your Industry


Yoson is ready to meet the rubber needs of the ever-changing automotive industry.  The rubber plugs diameters can be created in any size with your desired characteristics. We tailored rubber plugs designed to withstand virtually any chemical resistance, such as oil, diesel, brake fluid, gasoline, or coolant.


Yoson provides a diverse range of rubber supplies to meet the ever-changing needs of the motorsport industry. You can find here a set of rubber equipment such as rubber plugs that motorsport may require. We stock standard and custom-made items, but please contact us if you have any special requests.


Rubber plugs used in agricultural machinery are subjected to extreme stress, and we are aware of the harsh environment in which these products are used. Our products can tolerate these challenges because of our expert knowledge. These are made from properly crafted and self-developed raw rubber materials.

Food Industry

Our rubber plugs meet the highest standard in the food industry. It is particularly designed for applications where FDA compliance is required. All delicate workstations can be kept safe and clean. These rubber sealing can also prevent leakage and contamination.

Reliable Rubber Plugs Factory in China
Reliable Rubber Plugs Factory in China

YOSON is Reputable Manufacturer for Over 15 Years. We Offer Custom-Tailored Solutions for Your Rubber Plugs Requirements. Choose Us To Be Your Partner!

  • “I am very satisfied cooperating with Yoson! We are very pleased with each quality of rubber plugs. They are also delivered safely and smoothly to our location.”

  • “If you are wondering where to get high-quality rubber plugs, I suggest you contact the Yoson team. From my experience, they develop rubber plugs with outstanding quality and precise customization.”

  • “The rubber plugs from Yoson really meet my high expectations. All have excellent quality and obviously crafted from reliable rubber materials. All thanks to Yoson!”

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