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Yoson is a professional manufacturer of a wide range of variseal, such as wiper seals, hydraulic seal rings, and many more. We warmly welcome our clients to customize and wholesale variseal from us.

  • High-end materials from famous brand
  • Available in different hardness
  • Fully customized (materials, designs, sizes, logo, etc.)
  • Precise dimension guaranteed
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    Yoson Variseal

    Yoson variseal is a single scraper lip-acting seal consisting of a corrosion-resistant V-spring and U-shaped seal jacket. They operate even in high viscosity media. Their V-spring and material make them compatible with numerous chemicals and fluids. Yoson provides different hardness, sizes, and other specifications for your custom variseal requirements.

    With over a decade of experience, Yoson acquires a world-class reputation and high-quality variseal. We have become a famous variseal manufacturer in China through our professional knowledge and outstanding services.

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    Variseal Spring Energized Seal

    The variseal spring energized seal is energized by means of a corrosion-resistant metal spring. They provide flexibility to make up for gland misalignment, seal wear, or eccentricity. They are great for use in the food & beverage sectors.

    Rotary Variseal

    The rotary variseal is composed of V-shaped and U-shaped metal springs that are corrosion-resistant. They bring numerous advantages, such as excellent oil scraping effect, stable size, and wear-resistant.

    U-Shaped PTFE Variseal

    Our U-shaped PTFR variseal can guarantee long service life because they are heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. All our variseals are manufactured based on strict inspection.

    Corrosion-Resistant Variseal

    Our range of corrosion-resistant variseal has asymmetrical seal profiles. They have optimized front angles for excellent leakage control, long service life, and reduced friction.

    Hydraulic Piston Variseal

    Our hydraulic piston variseal is great for use in pistol sealing applications. They can be customized according to your specific requirements, such as materials, designs, and sizes.

    High-Pressure Hydraulic Device Variseal

    With its excellent sealing effect, the high-pressure hydraulic device variseal overcomes the metal mating surface’s slight eccentricity.

    Why Choose Yoson Variseal

    OEM Factory
    OEM Factory

    Yoson provides sealing solution to different brand and has a leading production technique in the seal industry.

    Excellent Product Quality
    Excellent Product Quality

    You can trust Yoson as we passed TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

    Production Technology
    Production Technology

    Yoson has advanced manufacturing machines such as CNC, lathe, and turning.

    Service Industry
    Service Industry

    For over a decade in this industry, we got an excellent reputation from our customers worldwide.

    Variseal Specification and Sealing Capability

    Yoson variseals provide excellent sealing for light-duty and reciprocating rotary movement. They have V-shaped and U-shaped metallic finger spring that makes them compatible with most chemicals. Our range of variseals is efficient in numerous temperature variations. It also provides minimal friction with little risk of breakout force. Yoson offers a huge range of variseal with the following specifications:

    • Size Range: 10 to 250 mm
    • Temperature: -70 to 300 °C
    • Maximum Pressure: 20 MPa
    • Maximum Speed: 15m/s
    Variseal Specification and Sealing Capability
    Advantage of Yoson Variseal

    Advantage of Yoson Variseal

    Yoson offers custom variseal with the following advantages:

    • Semi-dynamic and excellent static sealing effect
    • Limit friction under maximum loads
    • Universal chemical compatibility
    • Withstand abrasive and aggressive process media
    • Anti-extrusion backup rings to work in harsh conditions
    • Single-piece and compact form installation for replacing the sealing system and multi-piece packing
    • Unlimited shelf life, Special geometries, and sizes available

    Variseal Materials and Uses

    The basic material for variseal is PTFE or metal and the filler is made of virgin PTFE added with carbon fiber. These types of materials are suitable for use in short-stroke and high-frequency applications.

    Variseal made with PTFE material is great for applications where low-lubricating hydraulic liquids are used. Because of its good surface texture, variseal is best for sealing fluids as hostile to gases. They also come with stainless-steel springs.

    Variseal Materials and Uses

    Yoson – Your Leading Variseal Manufacturer in China

    Variseal Company Advantage
    Yoson – Your Leading Variseal Manufacturer in China

    Our variseal is available in many custom specifications – size, design, material, etc. Yoson can be your ultimate variseal supplier in China to skyrocket your business. With more than a decade of experience, we became successful in exporting a variety of variseal to more than 120 countries.

    The raw materials for variseal production are imported from the famous brand in the world. Being one of the leading manufacturers in China, we can provide sample designs for free. We have also advanced manufacturing equipment that allows us to produce mass production of variseals.

    Variseal Main Characteristics

    Yoson variseal has three primary design characteristics, such as:

    • Application Unique U-Shaped Seal Profile: Offers outstanding static sealing
    • Spring Geometry fitted to a specific application: Provides maximum speed of about 15 m/ssealing capability
    • Proven High-Performance Polymer: Universal chemical compatibility with standard products ranging from 2 to 2500mm
    Why Choose Yoson Variseal
    1. Material Expertise: We use world-class materials to withstand pressure, temperature, and media compatibility.
    2. Global Resources: Yoson has over R&D centers producing variseal products to exceed increasing demands in the oil & gas industry.
    3. Quality Assurance: Our company is approved with international certifications such as ISO 14001:2004 and ISO9001:2008.
    4. State-of-the-art Delivery Capabilities: We provide outstanding services including assembly, kitting, and handling clients’ unique packaging.

    Yoson Variseal for Different Industries


    Yoson specializes in the development, manufacture, and design of sealing solutions for aircraft and aerospace applications. The increasing air travel demands allow us to make terminal equipment and aircraft lighter, safer, and more energy-efficient.

    Agricultural Equipment

    Most vehicles and agricultural machinery work in harsh conditions. They need long-lasting, high-performance sealing solutions that can work under high temperature and pressure fluctuations. Yoson offers a wide range of variseals to exceed these needs.


    Yoson is a leading supplier of variseal for automotive OEM and component suppliers. Our sealing solution meets the stringent quality, high volume, and latest delivery demand. We have a professional development support team and engineering to help you develop an innovative solution that exceeds automotive challenges.

    Food and Beverage

    The food and beverage industry needs a sealing solution that exceeds regulatory requirements to improve productivity. The top priorities are cleaning media-resistant and hygienic design. Meanwhile, Yoson provides an optimum sealing solution for the food and beverage industry.

    Variseal Supplier in China
    Your Leading Variseal Supplier in China

    We can customize the variseal design to your specific requirements. Yoson will provide you with high-quality products and excellent customer service!

    • In our company, we always want to have enough supply of different sealings to have some spare parts available in stock. That’s why we choose Yoson as our partners in providing us a quality sealings with fast delivery services.

    • In our biotech company, we have some motors and machines need to operate, and as a purchaser for our company, I need to choose the right supplier of our sealing needs. Till we tried to order on Yoson. I have been amazed to the quality of their sealing as we experience now a smooth operation because of the new sealing from Yoson.

    • We are one of the local suppliers and resellers of different kinds of sealings here in our city. Until we found Yoson as our main supplier, they offer the wide and complete variety of sealings with good quality. Now, 40% of our sealing products are from Yoson Seals.

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