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Cooperate with Yoson, if you need gas and oil sealing solutions. We design and manufacture the most technologically superior seals for high temperatures, high pressures and rapid gas decompression applications.

  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Made from various quality materials
  • Offer standard and custom-engineered seals
  • Keep operations running safely, smoothly, and efficiently

YOSON Oil and Gas Seals

YOSON gas and oil seals are utilized in sectors including oil, gas, and petrochemicals applications. It plays an important role in different processes such as exploration, extraction, transporting, and refining. Design to create a thin oil coating between the sealing lip and the rotary shaft to prevent leaking, hold pressure, reduce friction, and exclude contaminants. It features corrosion resistance, high-pressure tolerance, vibration resistance, thermal resistance, chemical stability, and more.

We manufacture gas and oil from premium materials such as silicon, nitrile, PTFE, etc. Our company also produces custom gas and oil seals to guarantee equipment runs as smoothly as possible. With our rigorous production procedures, advanced, specific tooling devices, and moldings, we can provide you with optimal solutions for your sealing system.

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Car Oil Seals

Car oil seals prevent fluid from seeping between the shaft and the housing. Offer rigidity and strength sealing and prevent leakage of hydraulic oil and gas. Perfect for any type of automobile, truck, bus, automobile parts, motor coach, trailer, etc.

Heavy Duty Cartridge Seals

Heavy Duty Cartridge Seals are available in both single and dual seal configurations. It is easy to install with a higher level of reliability and performance. We can offer standard and custom-engineered heavy-duty cartridge seals.

Industrial Oil Seals

Industrial oil seals are utilized at component interfaces to hold pressure, prevent leakage, and deflect contamination. It features high-temperature resistance, high performance on sealing, friction reduced, etc. It has -50°C~250°C applicable temperature.

Mechanical Seal

The oil and gas sector relies on mechanical seals to keep operations working smoothly, safely, and efficiently. The types include lip seals, piston ring seals, elastomeric bellows seals, etc.

Agricultural Gas and Oil Seals

Gas and oil seals for agricultural applications features structure enhanced sealing, dual steel cases design, and enhanced dust, dirt, and sludge exclusion. It is designed specifically for agricultural machinery and equipment.

Custom Oil Seals

Yoson custom oil seals are available in outer diameter sizes ranging from 12 mm to 400mm. It can be designed in your specific materials such as ACM, FKM, NBR, HNBR, EPDM, PTFE, etc. We designed it meticulously.

Why YOSON Oil and Gas Seals

High Strength
High Strength

Yoson designed high-strength and exceptional sealing performance with unique features to ensure proper flexibility and low torque.

Long Lifespan
Long Lifespan

For a long-lasting sealing solution, the elastomer is an exceptionally resilient material that can tolerate harsh conditions.

Wide Range of Applications
Wide Range of Applications

YOSON provides flexible sealing solutions for the entire oil and gas supply applications such as upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Energy savings
Energy savings

Our bespoke oil seals combine outstanding sealing performance with a small design that helps save energy.

YOSON Oil and Gas Seals Features

Yoson gas and oil seals’ flexibility, strength, and longevity make them ideal for a variety of industrial purposes:

  • Performance in Extreme Environments – gas and oil seals have the ability to perform under extreme temperature conditions such as a fluid environment. It performs best between – 70°C and +260°C temperatures.
  • Low Friction – gas and oil seals are made for applications with low friction. The oil’s lubrication guarantees that the sealing lip does not come into contact with the shaft. It prevents the sealing lip from being burned.
  • Simple Assembly – gas and oil seals can be simply replaced without removing the complete machine in only a few minutes. Oil seals are also smaller, easier and quicker to handle and change during installation.
  • Lightweight – We develop oil seals to be lightweight while also exhibiting the strength attributes needed to perform in demanding settings.
Oil and gas seal supplier
Oil and gas seal supplier

Oil and Gas Seals Materials

Each rubber material has its own set of characteristics. These properties are ideal for certain applications and industries. Sealing solutions for oil and gas from YOSON are corrosion resistant, resilient under pressure, chemically stable, and temperature resistant. Below are some of the excellent materials for these seals:

  • Silicone/Fluorosilicone
  • FKM
  • Polyacrylate
  • Nitrile (Buna-N)
  • Highly Saturated Nitrile (HSN, HNBR)

Gas and Oil Seals Applications

The various forms of gas and oil seals make them a versatile product utilized in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • Gearboxes
  • Paper rolls
  • Electric motors
  • Industrial pumps and fans
  • Industrial machinery
  • Customized equipment
Oil and gas seal supplier

Why Choose YOSON Gas and Oil Seals

Oil and gas seal supplier 5
Oil and gas seal supplier 5

YOSON is a professional sealing provider in China. We source the improved materials that offer high-pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, wearing resistance, adaption to high speed, etc. All finished seal products undergo performance testing and quality control to provide good gas and oil sealing solutions even in the toughest challenges.

We are committed to producing superior quality products that match our customers’ expectations. Our engineers have rich experience designing and building sealing systems. We offer a broad variety of standard and custom-engineered seals perfect for your business. It includes car oil seals, heavy-duty cartridge seals, mechanical seals for the oil and gas industry, etc. You can trust our high-quality products. It will not fail no matter how demanding the working environment is. We can design efficiently and offer mass production for your needs. Contact us now!

Oil and gas seal supplier 6

YOSON is expert in custom seals production. Custom sealing solution are created, optimized and precisely engineered for specific applications. We guarantee optimal dependability and performance seals. Every operational variable is extensively examined before being used to change and optimize key design aspects. The elements include:

  • case design
  • spring position and tension
  • beam length
  • flex thickness
  • the primary and secondary lip geometry
  • head height, interference, contact width
Oil and gas seal supplier

YOSON has provided quality seals in the oilfield industry for more than 10 years. We supplied high-performance gas and oil seals, and custom-designed seals. Our specialty elastomer grades are designed to provide excellent sealing efficiency for systems that operate in the harshest environments and are resistant to:

  • Decompression with explosives
  • Harmful chemicals
  • Sour gas
  • Extreme weather conditions

How YOSON Can Boom Your Business

Component Design

With our bespoke component design service, you can guarantee that your sealing system is optimum for any harsh operation. Our team can help you in every stage of the process, including initial specification and design, precision molding in approved materials, testing the seals, product sampling, mass production, packaging and delivery.


Our reliable and knowledgeable staff will provide experienced advice and consultation on any sealing difficulty. We can assist you in determining the appropriate seal profile, type, and material for any application. Our experts undergo testing capabilities to ensure quality products such as thermo-mechanical examination, chemical compatibility, and explosive decompression testing.

Wide Range of Options

Our specialist sealing engineers can manufacture all types of gas and oil seals depending on your chosen materials, application, or projects. We can help you improve efficiency and reduce costs in your operations.

Fast Production and Transaction

With advanced manufacturing lines and technology, we can design superior gas and oil sealing for your requirements. You can count on our sealing products to function at best at all times. We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with unrivaled assistance in every transaction operation.

Gas and Oil Seal Manufacturer
YOSON – #1 Oil and Gas Seal Supplier in China

Leading Gas and Oil seal manufacturer and supplier in China. We always strive to design high-performance sealing products for wide critical applications. Get a customized color, sizes, and OEM service to skyrocket your brand. Message us immediately.

  • YOSON delivers excellent gas and oil seals for our projects. The products are well-manufactured, high-performance elastomer sealing solutions made from long-lasting materials. Thank you YOSON for an unmatched quality seal product.

  • If you’re looking for a trusted sealing solution supplier partner in China, YOSON is a perfect match! They provide amazing seals ideal for critical oil & gas applications such as midstream, downstream, and upstream sectors.

  • I highly recommend YOSON for quality and cost-effective wholesale gas and oil sealings. The products are manufactured from rigid materials, thus offering excellent durability, flexibility, and performance. It guarantees safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

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