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Yoson has a scope of FFKM materials relevant to a large selection of applications and industries. Our inclusive production network offers extensive coverage of FFKM Oring and Seals. We also offer a broad collection of specific formulations for your application.

We ensure that every FFKM seal that we make has the finest quality. Our products underwent the most stringent process to guarantee performance reliability. Rest assured that what we offer is the best in the market. Contact us today for more information.

Your Best Choice of FFKM Seal Manufacture In China

Do you need a more economical option for the FFKM seal equivalent to Kalrez?

Yoson has been producing FFKM seal for ten years. We are known in the industry to provide quality products to our clients.

You can use it without worry as it has thermal endurance in high or low-temperature settings and it can resist temperatures ranging from 335 degrees Celsius (635 degrees Fahrenheit) at the hot end to -46 degrees Celsius (-51 degrees Fahrenheit) at the cold end of the range.

If you need an FFKM Seal, just tell us what you need, and our engineers plan the right seals for your application to advance the execution of your project with low costs.

Contact us today for more details about the FFKM seal.

What You Need to Know About FFKM Seal

The are many material compounds offered in the markets in terms of sealing applications. But, when it comes to versatile thermal and chemical performance, the FFKM seal is the best choice. Yoson provides high-quality and the best FFKM seals in the market. It has a longer lifespan to protect designs or any applications for prolonged use.

What are the Physical Properties of FFKM Seal?


Perfluoroelastomer compounds are forms of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) elastomers. It consists of a fluorinated backbone. These elastomers are also copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and perfluorinated ether.

The oxygen atoms found in the backbone are part of the ether groups, which gives elasticity. Fluorine content differs according to the type of ether. Vulcanizing FFKM requires tiny amounts of a cross-linkable monomer. These are usually cyano-functional vinyl ethers.

Perfluoroelastomers can withstand static and dynamic load because of their very low compression set.

They are most generally adopted in applications involving frequent or extended contact with hydrocarbons. These materials are ASTM 1418-specified and comparable to the standards of FFPMs by ISO/DIN 1629.

Additionally, it provides a lengthy service where abrasive additives can cause swelling and degradation. Besides, it is unlikely to cold flow and has improved resistance to chemical attack. It counters almost all chemical reagents damage with its chemical makeup.

What are the Benefits of FFKM Seals?

FFKM plays a vital role in various applications, involving heavy chemicals reaching 325°C. It can deal with the roughest conditions and most demanding chemical substantial conformity elements.

Perfluoroelastomers integrate PTEF’s chemical resistance with fluorocarbon’s (FKM) elasticity and flexibility. It offers the most satisfactory coverage available. Likewise, it’s efficient in handling thermal resistance in high or low-temperature environments.

FFKM provides a trove of benefits you can take advantage of. These are the following:

1. Thermal Reliability

FFKM offers protection for prolonged periods at the highest temperatures. Ranges differ based on the specifically used formulation. It has thermal tolerance to temperatures starting from 335°C.

FFKM seal that operates in lower temperatures will lose flexibility. Those that work in high temperatures will have material alterations. It could likely result in problems, such as rapid decompression and gas absorption.

However, using these compounds for your FFKM seals guarantees better stability. Formulated and developed for extreme conditions, it ensures better performance and reliability. The materials will further hold to their original properties.

2. Flexibility and Solidity

The PTFE itself is one of FFKM’s components with beneficial attributes. It has considerable flexural strength, despite low temperatures. Additionally, it provides a lesser coefficient of friction. It only indicates that perfluoroelastomer compounds will likewise have exceptional mechanical wear-and-tear resilience.

FFKM compounds combine with the thermal stability chemical resistance attributes. It will provide you with the durability and performance you look for in FFKM seals. This will help prevent any downtime as well as failures. It saves operating costs and reduces risks to equipment, the environment, and workers.

3. Chemical Resilience

Perfluoroelastomers provide solid resistance to particular elements or a wide variety of effective chemicals. It can bear over 1,800 different chemicals, which include oils, fuels, and hydrocarbons. Moreover, an FFKM seal will have high immunity to ozone, steam, weathering, and other solvents.

These characteristics make FFKM the fitted material for several CPI applications. It proved to be the outstanding choice for making sealing solutions in steam environment applications.

4. Environment-Friendly

The resilience of FFKM seals helps reduce chemical leakage due to poor-quality seals. Thus, it can minimize pollution and volatile emissions. It protects the environment in the following ways:

  • Retards aging pace in the corrosive chemical conditions
  • Maintained sealing ability even in the hottest temperature
  • Pure ingredients that don’t diffuse in medium
  • Low vacuum seal outgassing rate
  • FFKM rubber purity satisfies FDA standards

Other Benefits of Using FFKM Seals

FFKM seals provide top-level performance and tolerability. Here are some of the reasons why this elastomer is the impeccable solution for every sealing need:

  • Non-combustible and self-extinguishing
  • Raw compounds acquired from certified suppliers
  • Analyzed and formulated specific grades
  • High density
  • Superb mechanical features and sealing performance
  • Applicable for explosive decompression
  • First-rate in class chemical resistance
  • ISO9001-certified
  • Wide temperature range
  • Exceptional gas and liquid permeation resistance
  • Fitting for CIP, SIP, and hygienic applications

What are the Applications of FFKM Seals?

FFKM’s many benefits make it the choicest material to use in various applications and industries. These applications include:

1. Oil & Gas Applications Seals

Oil, including gas applications, entail risky environments with raised temperatures and rigorous conditions. Because of this, FFKM seals proved to be helpful. They have impressive fuel and oil resistance, making them appropriate for such applications.

Perfluoroelastomer also makes a quality component for automotive applications. It’s dominant along the extensive fuel supply chain. It includes gearbox seals, fuel injectors, and high-pressure pumps.

FFKM seals have no seepage or pinholes and increase movement cycles. It can also extend the utilization rate and optimize equipment performance. The increase in equipment uptime leads to better productivity.

2. Seals for Chemical Applications

FFKM seals can lessen lost time and entire maintenance costs. Its sturdiness and consistency can tolerate even the severest processing conditions. It proved to be an excellent sealing medium for rubber seals used in pumps and valves.

Not all standard polymers offer the alignment of chemical resistance and high temperature. This combination is crucial to achieving the desired level in oil and gas applications.

Likewise, it reduces the odds of hydrocarbons, gas, and oil exploration and recovery. FFKM seals offer incredible sour gas resistance. They are also preparable for rapid gas decompression  (RGD) resistance. This material can endure extended exposure to oxygen plasma and temperatures as high as 621°F.

Why Buy From Yoson?

When it comes to sealing solutions, Yoson can provide what you need. Our expertise in designing and producing rubber seals answers the sealing problems of many industries.

Seal your project with confidence. We have expertise in creating custom sealing solutions, especially for FFKM seals. Feel free to contact us.

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