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We have over 10 years of experience in producing EPDM O Ring, offering consistent delivery and high-quality O ring,  that can be adjusted to your needs in a timely manner, helping you to save a lot of time in purchasing.

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Why Yoson can be Your Trusted EPDM O Ring Manufacturer

Our factory is putting product quality first, with the quality management system, production process, and inspection mechanism.

We are able to ensure the quality of each shipment and make sure that the EPDM O Ring, seals, and gaskets are dimensioned and controlled within the tolerance range.

If you also want to customize other rubber seals, we can also provide other rubbers, design drawings for free according to your working conditions, and adjust your needs in time.

Contact Yoson Seals for your project, we will guide you for EPDM O ring Seals.


There are a lot of objects that would need sealing and might even pose a threat when you least expect it. Our company is one of the top-notch ones out there that help prevent any accidents like that to happen.

Our EPDM o rings can provide you with a strong and effective elastomer seal that could last way longer than any of those commercialized ones out there. EPDM O-rings can be quite revolutionary and they can catch the world by storm in just a matter of time.

What is an EPDM O Ring?

EPDM O-rings, also known as ethylene propylene O-rings, are a type of synthetic elastomer that offers low-cost steam and chemical resistance, making them ideal for applications that involve solvents, acids, and other mild chemicals.

EPDM can be used for a whole variety of things, but of course, there is much more than what would first appear. When it comes to EPDM rings this time, it is most commonly used in some medical devices, water or wastewater systems, vehicle manufacturing, and also for some household appliances.EPDM O RING

What does EPDM O Ring do?

What these rings do is act like a seal for the items stated above and have been proven to be quite useful and efficient over time. They are also safe when it comes to the medical field as they can help seal in or out some of those harmful chemicals and fluids.

Where can You Use an EPDM O Ring?

These EPDM rings can be easily used in various areas and will not fail you just like other commercial and common brands. You can easily use and apply them on decks for your boats or for sealants for those parts that need it in your vehicles. That alone can save you time, especially on a busy day.

It could also be used for just about everything ranging from a garden hose to housing some speaker components. It is also great for applications that involve acids, solvents, and other mild chemicals. Being strong and long-lasting, you can bet that you are going to get your money’s worth when you go for these rings.


If ever any of your household appliances would need a seal or a quick fix, you can use EPDM O-rings to restore them right away. Not only that, but you could use them for water systems, such as your pipes, and to repair any damages that they may have.


EPDM o rings are commonly used as a sealant for any vehicular problems that would require a way to cover up or to plaster on a tube or lining for your cars. Being weatherproof and heat resistant, this can prove to be long-lasting and durable.


Another common use of EPDM o rings is for all kinds of construction. You could use this for pipes, some gaskets, and even some electrical wiring that would be required for whatever it is you are building.


EPDM O-rings can be quite strong and versatile. And that is why it is also used as a sealant for some medicine in hospitals and clinics. Using them would also ensure the safety of people when there are some safety hazards that have to be contained.

What is EPDM O Rings Made of?

EPDM is commonly made out of synthetic rubber. This rubber is primarily composed of propylene, ethylene, and also a diene comonomer that allows for sulfur vulcanization crosslinking.

With this production process, it is ensured that the EPDM rings would remain as tough as they are. This is also the reason for these rings to withstand any type of weather and how it manages to keep up with being one of the best sealants out there.

These components were carefully tested and chosen to make sure and serve the purpose of sealing. Our company makes sure as well that we use all of the data and information of these materials and products to better serve you.

Characteristics of EPDM Material

In this part of the article, we will show you the main properties of an EPDM Ring and how great it can be.

  • Durability and Resistance

When it comes to benefits, this would help you out in the long run and even save you a lot of time, effort, and money. And just to sweeten the deal just a bit more, EPDM is a synthetic type of rubber that is completely weatherproof. It is also ultraviolet resistant which makes it to be one of the toughest sealants out there and proves to last more than just a couple of tries or weeks.

  • Safe and Weatherproof

That is only the tip of the iceberg as the material of the rings is created to be very flexible and durable. Thus, the nature of it lasting through any weather, you can rely on it to endure just about anything and also keep yourself and others safe, most especially in those environments that are essentially needed to be.

  • Versatile

Additionally, EPDM rings are good electrical insulators and some select and modified rings are much tougher and have stronger resistance. This allows the rings to be optimal for their use and even last longer than most sealants out there. It would be much better if you consider purchasing a few of our products for those situations that require them.


These EPDM O-rings were made to keep solvents in and we can also guarantee that it does just that. But that is where our company has the difference as we also take pride in its manufacturing as we use the best and high-quality materials. In doing such, we are also able to deliver high-quality products to you, our valued customer.

With the rings themselves being weather resistant, there would be the application of it being waterproof. We are glad to tell you that they are waterproof as well! May it be freshwater or sea/saltwater. You would not have to worry about the use of any of the rings while underwater or when conducting any marine projects of yours.

This would all fall under how our company and our team of experts go through and continue to produce the rings. We make sure that we utilize and stay consistent with the components and materials we use for each ring that we make.

Making sure that safety is also part of our products, we can guarantee all of you that the materials used and how it was made to operate will always take safety as a top priority. It is safe to handle and apply where you need it. Not only that, but you can always check the instructions on the product for any clarification.


EPDM can be quite flexible and handy in a lot of instances.  We also can make FDA grade for the EPDM O ring.

Whenever you need some or have questions about it, you can always get in touch with us and we can help you with all things EPDM O Ring and anything related to it!

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