Custom Medical Seal Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a professional medical seal manufacturer in China. One-stop solution for a wide array of custom and standard medical seal options such as rotary seals, O-rings, gaskets, diaphragm seals, etc.

  • Compliant with FDA, ISO, WRAS approvals
  • Available in various elastomers or PTFE based materials
  • Custom design according to your request
  • Cost-effective seal solution

Yoson Medical Seal

YOSON medical seals offer the best sealing solution for various pharmaceutical apparatus, analytical devices, and medical equipment. Medical seals are made mechanically strong, chemically resistant, and hygienic.

At YOSON, you can find specifically engineered medical seals for your applications. It is tested and proven to handle a broad range of process media. We can develop an excellent medical seal for various pharmaceutical devices.

Whether you need standard or custom medical seals, you can get them at a very cost-effective rate here. You can request custom medical seal material, shape, and sizes to suit any medical application. Even if you require a precise metric or imperial measurement seal, YOSON is your ultimate manufacturer. Talk to us now!

YOSON Medical Seals

Silicone Medical Seals

Silicone Medical Seals has an ASTM designated abbreviation of PMQ, VMQ, and PVMQ. It is compliant with FDA, RoHS, USP Class VI, and other most stringent requirements.

Ethylene Acrylic Medical Seals

Ethylene acrylic medical seals or AEM ASTM designated abbreviation. It exhibits properties such as excellent heat resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, etc.

Polybutadiene Medical Seals

Polybutadiene medical seals feature resilience and toughness characteristics. It is ISO-10993 and FDA compliant used for medical applications such as surgical instruments, diaphragms, plunger tips, etc.

Diaphragm Medical Seals

Made from different elastomers or PTFE-based raw materials. It is used for various respiratory devices such as anesthesia equipment, spirometers, ventilators, hematology analyzers, air blenders, and sanitary pharmaceutical applications.

Sanitary Medical Gaskets

Specifically designed from FKM, NBR, VMQ, EPDM material, etc. It is used in various medical, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical devices such as anesthesia equipment, biotech processing equipment, and more. It can be customized to optimize seal performance.

Reciprocating Cylinder Seal

Reciprocating cylinder seal exhibits high side load and shock-resistant capabilities. This seal consists of an elastomer energizer and a plastic sealing element. Designed with a simple groove, easy to install. Made from wear-resistant materials guarantee a long service life.

Why Choose YOSON Medical Seals

Safe and Hygienic
Safe and Hygienic

Yoson medical seals are used for life sciences equipment, thus, it is created in 10,000-class cleanroom for safe and hygienic results.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

Our team produces different medical seals that easily slip into glands with an easy installation process. It is easy to use and reliable.

Medical Grade
Medical-Grade Materials

Guaranteed medical-grade materials that can last longer and protect the medical equipment from the harmful environment.


According to your specifications, medical seals come in custom designs, colors, sizes, etc. Design drawings, and free samples are available.

Medical Seals Production

All medical seals we supply are produced in a certified cleanroom. This ensures that seals are sterilized, and not contaminated by outside dirt, debris, or unfiltered air. Guaranteed medical solutions trusted for patient care.

Our company provides high-quality medical-grade elastomeric materials specifically made for life sciences applications. It includes FKM, NBR, VMQ, EPDM, FFKM, Isolast, HNBR, etc. These can withstand the most stringent sterilization procedures and use in any liquid or gaseous medium.

Medical Seal
Medical Seal

Medical Seal Benefits

High-grade medical seals are designed to extend the life of your device’s working capabilities. It effectively protects valves and pumps. Choosing YOSON medical seals for specialized jobs has several advantages, such as:

  • Flexible designs that are easily adaptable to a variety of uses.
  • Appropriate for static, reciprocating cylinders, and other medical applications.
  • Accurate materials compliant with necessary certifications
  • Dependable and high-standard

Medical Seals Applications

YOSON medical seals are used in an extensive range of uses. We have produced pharmaceutical and medical seals for use in:

  • IV components
  • Medical pumps
  • Feeding devices
  • Implant material
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Fluid transfer equipment
  • Cylinders, valves, etc.
Medical Seal

Why Choose YOSON Medical Seals

Medical Seal
Medical Seal

YOSON is your trusted medical seal manufacturer and supplier in China. We have 10+ years of production and OEM experience. Our team supply medical-grade seals made from elastomers with the highest performance and quality.

Our range of high-performance medical seals are rigorously manufactured to keep both equipment and humans safe from dangerous leakage. Medical seals are utilized when gases or liquids need to transfer, pump, contain, drain or dispense. These seals are designed with excellent heat resistance, improved chemical resistors, and low permeability to gas. It is compliant to relevant life sciences approvals and standards.

For your specific medical seal requirements, you can trust YOSON. We have precision measuring instruments for precise dimensions medical seals. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to message us immediately.

YOSON Medical Seals

Medical Seal

Certified with ISO certification, YOSON design and manufacture various medical-grade seals. We use elastomers or PTFE based materials compliant to:

  • FDA, KTW, NSF certification
  • WRAS, USP Class VI
  • 2600
  • FDA CFR177.2600, 3-A
  • Cytotoxicity (USP 87)
Medical Seal

YOSON has sophisticated manufacturing techniques and fully automatic production equipment to produce custom medical seals for your requirements. We can manufacture different materials or type of medicine for your business. In the production, we consider various factors such as:

  • hardware specifications
  • seal life expectations
  • temperature, motion
  • pressure or vacuum
  • process media

Custom Medical Seals to Skyrocket Your Business

Custom Static Medical Seal

Yoson provides custom static medical seal used in static applications such as processing equipment, surgical drills, biotech, anesthesia equipment, etc. It is a custom-shaped sealing with improved performance and quality.

Custom Reciprocating Cylinder Medical Seal

Custom reciprocating cylinder medical seals are utilized as a rod and piston seal for rotary purposes. It is easy to install, resistant against shock loads, have a simple groove design. It is made from high-grade materials that ensure long service life.

Custom High-Performance Rotary Sealing

Custom high-performance rotary sealing can be used in diagnostic and laboratory devices such as vacuum pumps, gear boxes, actuators, motors, centrifuges, etc. Designed with high rotational speed capability, chemically inert, and self-lubricating. Available in 100 °C to +260 °C wide operating temperature.

Medical Seal Manufacturer
One-Stop Medical Seal Supplier in China

More than 10 years of manufacturing experience. Strict compliance to ISO quality management system, Provide different sizes of specifications of a medical seal. Support OEM service to satisfy your needs. Contact us today!

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