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What is a Flange Gasket?

EPDM Flange Gasket

A flange gasket is used to seal the connection between two flared pipes. They are available in varying sizes with an inner and outer diameter. They have four classifications namely, spiral wound, ring, corrugated metal, and sheet.

Let’s learn more about flange gaskets made from EPDM rubber, their uses, and their benefits.

What is an EPDM gasket?

These are high wear and abrasion-resistant gaskets that are formulated for applications that involve harsh chemicals like alkalis and acids. Moreover, they are also well suited for steam, petroleum-based products, and hydrocarbon oils.

They offer remarkable sealing durability and are very reliable as they can withstand a temperature range of -60 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This rubber material also provides effective electrical insulation capabilities, weather, aging, ultraviolet, ozone, and color stability than doesn’t stain in mating surfaces.

Moreover, flange gaskets are very common. They are available in stores where there are other types of gaskets being sold. They work the same way as other gaskets but they are designed for flanged surfaces.

This means that they are designed to seal the two sections of a pipe. These sections flare out hence flanged gaskets are used. Once installed, this gasket establishes a sealed mating surface to prevent any liquid from escaping.

This method is very critical with pipes since liquids are passing through them. Often, the joints are the cause for water or other liquids to leak because of the mating surface. Flange gaskets are the ones keeping the integrity of the seal to prevent liquids from bleeding out.

Unfortunately, pipes are designed to establish a sealed mating surface on their own. Flanged gaskets are designed to seal flanged surfaces, especially in pipes where leaks can sip through the cracks.

This is why flange gaskets are the material of choice for commercial swimming pools and other water systems like water treatment facilities, irrigation systems, etc.

EPDM Flange Gasket vs Neoprene

EPDM rubber works better than Neoprene especially if the application involves abrasive wear and outdoor use. Ironically, a huge majority of people are still using neoprene gaskets for most of their applications.

EPDM has all the properties and appearance of rubber. This includes excellent compressibility which is its most recognizable trait. However, like most materials, these materials have their strengths and weaknesses.

However, as a flange gasket, EPDM is the better choice because of its high immunity to water, sunlight, and low temperature. Thanks to its excellent compression resistance, the flange gasket can recover impressively well from applications where the joint needs to be opened and closed from time to time.

On the other hand, the EPDM gasket is a cheaper alternative to silicone which is also a good material thanks to its exceptional flexibility and temperature resistance capabilities.

EPDM Rubber Properties

EPDM stands for ethylene-propylene-diene monomer. Both propylene and ethylene are in their gas and hydrocarbon form at room temperature become solid polymers when combined just like polypropylene and polyethylene. Moreover, this material is produced through the polymerization process.

As a result, a substantially stable material is produced that can withstand oxidation, heat, aging, and ultraviolet light. On the other hand, it can become flexible when used in low temperatures if it’s intended for that specific application.

Likewise, this material offers good mechanical properties with a tensile strength of 7-21 Mpa. This is significantly higher when compared to other elastomers. For example, silicone has 5-10 Mpa, neoprene 5-8 Mpa, and nitrile 12-15 Mpa.

Are you looking for a company that can supply EPDM flange gaskets? Send us your queries and our team of experts will help you get the right material for your needs. We’ll also give you a quote together with our EPDM gasket prices.

What color are EPDM gaskets? EPDM rubber gaskets are generally black. However, FDA-approved gaskets and seals are white.

EPDM Gasket Benefits

Industrial users of EPDM gaskets will gain numerous advantages with this material. While they are primarily used in the automotive space to reduce noise or weather seals, it’s interesting to know that this material passed ASTM D-2000-2BA qualifications.

For this reason, they offer different benefits thanks to their superior resistance to UV, weathering, ozone, wind, sunlight, and extreme cold. Gaskets made from this material also have excellent resistance to chemicals, steam, vegetable and animal oils, oxygenated solvents, and water, among others.

EPDM rubber is a remarkable, general-purpose material that makes them ideal for outdoor gaskets thanks to its reliability, durability, and excellent compression resistance. Even if you use them on a joint that you need to open on some occasions, EPDM is guaranteed to recover and continue its sealing proficiency without fail.

Likewise, it offers excellent electrical resistance. You can even replace your silicone gaskets with EPDM as a cheaper alternative. But it’s not just about the price because EPDM offers nearly as good a temperature range and is more durable compared to the more expensive silicone.


There are different types of rubber flange gaskets in the market. However, EPDM is one of the best rubber materials for flange gaskets and they’re relatively inexpensive. Flange gaskets made from EPDM are guaranteed to be strong, reliable, and extremely durable making them an ideal material for their intended applications.

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