Low-Temperature O-Ring Manufacturer in China

YOSON manufactures low-temperature O-rings made from various materials. We constantly supply them to more than 120 countries globally. Also, our O-rings for low temperatures are available in multiple specifications to meet distinct needs.

  • Customizable thickness
  • Allows for a wide range of uses
  • Outstanding resistivity qualities
  • Available at a reasonable cost

YOSON Low Temperature O-Ring

The low-temperature O-rings have about -45°C to 120°C temperature range. These O-ring types provide moderate oil, grease, and chemical resistance. However, it is vital to know the reality that O-rings with low temperatures are easy to shrink and can lose their chemical resistance. But YOSON provides suitable materials with multiple advantages. They are ideal for numerous applications, making them still in demand in the markets.

YOSON customizes your O-rings specifications needed for projects or businesses. We professionally follow our customer’s provided samples or drawings for precise shaping. With our skilled workers using advanced equipment, we ensure high-quality O-ring components.

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Cross Section Low-Temperature O-Ring

The cross-section diameter O-rings are typically made from silicone materials. YOSON provides cross-section ranges of ⅙ to ¼ inch, yet they are customizable.

PU Low-Temperature O-Ring

The PU low-temperature O-rings are designed with different hardness capabilities, depending on preferred materials. They are available in various sizes. These O-rings work well specifically in low-temperature environments.

Low-Temperature Rubber O-Ring

YOSON provides low-temperature rubber O-rings according to customers’ samples and drawings. They are technically molded, depending on the required sizes.

Food Grade Silicone O-Ring

The food-grade silicone O-rings are ISO9001, RoHS, and FDA-certified approved. These O-rings feature chemical and oil resistance. Multiple industries benefit from these low-temperature components, including Food Health and Medicine. 

Low-Temperature EPDM O-Ring

Low-temperature EPDM O-rings feature excellent sealing performance and wear resistance. Their thicknesses and hues are customizable as per requests. They have about 20 to 90 shore A hardness range.

Fluorosilicone Seal O-Ring

Fluorosilicone seal O-rings have water, low temperature, and chemical resistance strength. They are available in black, yellow, white, green, or customized colors. These seal O-rings are beneficial for food equipment and machine sealing. 

Why Choose YOSON Low-Temperature O-Ring

Chemical Resistance
Chemical Resistance

YOSON’s low-temperature O-ring mechanical property help to avoid extrusion and wear. Our O-ring proves to be impervious considering several contaminants, gases, and lubricants depending on the chosen material.


Low-temperature O-ring is an excellent choice due to its great chemical resistance and elasticity. Every O-ring sizes are customizable, depending on the application. It is a universally compatible type of O-ring component.

High Strength
High Strength

Every low-temperature O-ring undergoes various strength tests. We endeavor to provide our clients with an O-ring they can trust and that can enhance their business capabilities. The strength capacity depends on the selected material.

1 Cold Resistance
Cold Resistance

Our offered O-rings provide the best sealing performance under extremely low-temperature working conditions. It is beneficial in the Pharmaceutical business since any medicinal product necessitates precise temperature control.

Low-Temperature O-Ring Applications

YOSON customizes suitable low-temperature O-rings for different applications using various materials. They are specified for the following industry.

  • Food Industry
  • Dairy
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Petrochemical
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • Semiconductor fabrication
  • Chemical processing
Low-Temperature O-Ring
How Low Temperature Affects Typical O-Rings

Low-Temperature O-Ring Certifications

YOSON guarantees certified approved low-temperature O-rings. As professionals, we ensure that our product specifications adhere to the following certifications.

  • Mil, NAS, and AMS Specification
  • FDA and USP Class VI
  • AS568 in multiple sizes
  • NSF51
  • NSF61
  • UL Listed

Trust YOSON’s O-ring qualities to improve your business sales and multiply your customers!

How Low Temperature Affects Typical O-Rings

Multiple O-ring materials will reduce when being exposed to low temperatures. It is a big deal as natural rubber properties are deformed when forming effective sealing. The ultra-low temperature possibly minimizes the rubber flexibility and results in brittleness. However, these effects enhance the rubber deformation and leak resistance. 

But despite some issues and results, YOSON manufactures O-ring components suitable for low temperatures as they are still beneficial for numerous applications. They are valuable for extreme intrusive chemical processing, oil & gas recoveries, medical industry, and semiconductor parts fabrication industries.

Low-Temperature O-Ring

YOSON - Your Reliable Low-Temperature O-Ring Supplier

o ring

YOSON can be your constant supplier of high-quality O-rings working in a low-temperature environment. We are expert enough to handle OEM services and customize requested specifications. Our manufacturing techniques are done using automatic production equipment. That assures our worldwide customers excellent quality and lasting O-ring supplies for business.

Our offered low-temperature O-rings come with standard features required for specific utilization. You can send us your specification requirements, and we will immediately do the processes. We have a friendly sales staff, always ready to entertain and respond to your inquiries.

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YOSON Low Temperature O-Ring

o ring

YOSON O-rings for low temperatures are manufactured with appropriate materials. The selected compositions of O-rings affect their sealing performances for particular applications. The following tells about the factors to consider when choosing a low-temperature rubber for O-rings.

  • Mechanical properties
  • Chemical media resistance
  • Pressure capability
  • Industrial standards
  • Material grades
  • Storage areas
Low-Temperature O-Ring

Below are some chemical media resistances of low-temperature elastomers used for various components, like O-rings. However, various material grades provide different performances on each media.

  • Acid
  • Bases
  • Fats & Oil
  • Ozone
  • Solvents
  • Water
  • Benzene
  • Steam
  • Alcohol

Custom Low-Temperature O-Ring Materials


Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) is a synthetic rubber that can withstand temperatures from -45 to 240 degrees Celsius. Compared to the typical FKM, FFKM has a more concentrated fluorine content and advanced chemical resistance. FFKM seals are the most satisfactory solution for demanding operations.


When it comes to situations where temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C are desirable, HNBR is the suitable O-ring material you can choose. Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) is a synthetic polymer composed of Nitrile’s butadiene segments with hydrogen. Gas, thermal, and oxidation resistance are all characteristics of HNBR.


EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers) is a synthetic rubber with increased density and many applications. The O-ring material can tolerate changing and extreme temperatures. Moreover, EPDM proved to resist unwanted erosion, alkalis, and chemicals.


Silicone is the best O-ring material for temperatures ranging from -55°C to 200°C. The vinyl-methyl-silicone (VMQ) as a principal constituent is what they all have in common among the silicone’s considerable number of options. Silicone is helpful in static applications and at relatively low temperatures where ozone and UV rays are present.


In application with the temperature -45° to 110°C, Nitrile o-ring material proves advantageous. Among the other material, Nitrile is an organic compound. Most Nitrile O-rings are available at a reasonable price. When it comes to their chemical resistance capabilities, Nitrile does an excellent job.

Low-Temperature O-Ring Supplier
Your Expert Low-Temperature O-Ring Provider

The low-temperature O-rings produced by YOSON are known for their reliability. We ensure that mentioned product we supply is constructed with high-quality components by doing various quality tests. Customizing features according to your requests is one of our expertise. Now is the time to do business with us!

  • “We are delighted to purchase low-temperature O-rings in Yoson. They provided us with our needed specific customizations at a reasonable price. No doubt, their offered product and services exceeded our expectations.”

  • “In producing O-rings at low temperatures, Yoson has shown to be a leader. They ship their goods worldwide, and they always arrive in perfect shape. We have nothing but praise for their ability to customize and provide OEM services.”

  • “I appreciate how Yoson provides a free design of a suitable low-temperature O-ring. It helps our business decide which appropriate O-rings we need for our desired application. The product we purchase arrives earlier than we expected.”

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