Flat Rubber Ring Manufacturer in China

Yoson is an ISO-certified manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality flat rubber rings. Our flat rubber rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and other specifications. We are also offering custom flat rubber rings to fit your specific needs.

  • Providing OEM services
  • More than 10 years of experience
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Offers excellent after-sales services

Yoson Flat Rubber Ring

Yoson offers a large selection of flat rubber rings that are suitable to use on automobile, diesel oil engine, locomotive, fuel systems, high-pressure fuel pumps, seal parts in chemical factory, and many more. They are designed to have excellent resistance to a wide range of temperature, various types of chemicals, oil, water, high pressure, gases, and corrosion. Also, they are highly durable and resistant to wearing, tearing, and abrasion. Different types of materials can be used for the production of flat rubber rings such as FKM, NBR, silicone, and so on. They also come in many colors such as black, green, brown, red, or custom colors.

We are also customizing the flat rubber rings in order to help you grow your business. OEM services are offered at Yoson. We are providing fast delivery, excellent after-sales service, excellent quality flat rubber rings, and reasonable prices.

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Flat Rubber Ring Series

Flat Rubber O-Ring

The flat rubber O-ring is designed with a square profile and smooth texture. They are commonly used for rotary sealing, high-pressure sealing, and gasket applications. Also, they are resistant to many chemicals and high temperatures.

Flat Rectangular Rubber Ring

High-quality, soft, and durable silicone rubber is used for producing flat rectangular rubber rings. These rings have a rectangular design for greater flexibility. They are resistant to chemicals, oil, temperatures, and more.

Flat Cone Rubber Ring

The flat cone rubber ring is ideal to use for high-pressure applications. Also, they are used for diesel oil engines, locomotives, automobiles, fuel systems, and so on. They are made from FKM rubber that is resistant to most kinds of chemicals.

Green Flat Rubber Rings

The green flat rubber rings are manufactured from high-quality silicone. They have excellent resistance to acids, heat, chemicals, high & low temperatures, and water. Also, they are abrasion-resistant and have great tensile strength.

Flat Hollow Rubber Ring

Some applications of the flat hollow rubber rings include mechanical equipment, home appliances, electronic components, automobile, aviation, etc. They have good elasticity and flexibility. Plus, they can resist oxidation, oil, alkali, and more.

Food-Grade Flat Rubber Ring

The food-grade flat rubber rings have strong resistance to high and low temperatures. They are made from food-grade, soft, high-quality, and semi-transparent silicone rubber. Usually, they are used for thermos and other food containers.

Flat Rubber Ring Advantages


The flat rubber rings are designed to withstand extremely high or low temperatures. They have various working temperature ranges depending on what type of material is used.


Since the applications of our rubber rings involve chemicals, they are designed to have excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals such as fuel, gases, and other solvents.

Highly Durable
Highly Durable

We manufacture the rubber rings from the finest quality and most durable materials. As a result, they are tough and do not wear and tear easily. They will also last for a long time.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

Yoson has the ability and expertise in custom manufacturing rubber rings. We ensure to produce them in accordance with your requirements to meet your expectations and needs.

Why Choose Yoson

  1. Expert Manufacturer – Yoson has been producing all types of flat rubber rings for more than 10 years. Our experience, expertise, and advanced manufacturing equipment enable us to provide flat rubber rings with excellent quality at competitive prices. We can manufacture your flat rubber rings in any color, size, and shape that meet your standards.
  2. Fast Delivery – We make sure to deliver the best flat rubber rings within 7 to 10 days.
  3. No MOQ Required – At Yoson, we don’t have a minimum order quantity required. We accept any order quantity.
  4. Supplying Globally – Yoson is a manufacturer that is exporting to all over the world. We have been exporting to more than 120 countries.
Why Choose Yoson
Custom Flat Rubber Rings to Meet Your Specific Needs

Custom Flat Rubber Rings to Meet Your Specific Needs

If your business needs specific materials, colors, thicknesses, or sizes of the flat rubber rings, you can contact us and discuss your requirements. At Yoson, we provide custom flat rubber rings in accordance with your exact specifications. We can manufacture them even in the most complex shapes and designs.

In China, we are one of the experts when it comes to customizing rubber rings. With the help of advanced technology and our highly skilled R&D team, we are able to support your unique needs.

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Quality Assurance

Yoson is dedicated to quality and due to that, we have been certified to the international Quality Management Standards such as ISO. We have quality control throughout our manufacturing process. From raw materials to final products, every process is being observed and controlled by our expert QA team. And before shipping them, we always do a final inspection.

Our goal is to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing a wide range of best quality flat rubber rings with responsive service and after-sales service. Moreover, we comply with the hygiene standards and legislative manufacturing regulations. We keep on ensuring that our flat rubber rings are completely compliant with the highest standards.

Quality Assurance

Yoson | Your Trusted Flat Rubber Ring Supplier in China

Your Trusted Flat Rubber Ring Supplier in China

Yoson is a reliable manufacturer for more than 10 years that focuses on providing all kinds of flat rubber rings for various applications and industries. Through our rich experience, professional team, advanced equipment, and manufacturing processes, we are capable of producing high-quality products and customized solutions for our customers.

To ensure the quality and reliability of our flat rubber rings, we only use the highest quality and inspected raw materials. We can produce them from a variety of materials such as nitrile rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM, FKM, and other materials based on your needs. In addition, we can manufacture them using food-grade raw materials. To support your business, we offer OEM services. You can send us your design or details about the flat rubber rings that you need.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our services or products.

Yoson – Flat Rubber Ring Manufacturer


Our flat rubber rings have a lot of features such as:

  • Excellent resistance to wearing & tearing
  • Smooth surface texture
  • Great tensile strength
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Can work with extremely low or high temperatures depending on the type of material that is used
  • Ability to withstand high-pressure applications
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, water, oil, corrosion, friction, gases,
  • Non-toxic & food-grade
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Highly durable & long-lasting
  • Good elasticity

The flat rubber rings are a highly versatile material. They can be used as a leak barrier, cushion, washer, or screw support. Moreover, they can be used for pneumatic & hydraulic pieces of equipment, transmission systems, water treatment facilities, oil refineries, chemical processing, and more. They are also widely used in the industries such as aerospace, food, automotive, pharmaceutical, marine, construction, and other industries.

In addition, the flat rubber rings can also be used for covering the places that the round rubber rings can’t reach. As an example, they can be used as a seal between the oil housing and oil filter of a car.

Yoson Flat Rubber Ring Materials

Silicone Rubber

The flat rubber rings that are made from silicone rubber have excellent resistance to water, ozone, heat, weathering, and acids. They have a wide temperature range, from very low to high temperatures. Moreover, they have very good tear resistance and tensile strength.

Nitrile Rubber

The nitrile rubber or also known as NBR is the commonly used type of rubber for the fabrication of rubber rings. Flat rubber rings made from nitrile rubber are highly resistant to crude oil, water, petroleum oil, gasoline, propane, and other hydraulic fluids. Typically, they can withstand temperatures that range from 50°C up to 120°C. They are also robust and tough.

Fluorocarbon Rubber

We can also manufacture flat rubber rings made from high-quality fluorocarbon rubber. The flat rubber rings that are made from fluorocarbon rubber have strong resistance to petroleum oils, silicone fluids, gases, acids, and other chemicals. They can also withstand temperatures from -26°C up to 205°C.

Fluorocarbon Elastomer Rubber

Fluorocarbon elastomer rubber or also known as fluoroelastomer can be used for the production of flat rubber rings due to their excellent resistance to UV damage, oxidation, oils, ozone, fungus, petroleum-based lubricants, and high temperatures. Typically, they can withstand temperatures up to 210°C.

HNBR O-rings Supplier
Yoson Flat Rubber Rings to Grow Your Business

Yoson provides excellent quality flat rubber rings at competitive prices. We can deliver them globally and on-time. All of our flat rubber rings are guaranteed by international quality management systems. We can customize the flat rubber rings to the exact sizes, colors, materials, and other specifications that you need.

  • “I am very satisfied with our cooperation with Yoson! The quality of their rubber rings is amazing. The rubber rings were delivered promptly and they have a smooth surface and no rough edges. Their team was also very responsive to my inquiries. For our next projects, we will continue to work with Yoson again.”

  • “If you are looking for a rubber ring supplier that you can rely on, I recommend you to contact Yoson. They are an expert in manufacturing and developing rubber rings that have great quality and accurate customizations. Their after-sales services will also satisfy you!”

  • “The flat rubber rings from Yoson really exceeded my expectations. They have amazing quality and are obviously made from durable materials. We have tested them and they do not break easily. They also have a great sealing performance. Big thanks to Yoson!”

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