Professional AED Seals Manufacturer in China

YOSON is a professional manufacturer of AED seals that are highly resistant to chemicals, acids, high temperature, and heat. We produce AED seals through our advanced manufacturing facilities.

  • Reliable and stable
  • High sealing performance
  • Suitable for different applications
  • Customizable to meet your business requirements
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    Custom AED Seals from YOSON

    YOSON offers a custom AED seal solution for different applications such as semiconductors, pump valves, new energy, drive vacuum compression, household appliances, electric tools, aerospace, and more. All these seals are manufactured with high-pressure resistance, wide working temperature range, stability, reliability, and quality.

    YOSON AED seals are also designed to provide explosive decompression resistance. Thus, providing a high-performance sealing. The seals are also produced with superior chemical resistance, aging resistance, and acid compatibility. Each seal is manufactured according to your specific sizes, colors, and other specifications. These are also offered with no minimum order required to support your starting business.

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    Anti Explosive Decompression Rubber Seal

    We manufacture Anti Explosive Decompression Rubber Seals that are manufactured with high resistance to acids or solvents, fuels, weather, steam, and more.

    Explosive Decompression HNBR AED O-Rings

    YOSON offers Explosive Decompression HNBR AED O-Rings that are heat resistant and chemical resistant for underwater valves, drilling equipment, and compressor.

    Injector Rubber AED O-Ring

    Our Injector Rubber AED O-Rings are made from NBR, AFLAS, SILICONE, and more materials. Standard and customized AED O-rings are available at YOSON.

    Explosive Decompression AED O-Rings

    YOSON manufactures Explosive Decompression AED O-Rings that offer high strength and rapid pressure resistance to ensure excellent sealing performance.

    Anti Explosive Decompression RGD O-Ring

    Our Anti Explosive Decompression RGD O-Rings are suitable for high pressure and low/high-temperature environment. It comes with wide working pressure.

    YOSON AED Seals Feature

    Wide Temperature Range
    Wide Temperature Range

    We manufacture AED seals that can work with high temperatures ranging from -5⁰C up to 220⁰C and higher.

    Chemical Resistance
    Chemical Resistance

    AED seals from YOSON are manufactured with excellent resistance to chemicals such as sour gas, acetic acid, and more.


    YOSON offers high-quality AED seals that feature superior chemical compatibility for different industrial applications.

    Stable Compression
    Stable Compression

    Our AED seals are manufactured with low and stable compression that is set at high temperatures for high performance.

    What is an AED Seal?

    AED seals or anti-explosive decompression are also known as RGD and explosive decompression resistant seals. These seals offer maximum protection and excellent performance for applications with rapid pressure loss. The AED seals are commonly used in the oil and gas industry.

    Here in YOSON, we offer a wide range of AED seals that are guaranteed high-quality, durable, and tested. Each seal is manufactured with features that are fully customizable. You can send us your ideas or specification for custom anti-explosive decompression seals.

    What is an AED Seal
    Materials and Compounds for AED Seal Production

    Materials and Compounds for AED Seal Production

    YOSON manufactures high-quality AED seals using different materials and compounds such as:

    • Viton or FKM
    • FFKM
    • AFLAS
    • HNBR
    • EPDM
    • Nitrile Buna-N

    International Standard Testing

    YOSON supplies a broad selection of AED seals that are approved by international standards testing for explosive decompression conditions. The standards include the following:

    • NORSOK M-710 for rapid gas decompression resistance
    • ISO23936-2 for a contact of oil and gas to non-metallic material production
    • TOTAL General Specification
    • NACE TM0297

    Rest assured that our AED seals have complied with the strict and highest requirements.

    International Standard Testing

    Wholesale AED Seals Supplier in China

    o ring

    YOSON is a certified AED seal manufacturer in China that offers a one-stop solution for your business. We offer AED seals as wholesale service. Guaranteed that all these seals are manufactured with excellent explosive decompression resistance, chemical properties, and superior internal properties. We are a supplier of AED seals that are made from FFKM, AFLAS, and HNBR materials.

    Here in YOSON, our factory in China is well-equipped with automated production equipment to ensure the quality of each seal. All our seals especially AED are manufactured with different hardness levels to fit any harsh environment applications. We also ensure precision dimension and accuracy. Our expert engineering team can also customize based on your sizes, colors, and other specifications.

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    YOSON AED Seals Applications

    YOSON offers custom AED seals solution to the following industries:

    • Petrochemicals
    • Automotive
    • Filtration
    • Power Generation
    • Chemical Plants
    • Hydraulic Fittings
    • Fluid Power
    • Electronics
    Different Medias Where AED Seals Perform Well

    Below are the different media types where our AED seals can provide high performance:

    • High vacuum
    • Petroleum products
    • Strong acid
    • Mineral oil
    • Diesel
    • Silicone oil
    • High-temperature air, weather, and ozone

    Why Choose YOSON for As Your AED Seal Manufacturer

    Quality Testing and Assurance

    YOSON has an in-house development laboratory and testing equipment. We also have modern ED testing facilities in our factory in China. All our AED seals are tested with this equipment and certified by ISO23936-2, NACE, and more. Rest assured that YOSON can provide a quality tested and assured AED sealing solution.

    One-Stop Sealing Solution

    Whether you need an AED seal for sub-zero temperature, high pressure, harsh environment, high temperatures, high-temperature steam, and more, YOSON can surely provide you with a one-stop solution. We can manufacture AED seals according to your requirements, projects, and application needs.

    Wide Range of AED Seals

    Here in YOSON, you can find the broadest selection of AES seals that are perfect for your business or project. These include anti-extrusion backup rings, hammer union seals, AED O-rings, and more. All these seals are manufactured with high quality and durability. You can also assure no MOQ to support your requirements.

    China’s Leading AED Seal Manufacturer
    China’s Leading AED Seal Manufacturer

    YOSON is a world-leading AED seal supplier that offers fast proofing, customized colors, OEM/ODM services, fast samplings, design drawings, size specifications, and more excellent services.

    • “YOSON has been my AED seals supplier for many years. They constantly offer high-quality, durable, and reliable seals. They also offer different color and size choices.”

    • “If you are in need of AED seals, I highly recommend YOSON. They are my always choice when I need chemical resistance, high-pressure resistance, and high-temperature resistance AED seals for my project.”

    • “Thank you, YOSON, for the durable and high-performance AED seals. My customers really love my products supplied by your team. Thank you also for letting me customize each seal with my specification.”

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