Custom S-Seal Manufacturer in China

Yoson is a professional manufacturer of S-seals for use in oil & gas equipment. We can provide 1-1/2 inches to 60 inches in diameter, depending on your needs. Yoson can manufacture and design a complete sealing solution for numerous environments and applications.

  • Elastomer certified to NACE, TOTAL, NORSOK, and API standards
  • No MOQ requirements
  • Food-grade seal guaranteed
  • Available in customized colors and design


S-seals also popular as spring seals and all-in-one T-seals is compromising dual integrated anti-extrusion springs and high modulus elastomers. They are designed to resist harsh conditions of pressure and temperature. Our S-seals are easy to install and provide long service life with low maintenance.

Additionally, Yoson S-seals are suitable for high/low temperatures and pressures, and dynamic or static applications. Yoson is a leading s-seal manufacturer in China with an experienced engineering team. We can produce custom S-seals according to your special requirements. Contact us now!


The FFKM (perfluoroelastomer)S-seal is highly resistant to different chemicals. They can also provide excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.


Yoson FVMQ s-seal has a high tolerance to high temperature and can withstand degradation by oil and fuel. They are used where the dry condition is needed.

Nitrile S-Seal

The nitrile s-seal can withstand up to 20 to 212 °F. They are resistant to tearing and abrasion which uses elastomer to fit petroleum applications.


Our HNBR s-seal can guarantee outstanding heat resistance, better chemical resistance, and excellent resistance to seal extrusion.

Butyl S-Seal

Our butyl s-seals have low gas permeability that can withstand numerous chemicals. They are mainly used where an air-tight seal is required.

Silicone S-Seal

Yoson silicone s-seal can withstand up to 150 to 400 °F temperature. They are also highly resistant to compaction sets.

Yoson S-Seal Advantage

Compact Design
Compact Design

Yoson S-seal has under equal load and compact structure that can save installation space up to 50%.

Saves Money
Saves Money

S-seals can save money as it minimizes working height while minimizing the material cost for chambers.

Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction

The axial pulse in the transmission project can guarantee easy to removal because of limited stress equilibrium.

Vibration Reduction
Vibration Reduction

A unique pressure compensation design can limit the vibration and ensures good fatigue strength.

S-Seal Specification

Yoson S-seal is used in oil and gas equipment such as a wellhead. This equipment requires sealing materials that can resist up to 15000 psi pressures and 300º F (149º C) temperatures. From layout to production, our S-seals are fabricated to work in extreme conditions that deliver high-pressure static sealing. Yoson S-seal is manufactured with different quality testing without any damage based on the following parameters:

  • Gas Test Pressure: 0 to 10000PSI gas pressure test
  • Temperature: 0 to 250 °F
  • Test Method: Nitrogen Gas
S-Seal Specification
Spring Seal Features and Benefits

Spring Seal Features and Benefits

Yoson is one of the premier manufacturers of S-seal in China, with the following features:

  • Resist temperatures to 350°F and 20,000PSI pressures
  • Single-Piece Design: for easy equipment assembly, installation, and maintenance
  • Integrated Garter Spring Anti-Extrusion: reduce the risk of improperly installed backup rings
  • Sizes: 1-1/2 inches to 60 inches diameter
  • Engineered to suit ISO3601-2 style grooves and Parker AS568 style
  • Suitable for dynamic and static applications

If you need to custom S-seal, Yoson has professional engineers and an R&D team to assist your needs.

Fully Customized S-Seal

Yoson provides a complete solution of S-seal customization in a wide range of construction. These capabilities allow us to provide the right seal that is made tailored for you. Yoson has advanced molding equipment, CNC technology and we use high-end materials.

We can enhance s-seal performance and life by producing custom seals that are suitable for a particular environment. You can specify your own design, color, size, material, and other specifications. Send us your requirements and let Yoson provides you with custom s-seals that meet higher technical standards.

Fully Customized S-Seal

Yoson – Your Trusted S-Seal Supplier in China

Yoson – Your Trusted S-Seal Supplier in China

Yoson s-seals are combined with elastomer seal flexibility and integral support components. They provide higher extrusion resistance in high-pressure sealing environments. We manufacture high-quality s-seals to meet different applications in chemical processing, oil & gas, and chemical transportation.

As one of the leading s-seal manufacturers in China, we conduct different testing to ensure quality. We own advanced testing equipment such as failure analysis, microscopy, chemical compatibility, thermo-mechanical evaluation, and many more.

Certified Materials for S-Seal Production


Yoson elastomer S-seal is certified to 10% sour gas (API6AFF/HH and exceeds additional certifications such as:

  • ISO 23936-2
  • NORSOK M-710
  • API 16C
  • NACE and TOTAL TM0192-2003

Elastomer S-seal is available in different materials such as N4031A85 HNBR, N4007A95 HNBR, N4033A90 HNBR, V1238-95 FKM, RV1121-90 FKM, VG109-90 FKM.


The garter spring serves as a non-extrusion tool on both elastomer sealing sides. It allows big extrusion gaps to span at high pressures. Garter spring seals are accessible in numerous materials to exceed the different services required for oil and gas applications. different garter spring materials involve:

  • 300 series stainless steel
  • PEEK monofilament
  • Inconel (NACE MR-01-75
  • 300 Series PEEK Coated Stainless Steel

Leading S-Seal Manufacturer in China with Over 10 Years of Experience

In-House Design

Backed by comprehensive testing, manufacturing, and research capabilities, our development and design team will cooperate with you. We engage in your product design to understand the span of your objectives and application.

S-Seal Component Testing Capability

Robust plastic and rubber component testing capabilities enable us to analyze the following:

  • Tribological properties, thermal analysis
  • Tensile, flexural, compression, sheer mechanical properties
  • Finite element analysis, Material Traceability
In-House Design Expertise

Yoson has professional application engineers and product designers to help you find the best s-seal for can’t fail, specialized applications. Our engineers are hands-on to design s-seal performance that meets environmental conditions and application specs – delivered on budget and on time

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Yoson is committed to the safety and quality of every project we handle. Thus, you can trust s-seals from Yoson as we manufacture in compliance with the highest quality standards.

Yoson – One-Stop Sealing Solution Provider in China

We offer different solution for your sealing needs, from design/layout to manufacturing!

  • I try to order customized sealing of S seals and when it arrives, I was amazed. Yoson can truly provide custom sealing solutions. All the products are well-produced.

  • At first, I doubted making a bulk order of S seals. But when I received the products from Yoson, my insight was changed. Will order again.

  • We order three times from Yoson seals, first just a little quantity, the second is higher than the first, and the third was a thousand quantity. It means that for the past purchases we’ve made, we are already satisfied with their product and service capacity.

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