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Yoson supplies different rubber rings for sealing applications. Our rubber ring works with high-temperature tolerance, ideally suited for use in both cold and hot applications.

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    YOSON Rubber Ring

    YOSON rubber ring is commonly seen in valves, connectors, cylinders, and pumps. They are widely used to seal separate parts and prevent gas or fluid from leaking. Our rubber ring is suitable for high temperature and pressure application without compromising reliable sealing.

    YOSON is a leading rubber ring manufacturer, perfect for engines, plumbers, and aircraft. We use high-quality rubber materials imported from different brands. YOSON aims to supply you with a food-grade rubber ring to fit your different applications.
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    Fluorine rubber(FKM) O rings

    Resistant to oil, acid, and other corrosion, high temperature, low temperature

    Silicone(VMQ) O ring

    Pure, hygienic, high and low temperature resistant, food and pharmaceutical industry

    Ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM) O rings

    High temperature resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, radiation resistance

    Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) FDA o ring

    The best corrosion resistant elastic material, excellent heat resistance and high cleanliness

    Hydrogenated nitrile rubber(HNBR) O rings

    Resistant to oil, high temperature, low temperature, good physical properties, can be made explosion resistant

    Tetrapropylene fluorine rubber(FEPM) O rings

    Resistant to acid and alkali, heat and water-resistant, water vapor resistant, radiation-resistant

    Why YOSON Rubber Ring

    Low and High Temperatures
    Low and High Temperatures

    Rubber o ring can cope with minimum -100°C temperatures. It is suitable for cryogenic operations that require low-temperature sealing. For high temperatures, the FFKM can operate up to 316°C.

    Chemical Compatibility
    Chemical Compatibility

    The O ring rubber seals are resistant to different environmental attacks and chemicals, such as alkalis, acids, water, heat, UV light, oxygen, and ozone.

    Excellent Formability
    Excellent Formability

    Rubber is known for its excellent formability. It is ideally suitable for producing a custom gaskets to seal old-shaped surfaces and mechanical joints.

    Physical Properties
    Physical Properties

    Some physical properties of rubber rings are compression set, hardness, tensile strength, compressive modulus, and elongation. They are compounded to exceed the proper balance.

    Rubber O-Ring Applications

    YOSON is a reliable rubber O-ring manufacturer to support your business needs. These rings are widely used in different applications because of their excellent at keeping gases and liquids from freely moving around. In most mechanical processes and mechanical parts, rubber O-ring is widely used. Especially where extreme pressure or temperature is at work.

    Some applications of rubber rings include compressors, refrigerators, and engine boilers. They are also found in other places such as scuba gears, dental implants, and paintballing. YOSON rubber ring is designed to seal in a gas or liquid. It is a cost-effective solution to ensure a reliable, robust seal.

    Rubber O-Ring Applications

    Rubber Gasket Production

    Being a leading rubber gasket manufacturer in China, YOSON provides different techniques in rubber gasket production. We produce them through rubber molding processes. In this process, the raw rubber compound is placed into a mold. After that, it should be put under high-temperature pressure to vulcanize.

    • Compression Molding: This process is the simplest rubber molding form. The rubber materials are put directly in the mold cavity. It forms a shape once the mold is put under heat and pressure. The molds differ in shape and size which allows molded parts to be produced.
    • Injection molding: YOSON also produces a rubber gasket through injection molding. In this process, the uncured rubber material is put into injection barrels. Then, it should be warmed at a temperature-controlled barrel using auger screws.

    Rubber O-Ring Benefits

    YOSON rubber O-ring offers numerous benefits because of its excellent set of characteristics. Rubber materials are known for their deformability and elasticity. Meaning, that a rubber O-ring provides tight sealing. YOSON rubber O-ring is also easy to process. Below are some of the rubber O-ring benefits:

    • Easy to Produce: Rubber materials have excellent formability and flow into dies and molds easily. Once cured or hardened, the rubber can be machined and cut easily to your specific rubber O-ring dimensions.
    • Excellent Sealing Properties: Rubbers provide unique microstructure. It can be compressed and stretched without degradation or incurring damage to its properties. As a result, it allows effective sealing of the rubber O-rings. The rings can be deformed easily based on the part’s surface they are sealing.
    Rubber O-Ring Benefits

    Choose YOSON to Custom Your Rubber Ring Needs

    Why Yoson is a Trusted FKM O-Ring Supplier (1)

    YOSON supplies different rubber rings with no minimum order quantity. We have over 10 years of manufacturing experience and provide a sealing solution using rubber technology. YOSON is skilled in the rubber molding industry, always ready to produce custom rubber seals to suit your needs.

    Being a leading manufacturer in China, we provide all kinds of rubber rings for anti-vibration, sealing, noise reduction, or supporting mounts purposes. YOSON rubber O-rings have become popular in many industries, such as pharmaceutical, food processing, water, petrochemical, oil and gas.

    Moreover, YOSON provides different sizes of rubber rings according to your specifications. We can also support OEM services. You can specify your custom rubber gaskets needs such as the color, sizes, dimensions, and hardness. YOSON owns fully automatic production equipment and injection machines to support your custom needs.

    Free designs of rubber rings are available at YOSON. Contact us now!

    YOSON Rubber O-Ring

    Every industry used a rubber O-ring. They are ideally suited in general-purpose applications where low to medium temperatures and pressures are required. Here are some of the rubber O-ring applications:

    • Pipe Fittings and Industrial Piping: Rubber O-ring is used for the chemical processing lines. They are limited to low to medium pressures.
    • Plumbing and Water Utility: Rubber gaskets are the most known sealing for plumbing. They are corrosion resistant and low cost as well as degradation from different biological factors including chlorides and water.
    • Automotive: Two different types of rubber gaskets are used in automotive vehicles. Mainly are passive components like windows or doors and sealing low pressure. They are designed for sealing the interior from water and air ingress as well as to absorb any shocks.
    • Aerospace: Rubber gasket in aerospace applications include hydraulic, fuel supply, oxidizer system, and propellant. They have thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties that work in harsh conditions.
    • Marine: The rubber gasket in marine applications includes sealing of windows, doors, and hatches. Rubber is resilient which makes it ideal in this application. Having superior resilience enables the rubber gasket to absorb impacts and shocks.

    YOSON conducts different manufacturing processes to produce rubber O-rings. It differs in the precision and quality of the rubber ring.

    • Die Cutting: It involves cutting a shape using a die tool from flat stock material. This tool is consisting of a two-dimensional profile and has a sharp edge. Die Cutting process is one of the popular techniques of rubber gasket production. The process provides simplicity, low material wastage, cheap tooling cost, and high production rates.
    • Water Jet Cutting: It is a non-conventional manufacturing process. It uses concentrated water traveling streams at high speeds to cut rubber materials. This process is ideal to produce rubber O-rings since they are sensitive to temperature and pressure.
    • Laser Cutting: Another type of manufacturing process that is non-conventional, suitable for rubber gasket production. This process provides clean and precision cutting. Laser cutting does not include wetting resulting in degradation and swelling of the product.
    • Flush Cutting: A mechanical cutting technique that involves an oscillating knife. This process is not exposed to high temperatures, pressure, or water.
    • Injection Molding: This process involves rubber melting, suitable for the production of rubber O-rings. First, the rubber must inject into the mold and then cures, solidifies, and cool.

    Custom Rubber Gasket for Various Applications

    Food and Drug

    A rubber gasket is suitable for use in the food and drug industries since they are made from consumer-safe, non-toxic substances. These rubber gaskets are approved by the FDA, typically found in beverages and food. Also ideally suited in drug processing plants to seal pipe joints, valves, and equipment fixtures and ports.


    A rubber gasket is suitable for use to seal the covers of tanks. They are chemical resistant and degradation resistant, suitable for use in tanks.

    Rubber is one of the best sealing materials for nozzles, covers, ports, and holes of bulk or liquid-solid containers. It provides tight sealing, cheap cost, and resistance to reaction and degradation from fluids.

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    YOSON – Leading Rubber Ring Supplier in China

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