Diaphragm Gasket Manufacturer in China

Yoson supplies high-quality diaphragm gaskets that are extremely resistant to corrosion, high temperature, chemicals, heat, and acids. We manufacture diaphragm gaskets for use in chemical manufacturing, petroleum distills, etc.

  • High longevity and leak-tight wall
  • Extreme sealing performance
  • Perfect for different industries
  • Tailored to exceed your business needs

YOSON Diaphragm Gasket

Diaphragm gaskets, also known as chemical seals or hygienic seals are flexible enclosures/membranes. They act as protective barriers to several types of pressure elements. These seals are versatile, allowing constant pressure to escape while safely sealing the contents. Also, they fitted in conjunction with pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters. It can be used in extreme conditions and harsh weather.

Yoson is a professional diaphragm gasket manufacturer in China. We produce custom seals with acid compatibility, chemical resistance, and corrosion resistance. No minimum order is required to support your starting business. Send us your inquiries now!

Diaphragm Membrane Gasket

The diaphragm membrane gasket can reduce leakage to the environment. These gaskets/seals are available in small to large sizes to fit your applications.

Custom Rubber Diaphragm Seal

The rubber diaphragm seal is tailored based on your size requirements, colors, and designs. These seals are flexible and are used to isolate a pressure measuring device.

Flanged Diaphragm Gasket

We manufacture flanged diaphragm gaskets with a thin design and flexibility. These are color discoloration-resistant, great quality, durable, long-lasting, and rust-free.

Diaphragm Seal with Threaded Connection

The diaphragm seals with threaded connections are used to keep gauges, switches, and transmitters from cluttering or corroding, which leads to failure.

Automotive Diaphragm Gasket

Suitable for any car parts. The automotive diaphragm gasket comes in circular form and is firm around the edges. It acts as a seal between two chambers.

Pump Diaphragm Seal

The diaphragm seal or gasket is best used for pump applications. They are corrosion-resistant, highly durable, of excellent quality, and long-lasting.

Diaphragm Gasket Features


To avoid shattering of diaphragm gasket, the fill fluid for the gauge must be chemically stable with the working fluid.


Yoson always supplies seals with extreme accuracy. These seals are custom-made according to your specific requirements.

Improved Safety
Improved Safety

The custom diaphragm gasket acts as a protective barrier when working with pressure gauges, switches, and transmitters.


Also come with a hygienic design to fit food and beverage industry applications. These are tailored to your needs.

YOSON’s Excellence and Expertise

We produce a comprehensive line of diaphragm gaskets for a wide range of industries and processes. Among the features are:

  • Lubricated materials in a variety of stainless steel and alloy grades
  • A multitude of accessories, such as flushing rings and ports, saddle and block flanges, capillaries, and thermal elements

YOSON have built a strong reputation because we can provide repair work in less than 24 hours. The gasket repair service is also an excellent way to cut costs by fixing only the damaged ones rather than purchasing an entirely new transmitter setup. Regardless of brand, we repair diaphragm gaskets on any transmitter. Contact our experts for more information.

YOSON’s Excellence and Expertise
Application of Diaphragm Gaskets

Application of Diaphragm Gaskets

Our diaphragm gaskets have a variety of uses. Pressure gauges use them to secure the pressure sensor from toxic compounds. They are designed for use in harsh environments and are suitable for a variety of manufacturing applications.

For example, they are used with pressure gauges, which are frequently exposed to harsh process environments. They are used to shield the instrument from potentially hazardous and harmful media. In some ways, diaphragm gaskets are used to prolong the life of any tool by defending it from damaging media that can be high in temperature, highly acidic, viscous, and contain extremely toxic combinations.

Materials We Used in the Production

We use different materials in producing the lower housing and upper housing of diaphragm gaskets.

Upper Housing. Carbon steel, zinc-plated for corrosion protection, is the standard upper housing content for Yoson diaphragm gaskets. Optional materials are 316L stainless steel, MONEL, Hastelloy, Titanium, and others.

Lower Housing. Because this portion of the seal is exposed to the process media, choosing the right lower housing material is critical. As a basic rule, the materials used are like those used for the rest of the pipeline system. It includes 304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carpenter 20 Stainless, and more.

Materials We Used in the Production

YOSON – Leading Diaphragm Gasket Supplier in China

YOSON – Leading Diaphragm Gasket Supplier in China
YOSON – Leading Diaphragm Gasket Supplier in China

YOSON is a diaphragm gasket manufacturer in China that provides a one-stop-shop for your company. All of these seals are assured to have amazing explosive rupture resistance, chemical composition, and superior internal attributes. We provide diaphragm seals made of stainless steel, titanium, and other kinds of materials.

Our factory in China is very well with automated manufacturing equipment to maintain the quality of each gasket. All of our seals, particularly diaphragms, are manufactured with varying hardness levels to accommodate any harsh climate applications. We also guarantee precision dimensioning and consistency. Our expert technical team can also make changes based on your sizes, colors, and other requirements.

Send us your questions right away!

Types of Diaphragm Gasket

Based on your applications, the custom diaphragm gasket can be classified into:

Inline Diaphragm: It permits flow patterns and is installed inside various connectors. The seals are arranged in a pattern that inhibits system clogging and avoids contamination risks in the diaphragm over time.

Threaded Diaphragm: These are designed to mount straight on threaded process connections. Very compact in size to fit small areas.

Flanged Diaphragm: Intended for mounting directly on the process counter flange or clamping the diaphragm seal in-between process and covering flanges. This meets numerous standards, such as JIS, API, ASME, etc.

Sanitary Diaphragm: This type is created specifically for food and pharmaceutical applications, where bacteria formation must be avoided. FDA compliant to prevent bacterial spread.

Advantages in Different Industry

Spending money on a diaphragm gasket is definitely worth it. The cost is certainly not higher than the cost of the measuring device or the protection of its users. Here are a few additional advantages of diaphragm seals:

  • They aid in the prevention of fluid clogging and crystallinity.
  • They remove the chances of fluid corrosion or sensitivity with all these mostly conductive devices.
  • They allow the instruments to keep functioning in a broad range of temperatures and with a variety of toxic fluid flow and semisolids.
  • Depending on the process, certain threaded and flanged diaphragm seals allow for remote mounting via a capillary.
  • They contribute to the increased life span of the sealed components.

For your orders, please contact us directly. We manufacture based on your specific requirements.

Custom Diaphragm Gasket for Industries

Chemical Manufacturing

Different types can be used in chemical manufacturing, whether inline, threaded, flanged, or sanitary diaphragm gaskets. They are gasketed and act as a safety barrier to prevent fluid leakage. The standard gasket can be customized to fit your chemical manufacturing applications.

Petroleum Refining

In the petroleum refining projects, our diaphragm gaskets are used to isolate a pressure measuring instrument from the process media. It is frequently used for most complicated monitoring tasks, such as when the atmosphere is immensely hot or cold. These are corrosion-resistant, leak-resistant, and superior in quality.

Food Industry

The sanitary diaphragm gaskets are used in the beverage industry. This type of gasket is FDA compliant, which means they are designed specifically for the food manufacturing industry. They help to prevent the spreading of bacteria.

Pharmaceutical Industry

For the pharmaceutical industry, sanitary diaphragm gaskets are also suitable. It makes the measuring pressure more reliable and safer –even in harsh working conditions. It is typically connected to the process transmitter, pressure gauge, and pressure switch.

Reliable Diaphragm Gasket Factory in China
Reliable Diaphragm Gasket Factory in China

YOSON is a World-Class Supplier of Diaphragm Gaskets. Available in Multiple Material Options, OEM/ODM Services, and Size Specifications.

  • “YOSON has supplied my diaphragm gaskets for many years. They consistently provide high-quality, long-lasting, and dependable seals. They also have a variety of color and size options.”

  • “I highly suggest YOSON if you need diaphragm seals. If I need chemical stability, good resistance, and high-temperature resistance diaphragm seals for my project, they are still my first choice.”

  • “Thank you for the long-lasting and high-performance diaphragm seals, YOSON. My customers adore the products provided by your team. Thank you for also allowing me to configure each seal to my specifications.”

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