Custom UHMWPE Seals Manufacturer in China

Yoson is your trusted UHMWPE seals supplier in China. We supply all types of UHMWPE Seals from EU000 and EU038 grades. It can be custom-designed to your requirements. Message us today!

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Shows zero water absorption
  • Made from durable and rigid material
  • Long lasting seals
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    UHMWPE Seals comes from the word Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Seals.  It exhibits the highest impact strength, ultimate in high-pressure sealing capacity, and durability in mostly aqueous conditions. This can withstand all hydraulic fluids such as aggressive media, acids, bases, etc. We can manufacture a wide range of UHMWPE seals for your business.

    With 10+ years of manufacturing experience and knowledge, we guarantee superior quality seals for your applications. Most of our seals are in compliance with ISO, FDA, UL, ANSI, etc. Our company follows strict quality production from material sourcing to packaging processes. Yoson can manufacture products fast and economically thanks to our effective design, excellent machining, and change control. Furthermore, our sophisticated technology detects possible problems, resulting in increased performance and efficiency. Message us today for your specific seal stipulations.

    Spring Energized Hydraulic Oil UHMWPE Seal

    Spring energized hydraulic oil UHMWPE seal is available in 3-1600mm. Choose from red, green, white, brown color, and more.

    Black UHMWPE Seal

    Available in 5-1000mm diameter sizes. It is suitable seals for dump trucks, forklifts, aerial vehicles, agricultural machinery, etc.

    UHMWPE Piston Seals

    UHMWPE piston seals deliver the ultimate high-pressure sealing capacity recommended for mostly aqueous conditions.

    UHMWPE Plunger Water Seal

    UHMWPE plunger water seal is specially developed to be more abrasion and wear resistant than standard polyethylene seals.

    UHMWPE Energized Seal For Valves

    UHMWPE energized seals for valves are used for high pressure and demanding wear applications. It is versatile and long-lasting seals.

    Custom-Design UHMWPE Seals

    Custom-design UHMWPE Seals for gate valves, hydraulic pistons,  brake systems, and more. No matter what your application, we can help you find the right sealing solution.

    Why Choose YOSON UHMWPE Seals

    Excellent Chemical Resistance
    Excellent Chemical Resistance

    UHMWPE seals offered by Yoson are highly resistant to many corrosive chemicals. It also exhibits extremely low moisture absorption, well-suited to sealing applications.

    Tensile Strength
    Tensile Strength

    Yoson provides a tensile seal-strength test for seal evaluation. All seals provide package stability, compound uniformity, and long-term sealability.

    Wide Range of Uses
    Wide Range of Uses

    UHMWPE seals are used in a variety of applications for material handling and mining. It is FDA-approved and suitable for medical device applications.

    FDA Approved
    FDA Approved

    UHMWPE has grades in compliance with the FDA for use in medical and food equipment. It is safe, reliable, and high-performance seals.

    UHMWPE Seal Available Materials

    EU000 – 100% Virgin UHMWPE. It exceeds FDA food processing and handling regulations. It’s suitable for medium mechanical jobs oil hydraulics, pneumatics, water, and unlubricated environments. Seals made from EU000 are capable of operating for thousands of cycles with low wear when manufactured and loaded properly.

    EU038 – UHMWPE with microsphere additive, ceramic filled. This material has enhanced tensile strength and wears resistance that will extend device life in harsh linear abrasive operations. It is ideal for moderate temperatures and exposed to high pressure and aggressive media equipment such as High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography.

    UHMWPE Seals
    UHMWPE Seals

    Suitable Media for YOSON EPR O-Ring

    YOSON UHMWPE seals are suitable for a wide range of the following media:

    • Water
    • Lubricants
    • Acids
    • Solvents
    • Gases
    • Hydraulic fluids
    •  Fire retardant liquid

    UHMWPE Seal Applications

    The UHMWPE sealing materials are excellent for reciprocating, rotary, and static applications. They are engineered to deliver the best efficiency and performance in your designs. Below are some of the uses of the UHMWPE seal:

    • Food Processing Robots – seals manufactured of FDA-compatible UHMWPE materials assist reduce stick-slip and promote uniform placement across 1000s of cycles.
    • Syringe and Dosing Pumps – UHMWPE seal guarantees the continuous function of low-speed, low-pressure pumps that supply small samples.
    • Atherectomy Drive Units – UHMWPE materials offer remarkable sealing effectiveness. They can be made to handle Eto sterilization if necessary.
    UHMWPE Seals

    YOSON – Leading UHMWPE Seals Manufacturer

    UHMWPE Seals
    UHMWPE Seals

    Yoson UHMWPE seals offer the highest abrasion resistance and impact strength. It has superior absorption capacity, a low coefficient of friction, and chemical resistance, and has an extremely low-temperature limit. UHMWPE can be built into a seal with either a metal spring or rubber energizer. This will help load the plastic towards the dynamic surface. All hydraulic fluids, acids, bases, and hostile media can be handled by it.

    For more than 10 years, Yoson strive to consistently deliver unmatched quality sealing products to clients worldwide. We source effective and suitable materials to develop UHMWPE seals for various applications such as paint sprayers, chemical sprayers, medical devices, chemical pumps, cryogenic valves, pneumatic actuators, etc.

    If you have a specific seal product requirement, talk to our active sales representative now. We are available 24/7 to help you.


    UHMWPE Seals
    • Machined to perfection
    • Long life span
    • Tougher substance
    • Resistant to abrasion and wear.
    • Provide high-pressure sealing capacity
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Compressive Strength
    • Coefficient of Friction
    • Tensile strength
    • Operate well up to 180 F (82C)
    • Passed FDA certification
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    UHMWPE Seals

    With our state-of-the-art manufacturing line and mature processing technology, we can manufacture a low and large volume of UHMWPE seals depending on your needs. Our technology ensures the accuracy and quality of products to meet the multifarious demands of customers.

    You can order any quantity of seals. We will efficiently manufacture and deliver on time. You can request a custom shape, size, color, material, designs, and other specifications of seals you need. Our 10+ years of production capabilities will satisfy you.

    How YOSON UHMWPE Seals Boom Your Brand

    Competitive Prices

    All products are direct factory produces thus it will surely meet your budget. We will find cost-effective materials but never compromise the quality of UHMWPE Seals production.

    Custom Production

    According to your seal materials, shape and size, YOSON will custom-engineered them to your specifications. No matter what your applications such as reciprocating, rotary, and static applications, we have the precise seals for your projects.

    Fast Transaction

    After we validate the drawings for the UHMWPE Seals, we’ll set up the prototype department’s manufacturing and deliver it to you for approval. The average delivery time is 7-15 days. From communication design to packaging and delivery, you can guarantee fast and reliable transactions from us. Tell us what you require and we will design the exact seals based on your applications or projects.

    UHMWPE Seals Manufacturer
    Your Trusted UHMWPE Seal Manufacturer in China

    Professional UHMWPE Seal manufacturer for more than 10 years. We are committed to supplying superior-quality seals for your projects. Long-life, precision machined and provides the ultimate in high-pressure sealing capacity. Message us today!

    • “Thank you Yoson for the quality UHMWPE Seals you’ve delivered. These are recommended for aqueous conditions, resistant to abrasion and wear. It is obviously made from durable materials.”

    • “Yoson manufactures a wide range of UHMWPE seals that meet our requirements. They support my full customization and after-sale request. I’m satisfied working with this company.”

    • “If you’re looking for a reliable UHMWPE seals supplier in China, Yoson is the right choice. They provide high-standard seals at a reasonable wholesale price. All seals are precision machined and made to my exact requirements.”

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